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July 24, 2015

Amarnath – Jai Baba Barfani – Part1

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This year…able to do Amarnath yatra….my 5th Kailash…one more to go….


Pahalgam to Sheshnag

Started     @ 7.00am

PisuTop    @ 8.30am

Zajibal       @ 9.45am

Nagakoti   @ 10.15am

Sheshnag Lake @ 11.15am

Sheshnag  @ 11.30am

Wakeup @ 2.50am….ready by 4am, as everything was already packed @ night….though other members were not ready. Started by 5.15am by 2 Sumos…..reached Chandanwadi @ 6.30am…with 2-3 security checks for yatra permit & yatra date as well.

It was long queue @ entrance, if it is not controlled, it would be like stampede situation. At the start there were already few langars….had tea & bread Jam…& started by 7am.

Weather was good….though whole path was muddy due to rain…every where there was mud. It was one of the difficult steep ascent to start with. I started to follow the route where horses/ponies were taken up…have to be on the mountain side always….the owners were not happy when somebody like me comes in between. There were lots of short routes created by yatris…in fact various short cuts.

Mahendra & Raj were now behind me…I was with my tempo…reached PisuTop @ 8.30am…had tea & biscuits & started again…..reached Zajibal @ 9.45am…meet 4 members from our group who took ponies to reach here…here also took only tea & rusks….started again….saw lot of varieties in langars….you name it and that food will be in langar….be it Chinese, South Indian idli, set dosa and as usual North Indian food. I didn’t try any food as thought it will be too heavy…first reach Sheshnag and then have full food.

Reached Nagakoti @ 10.15am….had again tea & rusks :)….started again and reached Sheshnag Lake @ 11.15am…good whether…lovely scene @ lake….reached Sheshnag @ 11.30am.

No one was ready to give accommodation for one person @ this hour. So booked one full tent for Rs: 2500/- for 10 members, though we were 8 members, who started by walk in the morning. Hopefully they all come & we meet. Lets see….

The langar here will start @ 2pm…so had rest for few hours….had only rajma chawal @ langar. Called one of the member and told I booked tent 81-B. 3 members came at around 3-30pm….2 of them went ahead on ponies to Panchatarni. I tried to check for Mahendra & Raj…but in vain…waited for few hours to check any yellow cap wearing member…but in vain…as a convention, we all were to wear yellow cap, so that anyone can recognize easily… no luck…so slept early at about 8pm…with no dinner.

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