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August 2, 2014

Shrikhand Mahadev – Kailash Yatra – Part5



Never had good sleep yesterday.…almost wake up every hour or so…wakeup @ 6.00am…ready by 7.00am. Meet some members of Sewa dal…gave sweets given by Joshiji from Mumbai.

Started from Singhgad @ 7.15am… reached Jaon village by 8.30am, with 1-2 breaks @ langar for tea. Also now we were carrying our own luggage & it was heavy. It was like we were traveling the route for the first time, as while starting, intention was to reach Singhgad asap.

There was one private bus. It was at 9.15am. Started @ 9.20am…reached Bagipul by 10.00am or so. Waited for some snacks/tea I guess by driver/conductor. Started at 10.15am, had another break at Nirmand. Started from Nirmand @ 11.15am. Finally reached Rampur (new bus stand) @ 12.15pm

Rather than searching for hotel at old bus stand we went to new bus stand. Inquired about guest house/hotels. Saw one guest house (Rishab Guest House) in the bus stand building itself. Looked “shady” at first but it was good one, considering the bathroom space & room overall. Also they have hot water geyser. Rent was Rs: 600 /day. We took for 2.5 days i.e. 18,19,20 (1/2 day) for Rs; 1500/.

Had good hot water bath after 6-7 days :). Had lunch at the canteen thali for Rs: 50/-…huge quantity of rice. Tried to sleep but could not sleep…may be tired because of the travel for yatra. We were ready by 5.45pm…reached old bus stand by auto for Rs: 10/ per seat. The palace which is adjacent to old bus stand was closed due to some shooting going on. We roamed in the market place. Nice market, which has all items like groceries, electrical appliances, vegetables, hotels, clothes etc.

Had momo’s and chewmin @ “Swastik” hotel. Really nice ambiance. It was on the old bust stand chowk. If possible visit the place; It’s like MacD of Rampur 🙂

Tried to sleep by 8pm but again never had good sleep, due to cold.


Didn’t sleep well …wake up @ every hour or so…quite tired. Wake up @ 5.30am…went to bus stand for tea. But all shops were closed at 6am…waited for tea stall to open & had tea & cream roll.

Ready by bus @ 8.40amm…reach Sarahan by 10.40am…had good darshan @ BheemaKali temple, not much crowd. Had good lunch @ hotel Shrikhand a HPTC hotel cum cottages. Nice view from hotel. We seated in the bus by 12.15am. Bus started by 12.145pm. Reached Rampur by 2.45pm…had good rest. In the evening went again to old bus stand. Found one guest house a HP Govt wala….with dormitory for Rs: 100/ and rooms are for Rs; 250/-, 400/-…though we never saw any rooms. Had dinner again at Swastik


            Catch Rampur-Delhi bus @ 5pm


            Reached Delhi by 6.30am…reached Delhi airport by metro and reached Mumbai.

Happy ending :)…my 4th Kailash so far…2 more to go.

About Rampur

  • Old bus stand chowk is like central place in Rampur. The palace is just adjacent to bus stand. Though we never visited the palace. The structure of palace is too good from outside.
  • Nice big market nearby, mostly like any district place market.
  • We had sweets in one shop (forgot the name)…it was too good…we thought to get some sweets at home, on Saturday everything was finished.
  • Old to new Bus stand, people may say its 10 minutes walk, but it’s not :)…you will get shared auto for Rs: 10/-
  • We stayed at Rishab Guest House at new Bus stand.
  • Found out that, Rampur had banned plastic bags some 5 years ago…and all shops uses paper bags with no exception!!!…why not in Mumbai 😦

 Shrihand Mahadev Sewa Dal

  • They treat you as if you are a VIP here. They welcome you and help you in all aspect.
  • Arrange food, Pandal for stay/sleep, provide blankets…all free
  • Have seen them… came from Singhgad to Thachru. And then setup langar from zero. Setting up pandal, kitchen, axing nearby tree for making food etc.
  • They tried to restrict people from smoking in their pandals, as almost all people/young members’ smokes.
  • Hats off to them for their unselfish service they offer to yatris

General Do-Don’t

  • Never use raincoat like mine, if you have seen my some photos, as its bulky and comes in the path, while climbing the rocks after Nain Sarovar. So use normal/traditional raincoat, shirt-trouser type.
  • Take 1-2 ltrs of water while starting from Parvati Bag, as there are no water stations afterwards. Make sure you add electral powder (my favorite) or any other energy drink powder, so that it will help to replenish salt and any other mineral contents in body. Also make it concentrated.
  • Carry electral/enerzal powder sachet with you, you can have it directly if water is finished.
  • Carry lemon candies through out the yatra. simple and effective.
  • After Barati Nala to Thachru, make sure you have enough water, as there are no water source till Thachru.
  • Prices will increase as you go upward, so please plan. Also its not that people are robbing you. just justifiable, considering the efforts needed to have such things at these places. This path do not have any ponies, donkeys or yaks to carry all this groceries, materials. All things are carried by porters. Hats off to them.
    Thachru Bheemdwari Parvati Bag
    Tea 10 20 25
    Maggi 20 30 35
    Thali 100 No idea 130
    Tents 100 / person 250 / person 250-350 / person
  • Have 1-2 days of buffer, as you may have to halt at one place due to weather being bad. We were lucky to start before official yatra date of 15th July, as weather was really bad after 16th July & as per new paper reports, yatra was cancelled after 19th July. The Pune mountaineering group has to stay one day extra in Thachru, due to bad weather.
  • Take Camphor with you. You will need it after Parvati bag.  Take camphor in a handkerchief and tie it on the hand just like wrist watch. So that you can smell it while travel to Shrikhand after Nain Sarovar. It will ease your breathing.


  1. Full write up was precise and informative. Great going Prashant. If you have time then visit my blog too. I am writing a detailed one

    Comment by Vishal Rathod — March 31, 2015 @ 10:50 am

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