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January 3, 2015

Vajreshwari & Ganeshpuri, Thane

Plan finalized on Friday 2-Jan-2015 to go to Vajreshwari & Ganeshpuri, hopefully half day trip, so that we can return home by 1pm afternoon. Gaurav Jain & Mahendra Macha were ready, Kaushik Ghosh could not make it due to his scheduled work.

Mahendra picked me exactly at 7.00am from Highway bus stop. We picked up Gaurav at 7.30am….took Thane-Bhiwandi road. There is another route from vasai road. We halted after Bhiwandi, on highway to have breakfast, we were hungry. Had Misal Pav, wada pav & samosa pav….:) at about 9am & good ‘kadak’ chai as well…started again and reached Temple @ about 9.30am…..temple was not crowded…had very good darshan…the temple premise is huge…very attractive, pretty idols of goddess Vajreshwari mata, Renuka mata & Kalika mata…the temple also has statue of Lord Parshuram in black stone…went to Shri ‘Godhade Maharaj‘ samadhi… climbing 300-400 steps…bought ‘bor’ from the vendor.

Asked our vendor for ‘Nath Mandir‘, which is very nearby to this main temple…just opposite side of the temple…there is one small house….which is called ‘Nath Mandir’ per internet sources….Guru Gorakshanath & guru Machindranath‘s samadhi are here…god knows the truth….had good darshan of both samadhi as well as Guruji who takes care of this temple.

Then we headed toward Ganeshpuri, which is 2-3km from Vajreshwari temple….the temple complex is pretty huge….lots of space in front of temple entrance. On the right, there is source of hot water spring…& facility for bathing. Adjacent to this…is shiv mandir…Bhimeshwar Mahadev.…had good darshan of Swami Nityanand Maharaj idol in samadhi mandir. The premise have one Bhajan room, Krishna temple, NavGragh Temple.
Near the temple, there is parsadalaya & lodging facility for yatris….went to prasadalya…had very good food….Gaurav & Mahendra took Thali for Rs: 40/- each . I had medu vada for Rs: 20/- . We again asked for hot springs nearby…one directed to go to ‘Akaloli‘….which is 2-3 km from Vajreshwari…so we started by 12.10 to Akaloli….There are few places nearby where there are sources of hot springs. We went to Akololi…where there are 7-8 hot spring source….people have built ‘dhaba’ like environment here….all commercialized…

Started back journey… Bhiwandi…we lost the route for heading towards Bhiwandi highway & went to interiors of Bhiwandi…..road was very bad…with lot of traffic…. mainly of trucks….after reaching to Dahisar….again had bad traffic…due to all this we reached home by 2.30pm.



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