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February 22, 2013

Wadi – Kolhapur

Quick trip to Wadi-Kolhapur on 16-feb-2013.

Before leaving Mumbai, thought I would enquire about Hotel Gurudatta, as saw nice website. We reached at 5.45am at Miraj. Reached bus stand by walking. Bus at 5.45am was late, boarded at 6.10am towards Wadi. This time we reached early @ Miraj, so got earlier bus rather than normal 7.15am bus. We reached Wadi at 7am. The hotel was just right side on the bus stand, could easily seen from bus stand…..went to hotel reception. He told room rent was Rs: 800/-. I was ok and while having more conversation, I told him that we need hotel because of hot water bath, as it was raining and Gargi was also with us. He immediately said, he would take only Rs: 400/- for freshen up till 8.30am. What else I would want…..DattaMaharaj Krupa !!!. Hotel was really good…newly built….nice big rooms. We were ready by 8.10am….kept luggage at the reception counter.

There was not much crowd, took darshan in 10 mins….did Abhishek and bought “Kunda” for home and office….had breakfast….took auto to visit “Amareshwar temple”…then eat “Basundi”, the famous sweet of Wadi.

@ 10am came to bus stand for Kolhapur. Almost for 1 hrs no bus was there. We boarded Kurundawad-Panji bus at 10.45am.

Reached Kolhapur @ 12.45pm…took auto and went straight to Mahalaxmi Temple….deposited all luggage at luggage counter near the temple.

Thought to first take darshan and then do lunch. When we started for darshan, there was a queue long enough for almost 1 hrs or so. Gargi started saying she was hungry. I guess Mahalaxmi wanted us to have lunch first rather than darshan :). We took an auto to Padma Guest House for Rs: 20/….had good lunch…and came back to temple. Now to my surprise, there was no queue at all…took Darshan in hardly 10 mins.

@ 3pm…we enquired about Kolhapur sightseeing for 3-4 hrs….the autowalas told us to visit Kaneri Math….so booked an auto to visit Kaneri Math for Rs: 450/-. On the return visited Rankala Talaw. Went to Hotel Rajpurush before boarding Mahalaxmi express.

Padma Guest House

            Initially for a second, thought, I came in wrong place by looking at the entrance of the lane….very bad in shape…..but the hotel is just 2 minutes inside when you enter the lane. At entrance of the lane, on right, there is a theatre and just in front of the hotel, there is another theatre. Once you got into the hotel, it’s really a nice place….had good experience of Kolhapuri Veg Thali for Rs: 180/- (with sweet)

Kadsiddheshwar temple, Siddhagiri Rural Museum – Kaneri Math

              It is around 20 km from Mahalaxmi Temple (as per autowala). Kadsiddheshwar temple premise is pretty huge. Just outside the temple, there is a huge Mahadev and Nandi statues. The auotwalas said it will take 3-4 hrs to see all things…but I guess 1.30 to 2 hrs is sufficient. Nice statues, village environment there. Took lot of efforts to make that happen. We  left at 5.30pm.

Entry fee is Rs:100/- for adults and Rs: 50/- for minor.

Photography is not allowed.

Rankala Talaw

We reached at 6.30pm….had good 1/2 hrs there…had Kolhapuri Bhel. Nice place to hang out.

Hotel Rajpurush

Big hotel just in front of railway station. In comparison Hotel Gokul (just opposite this hotel) is better than this.

Next time will visit Shahu Maharaj Museum with Gargi 🙂

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