My Travel Experiences

May 10, 2015

Datar Hills, Girnar


Wake up @ 5am…wanted to leave by 6am today…electricity was not waited…it came at 5.15am…ready by 6am…got an auto to Datar Hills for Rs: 50/-. The route till the start, is all in forest. Started at 6.15am…one can see Wellington Dam wall on the left side. All route has steps…very even in nature.…there were few people as well who were also going to Datar Hills. The road has electricity lights…reached Datar Hills @ 7.30 or so.

            Had good darshan @ Datar Hills Gufa..had tea in the premise….they also offered breakfast…I resisted the temptation…Pujari enquired about me in Gujrati…he said (I might interpreted incorrectly….so please correct me), Datar Babu’s belongings are here in this Gufa and once in a year on 1 Jan, they are kept open and again locked.

            Then went towards Datar Nagara….on the route @ one place…there is water on one medium stone…they said, it never finishes, even it’s consumed by people. People are not able to find the source of water on the stone though. Asked the person/caretaker, to take photos….but he said no…so took photos only of the location with the person as well…as he never moved from the position. On his left, is the water, which he gives to all people in coconut shell. He told me to visit Datar Nagara

            The path towards Datar Nagara is like, you are alone in deep jungle, as I was alone at that time. After 20-25min, able to touch the stone, which according to locals….it’s Datar Nagara. I guess (please correct me) one uses stone on the middle stone ( there are 3 stones adjacent to each other) to create sound like playing Nagara & may ask a wish or so.

            Started to return @ 8.30am…one can see Girnar on the other side. It was quite monotonous to get down. Reached @ 9.15am till Wellington Dam. Took photos of the Dam & them went at entrance. Waited for few minutes but there was no auto. Took a lift on bike. The bike wala was kind enough to drop me at Kalwa chowk even he was not going there. Had 2 cup of tea near Kalwa chowk @ tea stall called “Kailash Tea Stall”….. had Dhokla Sandwich, patra @ Girnar snacks next to Kailash Tea stall.

            Had good bath again & freshen up. Good trip to Girnar & Datar Hlls.

 Next time may be visit Jatashankar Mahadev temple, Sheshavan exit route & Navnath place @ Datar Hills 🙂


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