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July 27, 2014

Shrikhand Mahadev – Kailash Yatra – Part4


 Parvati Bag – Shrikhand Mahadev – Parvati Bag – 7 hrs

Started @ 4.15am


Nain Sarovar   @ 5.15 am (1 hrs)

Shrikhand Mahadev   @ 7.30 am (2.45 hrs)

30 min Break…Started @ 8.05 am

Nain Sarovar   @ 10.15 am (2.15 hrs)

Parvati Bag     @ 11.15 am (1 hrs)

Started @ 12.00pm

Reached Bheemdwari@ 1.15pm (1.15 hrs)


Never had good sound sleep today…was watching my watch for time to time…finally wake up @ 3.30am, as we need to move @ 4am. @ 4am there was rain. This was first time I was using my raincoat.

Started @ 4.15am. Torch in left hand and trekking stick in right hand. Slipped 2 times while going upwards just above 2-3 tents to start actual trek for today, as it was all slippery. We started slowly, crossed few glaciers, rock boulder with torch light only.

We reached Nain Sarovar @ 5.15am.

People said, you have to bath here, then only yatra would be complete. I was definitely not ready and inclined to bath here :). Nain Sarovar was already frozen. I took some water and sprinkled on my eyes. That’s all.

Started from Nain Sarovar with full ice on the path. All glaciers. Need to put each step very slowly as not having any habit on walking on ice.

Then came steep ascent, we then crossed numerous glaciers, ascent-descent paths, not able to count at all :). It was all raining heavily, lighting as well!. To be very frank, I was too scared to see this kind of route. As most the path in the morning, all was done using torch light, so other than, path below, not able to see any surroundings.

There was one patch where you have to climb the rock with 2 hands with feet synchronized.

Meet one Bandra family with 2 children and few relatives. All local people came with just one big umbrella & one big sack on the back. At time with chappals/slippers (yes slippers!! ) or no slippers at all… hats off to them. Saw very elderly people as well !.

Before reaching Shrikhand Mahadev, saw Kartikeya mountain, thought to take photos while on return.

On the way, also saw (supposedly) Bheem’s inscription on the rock.

Reached Shrikhand Mahadev @ 7.30am

I was shivering throughout for 20-30min or so. I removed shoes, some 50-60 feet nearby, as it’s a custom. Bow down to Lord and requested to reach us safely to Mumbai (!). Weather was not good at all. Somehow took eatables (Anjirs/Fig) from the sack, not able to take any photos, as it was raining heavily & I was shivering like anything. Also never did Pradakshina to Shrikhand Mahadev.

While tying the knot of my left boot, realized that 2 small stones where inside my boot. Never had courage to remove the stones from the boot, it was too scary on the path and we already started descending. I slipped too often while descending. My porter helped me a lot to have good darshan and helped me throughout. Without his help, last day darshan was not possible.

Reached Nain Sarovar @ 10.15am.

Till Nain Sarovar, I slipped numerous times, while on descent. While returning from Nain Sarovar, slipped on the rock boulder, which I crossed in the torch light (what an irony!) Also on the last glaciar, very near to Parvati Bag, I slipped on the ice, with the biggest so far blast on my bum. Return gift by Lord 🙂

Reached Parvati Bag tent @ 11.15am

God is great to have great darshan. One of the most difficult Kailash in 6 Kailash. Need to think twice before taking this yatra again for sure.

It’s too tough & challenging also weather was worst today. Heard that people who started late, had to return back due to bad weather. Mahendra returned from Nain Sarovar. I guess good decision by him rather than stopping somewhere in middle, as there was no shelter to stay on the path. He reached @ Nain Sarovar @ 7.30am.

Rain never stopped today till 12.00pm. We started descending to reach Bheemdwari.

Reached Bheemdwari @ 1.15pm.

Went to Shrikhand Mahadev Sewa Dal’s langar. Mahendra came at 2 pm….had lunch at langar. We wanted to go to Kunsa today, but thought as rain may not stop, we took a tent. I changed clothes as it was all drenched. Had some rest today.



 Bheemdwari – Sighngad – 9 hrs

Started @ 6.00am


Kunsa              @ 7.15 am (1.15 hrs)

Bheem Talai    @ 8.30 am (1.15 hrs)

Kali Ghati        @ 9.30 am (1 hrs)

30 min Break…Started @ 10.00 am

Thachru           @ 10.45 am (45 mins)

30 min Break…Started @ 11.15 am

Barati Nala      @ 2.10pm (3.00 hrs)

Singhgad        @ 3.00 pm (50 mins)


Wake up 2-3 times in the morning. Wake up @ 4.30am, so to be ready by 5am, but nobody was interestedJ, as it was return journey. Wake up by 5.15am. Ready by 6am.

Started from Bheemdwari by crossing a glacier.

Reached Kunsa by 7.15am

Started from Kunsa, weather was good, not like yesterday. It was drizzling but not heavily. So I wear my raincoat. Meet Ms. Nirmala Devi from Rampur @ 7.45am. Had blessings from her. She was doing this yatra for 12th time this year.

Reached BheemTalai by 8.30am.

Now it’s was all steep incline (which was descent while going to Shrikhand Mahadev)

Reached Kali Ghati by 9.30am.

Had breakfast of maggi & tea. Meet few members of Pune mountaineering (some 24 in total), One is 93 years old …yes 93 years!!. Also meet some of Mumbai group from Thane-Mulund. They came as 12-13 members. There was mobile network. Called up my wife, mother & brother. Also called up Mahendra’s wife with message all is well. Started from Kali Ghati @ 10.00am.

Reached Thachru by 10.45am

Had langar food & tea. Meet Mr. Govindji’s Sharma’s volunteers. Now they know us, as we were with them for long time now. As there was nothing to so here, asked my porter that we can go till Singhgad. He resisted the idea saying, will wait for Mahendra to come. Last night Mahendra was ok to go ahead till Singhgad. I started by 11.30am. It was all descent, also no rains. It started in between, some drizzling though.

Reached Barati Nala by 2.10pm

Started towards Singhgad. Lots of stairs to climb/descent. As porter insisted, halted at one of the langar and to my surprise, they gave us very hot bread pakoda’s. How can I resist. Had good bread pakoda’s & tea. Started again.

Reached Singhgad @ 3pm.

Now waiting for Mahendra to join. Mahendra reached at 7.30pm. I kept one blanket for him, as pandal was full with yatris due to bad weather. It was raining continuously from 3-4 pm. Had good food consists of Rajma, chawal, dal, phulke, puri, Arbi subji and some sweet (not able to understand what it was)

Tried to sleep, but never able to sleep all night.





  1. Amazing experience. Even I want to once experience Himalayan trek on pilgrim. Is there restrictions in age n gender to travel? Any site where I can get complete costing details?

    Comment by dnbala — July 28, 2014 @ 9:17 pm

  2. Great post Prashant. Nice detailed write up.
    Like to thank you for taking me along and making me believe in completing the trek.
    Had overall wonderful experience but will always have that sad feeling for not getting Shrikhand darshan. But never less happy to reach till Nain Sarovar and got to see the beautiful Parvati Jharna on the way.

    Comment by Mahendra — August 8, 2014 @ 10:37 am

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