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April 26, 2015

Sarnath – Kashi

Day3: 4-Apr-2015

Wake up @3.30am…ready by 4.30am..started to walk towards Lord Vishwanath temple. After entering from Gate-1, we were headed & joined in another queue….it was still long queue at 4.45am !!!…we thought, waiting in this hour will be easy compared to waiting in sun. Queue was diminishing quickly…..we entered temple meanwhile we kept our chappals just before entering temple, as we never took anything with us this time  & till now we were knowing where is entrance. We entered Lord Vishwanath Shivling garbh gruha….able to touch the linga….offered flowers, milk & silver bel patra….had very good fulfilling darshan. Also visited Annapurna Devi & Parvati Mata temple in the premise, which we never visited for last 2 times. we were able to wait till Parvati Mata temple cleaning & Aarti was done. First time, able to see 2 GOLD domes of Lord Vishwanath Temple. While returning…again able to see glimpse of shivling.

Bought prasad from the counter. Also visited Lord Tarakeshwar shivling in the temple premise. We returned to hotel at 7.00am. We did ask hotel guy to arrange for an auto for Sarnath. he enquired to his contacts. He said he will inform once auto is in….meanwhile we had a small nap….door bell rang @ 8.,30am….so auto had arrived….so we had good rest for 1.30hrs.

We started @ 8.50-9am….the route was pathetic….reached by 9.30am…its just 12-14km from main Kashi city. Started with Bodhi Vruksha temple, where Gutam Buddha gave his first serman to his 5 disciples. Visited one temple as well..then saw Jain Temple, where one of the 24 thirthankar was borned in Sarnath. It seems 4 out of 24 thirthankar of Jain were born in Varanasi, out of which, one was in Sarnath. Then we saw the monument Stupa & this site is under Archeological Survey of India. Its pretty big complex. To enter this site, one need to buy a ticket of Rs: 5. Saw the part of original Ashoka Pillar, which broke in 3 parts.

We need headed towards Museum. This also need a ticket of Rs: 5/-. They have free locker to keep belonging. Pretty big museum..saw the original Ashoka Pillar 4 lions, in the museum…then had Lassi in one of the roadside shop. & headed toward one Chinese temple…reached hotel by 12.30-1pm….had lunch of french fries…as today was my fast, as today was poornima (full moon)…had rest for 3-4 hrs.

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Went again towards Dashashwamesh ghat to see again Ganga Aarti…reached about 6pm..its starts by 7pm…but as today was Lunar eclipse…it was about to finish by 7.45pm…there was too much crowd today…as it says that after should have a bath. So Ganga Aarti started after eclipse ended by 8pm…enjoyed Ganga Aarti for almost 1 hrs…then left Ghat to have dinner…spent almost 3 hrs at Ganga Ghat….peacefully…just aimless…watching people, eclipse moon…full moon…boats….police…and not but least…beggers, specially came for eclipse…as there is tradition of offering clothes, money after eclispe. Went to Shree Cafe again…hotel was all full….waited for 30 mins to get seats and food….had dinner and went to hotel by walk.


My Take on Kashi :

– For entering Dashashwamedh Ghat, even though the hoarding says to right side, avoid this , as the whole path is of market area for vegetables….so go on the left hand for Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat, Dashashwamedh ghat is just adjacent to it.
– Every 2 hrs there is Aarti @ Lord Vishwanath Temple, so be prepared to wait in queue for at least 2 hrs. Expect big queue in the post afternoon session ( as we did on day-1), as everybody is trying to do darshan in the temple and then go directly to see Ganga Aarti. So I guess…odd time will be after Ganga Aarti….but yes in this case, Garbha Gruha will be closed , so you will not able to touch the Shivling, but you will able to do Darshan.
– Gate 1, 2 are very narrow lanes…in fact you will not able to see glimpse of temple, unless you are almost entering temple….very narrow lanes, big queue…on one side its queue & on other side there is traffic of vehicles, peoples & cows. Be aware of cows coming your way in the queue. Also shops on both side of that narrow lane…..some 2-2.5 feet lane. My mom was lucky to avoid clash with cow. whole path is dirty with cow dunk.
– Varanasi is dirty place….lot of dirt all over place….the ghats are pretty dirty except for few famous ghats….no people on any other ghats.
– Some of famous ghats you will normally visit are

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat
Dashashwamedh Ghat
Kedareshwar GHat – where you can see nice Gauri Kedareshwar Temple….very nice Shivling, Ganapati idol here
Assi Ghat
Lalita Ghat – you can see Nepal temple
Apart from this,
Harishchandra ghat – cremation ghat, where you have 2-3 story electric cremation facility apart from normal facility
Manikarnika Ghat – cremation ghat.

so its starts from Manikarnika Ghat and ends with Assi Ghat & vice versa.
– You will able to see lots of road side stalls of Idli – medu wada sambaar in the morning… no need to worry about breakfast ( I can say healthy one)

About Lord Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Its pretty old temple (obviously !! :))…..lots of shivlings all over the place. You can touch the linga…Police will constantly make sure you are out of temple premise ASAP. there is a gate over the shivlinga…one has to bend down over the gate to touch the linga.

Annapura Temple & Parvati Mata Temple is also in the temple premise. Lord Taekeshwar temple is also in the premise, where people do Abhishek & pujas.

– Ma  Annapurna temples is on the way from Gate-1. We visited after we have shivling darshan. This is separate temple from the one in the Lord Vishwanath temple premise itself.
– There is one Sakshi Vinayak Ganapti (Siddhivinayak – trunk on right side), on the way to temple from Gate-1. Also Dhundiraj Ganapati temple as well.
– On the way to temple from Gate-2, there is VishaLakshi temple, one of the 52 Shaktipeeths.

About Few Hotels
1. Zostel
Nice concept…mostly foreigners here…all backpackers…still they have few family rooms….no rooml for snacks or lunch…but they can provide meal if needed, as they have kitchen only for their staff.
2.Shree Cafe
Just one room hotel….nice ambiance….also menu same as Mumbai hotel….good food…though somewhat costly….
3.Dosa Cafe
Just small one room with 3 tables…(yes 3 round tables)..but have lot of menu items..mainly Dosa, Uttampam…in the menu card…we ordered one veg butter uttampam…was really nice taste.

Both Dosa Cafe & Shree Cafe are very nearby….near to entering Rajendra Prasad Ghat.

4. Keshari Ruchikar Byanjan
Nice big hotel..though in the morning you will get south indian Idli-wada only.
5.Kashi Chaat Bhandar
This is on the way to Temple…on the left, once you enter in no vehicle zone….small in area, though we never tried out.
5.Dina Chaat Bhandar
This is on the way to Luxa police station or Zostel…one the left side..pretty big…though we never tried out.


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