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May 9, 2015



My 4th visit so far…this time able to visit Datar Hills as well….on or after every visit of Girnar, I know something more about Girnar. It seems @ Datar Hills there is Navnath place as well…hopefully next time 🙂

30-Apr/1-May 2015

Bus was late by 1 hrs…started from borivali @10pm…reached @ Greenland Chokdi @ Rajkot…reached Rajkot ST bus stand by Auto for Rs: 50/-…Took bus to Junagad @ 12pm….this was express bus (non-stop)….reached Junagad bus stand @ 2pm…took auto to Kalwa chowk for Rs: 10/…special auto. City Star Rest House is easy to find…it’s just on one of the corners of chowk. Saw lot of other guest house, hotels. Some of them are Gautam Guest House ( I guess it’s also Dormitory), Hotel National, Hotel Paramount, Hotel Shikhar palace, Sheetal Guest House.

            This time I was in cost cutting mode :)…so went to stay in dormitory. City Star rest house is nice furnished AC guest house, though only 2 persons were present, the guy was hesitant to start AC. Tough later he started . Outside temperature was somewhere around 32-34C. Settled down…had good bath….eat some puris given by Mom. Had a good nap for about 2 hrs….as was tired of almost 16 hrs of journey. Wakeup @ 5.30pm…freshen up….went to bus stand by auto for Rs: 10/-…bought Agarbathies, which I bought 6 months ago. Had a walk in return for 30min or so.

           Went for dinner in nearby chowk….Raj Veg thali….enquired about just dal-khichadi..…he agreed had good dal-khichadi & chass.…had a walk for 10-15 min…went to guest house & tried to sleep @ 9pm…though slept after 11.30 or so…


            Wakeup @ 2.30am…ready by 3.15am….two new guest came in rest house at this hrs…with an auto….they want to visit Girnar…..they kept their belongings @ guest house… I never had issue searching for an auto…I also went along with them…to Girnar taleti for Rs: 10/- each.

Started Girnar                – 3.35am

Jain Derasar                  – 4.48am

Ambaji Mata temple       – 5:09am

Gorakshanath Dhuni      – 5:18am

Kamandalu kund           – 5:28am

Reached Girnar             – 5:41… reached in 2:06hrs.

           Pujari was late today to perform puja….so gate was closed. After puja, gate opened @ 6.30am….It was all clear in the sky, the sun was all set for and it was clear like 9am…had good darshan in front of Shri Dattatraya Idol….from the peak…one can clearly see three mountains…puraji gave info….first is Mata Anusaya peak, second is Mata Renuka Peak and third is Mata Mahakali peak…one can see flag on each peak. Also meet one guy from Jamnagar, who was barefoot & did overtake me…and easily reached before me…he was going to give exam for constable…he was a farmer….went to Kamandalu kund & had good darshan. Had Prasad of chapatti, mix sprouts, chawal & papad….they start cooking @ 5am every day !!…at 7am they were serving Prasad & tea..hats off to them…..when I went to wash my hands…one old sadhu rushed and never give mug for water…but himself put water on my hands…saying it’s a seva we offer….I was totally ashamed of. Never had tea as already had Prasad.

          So started @ 7.11am….saw a large group of people from Ahmadnagar…interacted with them…this time passed into a Hole @ shri Gorakshanath Dhuni….there you do one small pradakshina by entering one small hole on your feet or people can crawl or by sleeping on their back.

            Had good darshan @ Ambaji temple…again start descending…then enquired about Raja Bharthari & Raja Gopichand Gufa…people said it was near to exit…or so..

         Once @ Goumukh Ganga ..had darshan inside temple…on the right, there is an exit of Girnar using Sheshavan route. But then I would not have visited Raja Bharthari & Raja Gopichand gufa…so next time will try to use this route. Somes says that it has lots of gufa’s & route without steps…the route also has few destinations as Ramvan, Sita van & so.

            While descending after you cross one small Ram temple, next one on the right there is one temple which is actually Gufa of Raja Bharthari & Gopichand. I have crossed this many times, since I started to visit girnar. But as I started reading Navnath stories…thought to visit this. When you are ignorant, you do not know the significance of particular place, but once you know that, you says oh…I went there but not knowing the significance…this gufa is somewhere around at 2800 steps.

            Meet one group from Nashik…one of the members was also an engineer from AVCOE Sangamner, where I also did my engineering. While reaching to start, asked 2-3 persons about JataShankar Mahadev temple..which I read on the net. People said its 2-3 kms in distance from start…may end up in jungle & there are no steps at times like Girnar. Once I reached the start at 9.20am….thought to visit next time as it was too hot at 9.20am !!.

            Took auto for Kalwa chowk for Rs:50/-….special auto, as do not see any people around. The auto driver showed me where to start for Jatashankar Mahadev mandir. May be next time :). Had 2 cups of tea at Kalwa chowk. Reached guest house by 9.30am….had good bath again. It was really nice to freshen up..thought to have some rest and then go to visit Uperkot fort for one well, which I could not visit last time. The uncle (manager) told me to visit now @ 10.30am….later there will be lot of heat…so ready by 10.30am.

             Started by auto to Rs:30/….reached Uperkot fort. Had left over puris packed by Mom. Had coconut water….reached Navghan Kuwo. It was 15-20min affair. If you are allergic then please do not visit….no proper lights to reach the Kuwo. All over…there is smell of piegons’s shit & water is too dirty. You can miss this destination.

Again took auto to Kalwa chowk for Rs: 40/….reached Swati Restaurant. It was like Mumbai hotel…too costly….as I was not prepared to eat subji-roti…so settled for dal-rice & butter milk. Then had good Banaras pan, as Junagadh has Nawab’s history, you can see lots of pan stall around.

            Came back @ 12pm….had a nap for 1-15hrs…not able to sleep…so wrote this blog…till now :)…ready by 5.30pm…went for a walk…till bus stand. While coming back had good Ragda pattice, bhel & pani puri..then again came back to guest house. Never had dinner due to heavy (? Or double heavy 🙂 ) snacks in evening. Went to sleep @ about 9.30pm…Next day will vistit Datar Hills.



  1. Sir planning to visit girnar in jan 2016.Is it possible in winter season?

    Comment by sarang — December 6, 2015 @ 9:05 am

    • Yes…nice time visit !!!

      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — December 6, 2015 @ 6:35 pm

      • Sir read all your blogs about girnar.nice experience.nicely written!
        By the way i am also pass out from AVCOE 😊

        Comment by sarang — December 6, 2015 @ 7:57 pm

      • OK sahi…let’s meet up someday

        Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — December 6, 2015 @ 9:57 pm

      • Sure! 👍

        Comment by Sarang — December 7, 2015 @ 1:59 am

  2. In comparison of other restaurant Swati restaurant has really very low rate. Thanks for visit

    Comment by Manish Joshi — August 14, 2016 @ 5:51 pm

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