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July 26, 2014

Shrikhand Mahadev – Kailash Yatra – Part3


Thachru – Parvati Bag – 6 hrs

Started @ 5.20am
Kali Ghati        @ 6.20 am (1 hrs)
Bheem Talai    @ 7.00 am (40 min)
Kunsa              @ 8.15 am (1.15 hrs)
Bheemdwari    @ 9.45 am (1.30 hrs)
20 min Break…Started @ 10.05 am
Parvati Zarna @ 10.40 am (40 min)
Parvati Bag     @ 11.15 am (35 min)
Booked Tent @ Rs: 1100 for 4 people, looks like Quecha wala. All imported.

Wake up @ 4.20am… not able to hear my watch alarm 😦 . Just changed clothes for trekking, never did brush today ;). Also wake up our porters as we need to start by 5am.

Started by 5.20 am. I started with my own pace.

Reached Kali Ghati @ 6.20am. 1 Hrs trek with full ascent.

Now started all descent, in fact too dangerous declines, where water will be flowing in case of rains. It was all slippery. I slipped twice, though no serious injury, thank god.

Reached Bhem Talai @ 7.00 am.

Started from Bhem Talai with glacier, as it was my first. It was scary type, it was big…some 200-300 feet…full of ice. Then started series of glaciers one after another. 5th & 7Th were huge in size. Always was careful while crossing these glaciers. From Bheem Talai, again started incline-decline route, breath taking views, what can I say. Only luck wa,s there was no rains else, it would be really difficult.

Reached Kunsa @ 8.15am

From kunsa again there was step descent-ascent road. At times,  really difficult to cross. I crossed glaciers count no. 8.

Reached Bheemdwari @ 9.45am

At the base of Bheemdwari there was a big (so far till 8) glacier. Shikhand seva Dal and few others tenets were downwards from the road. I started downwards but thought as langar would start from today/tomorrow. It was too early @9.45am, so again went up till the road.

Ordered one aloo paratha & tea. Good breakfast. Paratha/maggi for Rs: 30. Tea was for Rs: 20.

Started from Bheemdwari @ 10.05am, with crossing the biggest (so far) glacier. After this 9th, there was 10th as well, which was bigger in length and then another 11th one, which was also bigger than 10th one.

Crossed 12th glacier, the biggest so far, very majestic in nature…too big water fall from the top, all ice, water flowing below the glacier as well. Too scary. Once crossed…reached Parvati Zarna at 10.40am. so THE majestic glacier was Parvati Zarna. One can see Parvati Bag tents at the peak of the mountain, all incline road.

Started again from Parvati Zarna @ 10.40am with several stops in between, as it was hard to breath at this height, after 2-3 steps, it was like I was tired, heart beat was too high….all inclined road

Reached Parvati Bag @ 11.15am

So today it took almost 6 hrs trek.

Booked a tent, just nearby start of Parvati Bag, so that these people should not have any trouble to locate me. He was saying Rs: 1200/- I said “ kuch kaam karo”. He said Rs: 1100/- I agreed 🙂

I am not good at bargain 🙂 that’s why I say I have lot of money 🙂 . Also in this situations, unless you are localities, who knows rates, can have more bargain. Anyways when we say we are from Mumbai, all is set mentally by them. Anyways for 4 persons, I thought it was ok. Also tent  would be exclusively for 4 for us, so no smoking, bidis, no passive smoking.

Last day @ Singhngad, it was all smoking cigarettes, bidis, ganja’s, bantas and what not…chilims as well. We never did this kind of passive smoking for years that we covered in these 2 days or so 🙂

Had good maggi in the tent for Rs: 35/-

My porter came @ 2.30pm, Mahendra joined @ 3.30pm. We had rest till evening. Had dinner @ 8.00pm. Dal, rice, one roti. Rate was Rs: 130/- per plate. Mahendra had just Maggi.

Slept after that. Tried to sleep, but never had sound sleep. The tent was not good for 4 people for sure, as there was too less space to move.


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  1. This part of yatra was long and quite tiring but super blissful

    Comment by Vishal Rathod — March 31, 2015 @ 10:48 am

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