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July 26, 2014

Shrikhand Mahadev – Kailash Yatra – Part2

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Singhgad – Thachru – 4.15 hrs

Singhgad – Barati Nala – 1 hrs

Barati Nala – Thachru – 3.15 hrs

Wakeup @ 4am. Ready @ 5am. Waited till 5.45am but no porters were at the tents then we went in Shrikhand mahadev sewa dal’s tent. Meet Mr Govindji Sharma, he said we should have stayed in their tents. We said, we saw first tent and kept our belongings. We asked for any porters they have. They said, we should have asked them yesterday, so that they would have arranged. They said as we have booked local porters, they would come definitely. We meet other members of the sewa dal. They all were very helping nature. Sharmaji said if we never have any porters we can come again, would try to arrange something for us. We went again at our tents and both porters were present at the tent. So somehow problem was solved.

We started @ 6am. Again meet Sharmaji, updated them that we have porters now and headed to Thachru. They said we can stay @ Thachru, as people from the sewa dal as well as yatris also headed to Thachru. As per dates Langars will started from 15th July by the sewa dal people.

I started with my own pace. Reached Barati Nala @ 7am.

Had hot tea @ one of the langars. Mahendra was with porters. Then started stiff incline/ascent. It was like low oxygen to climb the road. With several stops, reached Thachru @ 10.15am. Waited in one of the tents to see Mahendra to join me. @ 12.15pm Sharmaji’s members reached Thachru. I shifted to their area. Its permanent 2-3 rooms area. Some member will go to Kali Ghati & Bheemdwari to make arrangements for langar. Some also started to setup langar here in Thachru.

All members said to wait here rather than going ahead, there would be no facility as here, even our porters said we could go till Kali Ghati.

Mahendra & 2 porters reached @ 1.15pm. We re-grouped @ Shri Govindji Sharma’s rooms. Members said do not go further now, as there are no facilities available. Though porter were saying we can go till Kali Ghati. We said no to them, thought Mahendra will be tired. We interacted with people who basically come from HP. When they heard about porter’s money (taking Rs: 600 per day). They said we should ask them to stop here and go with minimal clothes. We said we do not want to fight here. Let’s have it. It difficult to convey such things to mob/people, where they all carry their own luggage. Really hats off to them, no doubt. We said we would consider like donation to bholenath. Luckily one of the female members came to our rescue, she said it’s ok now, at least you will have somebody to support. Had good 2-3 short naps throughout the day.

Sewa dal people came from Singhgad to Thachru & then setup all tents, kitchen etc for yatris. Again hats off to them, how unselfish they are, really great people. Kitchen was ready by 9 pm or so. Meanwhile our porters said they will not have this food, as langar will start from tomorrow. So we ordered food outside for Rs: 100 per plate. Chawal dal, roti, potato subji. As food was ready in sewa dal’s kitchen, we eat in sewa dals’s tents. Asked porters to eat food at ordered place.

As evening started, people started coming in the rooms, as it was free of cost. In Thachru, tent rent was Rs: 100 and food was Rs: 100 per plate. Tents were really nice and no cold inside the tents, so some members, in the evening went there. We slept at about 9 or 10 pm, with all again packing. Setup an alarm at 4am.


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  1. Awesome set of pics . Nice and short , Great Going

    Comment by Vishal Rathod — March 31, 2015 @ 10:46 am

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