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March 23, 2014


Had a very quick superfast trip to Shegaon & Karanja in a day…here are hourly details.


7.00 : reached Shegaon by Howrah Express., which was late by 1.30hrs
8.00 : took a locker (no. 108….good number :)) in locker room for Rs: 20, which is in the temple premise. As they do not give room to an individual. Had daily routine in common  toilet & bathroom. This common facility is in 3 story building.
8.15 : had very good darshan in 10-15 min
9.00 : return locker keys…received Rs: 15 in return…so effective rent in just Rs: 5. had breakfast in Bhakta Nivas 5-6 premise. As usual idli-medu wada was not available :)…so had poha & umpa
9.50 : in temple bus to reach station..started at 10am
10.15 : waiting for Maharashtra Express….which is at 10.40
11.40 :  boarded Maharashtra express…which is late by an hour
12.30 : reached Murtajapur….after you exit from railway station…on the left side…with in 2 min…you will see ST bus stand. At the entrance there are taxis…boarded in a taxi, as it was about to leave
12.40 : started from Murtajapur.
13.30 : reached Karanja ST Bus stand…took an shared auto to “Guru Mandir” for Rs: 10
13.45 : had good darshan….inside temple was about to start reading Shri Guruchatritra chapter no was incomplete as could not complete it yesterday. A man sitting next to me was curious about my cell phone. As I said I want to read Shri Guruchatritra which was in my cell phone. He inquired about where I came from and did I had prasad. I said no I haven’t had as I thought it was over. He said its still open and we can go together. I never started to read but went with him and had prasad. My last time wish to have tasty prasad was fullfulied by Shri Gurudev.
After prasad, read and completed chapter no 36…again this wish was also fulfilled. As I forgot to read this at Shegaon in the morning and my brother reminded me about this. I had a wish to complete chapter no 36 at Karanja in front of Shri Gurudev.
14.05 : went to birthplace of Shri Narasimha Saraswati…which is just behind the main temple. This time home door was open and able to enter inside the room were Shri Gurudev is supposed to have taken birth.
14.15 : started to ST bus stand by shared auto.
14.30 : started from Karanja
15.30 : reached Murtajapur….relieved….able to do both darshan in the day….
16.00 : writing this draft blog and now will have to wait till 17.35 to catch again Howrah LTT mail…hopefully it should be right time.
17.45 : train late by 15 min….boarded S5…will be in S9 from Shegaon
19.00 : started from Shegaon in S9…


03.52 : reached kalyan….before time by 15-18 min
4.10 : reached thane….went to bus stand
4.45 : started from first bus to borivali
5.35 : reached borivali
5.45 : reached home….

huuuuushhhh…..finished a marathon trip….


– Murtajapur to Karanja is 31 kms in distance

– There is good frequency (I guess 30 mins) ST buses from Murtajapur to Karanja and vice-verse.  While reaching to Karanja, 2 ST buses crossed our vehicle.

Same thing, while coming back from Karanja, while I was sitting in the ST bus, 2 more ST bus were stationed for Murtajapur

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