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September 7, 2013

At last…I am a Marathoner !!!

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23 Aug 2013

Reached CST @7.30pm.…had good Hyderabadi biryani @ Hotel Shivala opposite CSTM. Meet Nikhil and other BNP group friends. Boarded HusainSagar express at 9.50pm….had good sleep. We got down at Bagumpet, as one friend said, it will be near the Hotel Venkateshwara (same hotel, we stayed last year). Took auto with bargain for Rs: 70/-. Check-in, fresh up by 1.30pm….had South Indian Thali lunch, consists of unlimited rice, rasam, sambar, dal, subji, curd. Went to expo in Hitex city…too far from hotel…collected Bib…..while return, went to Karachi bakery. It’s like a mini mall, full of bakery products. Just bought 1/2kg fruit biscuits, as I have to travel to Pithapuram and already had lot of luggage. Traffic was hell….we reached @ hotel by 7pm. Had good refreshing tea for first time in hyd. Then few people went for dinner and will not come back from hotel room. We thought we will fresh up and then come down again for dinner. Was hectic day, no rest as such, once we reached in Hyderabad. At 8.30pm self, Nikhil and Sandesh went for dinner…good tasty dinner consists of dal, rice, and kadai panner. Tried to sleep by 9.30-10pm.

Race Day: 25th Aug 2013

Wake up by 1.30am, 2am and finally @ 3am, once alarm was on…ready by 4am. We hired a cab to reach at start point as well as from end point to hotel and then to station. We reached @ startup by 4.30am…had some warm-up session. Was somewhat tensed, as not only my first full marathon but also I guess its India’s arguably one of the toughest marathon.

Started exactly @ 5am. Initially I was running with Nikhil for 3-3.5km…then Nikhil took 5hrs pacer bus. I thought I will go with my own pace rather than catching a bus and if I initially exhausted then will not able to finish. So I went with my own pace.

I guess I crossed 10km in 70mins or so…did 20kms in 2 hrs or so…..(trying hard to recollect as much as can :)) then took 2 dates…was consuming Gatorade where ever needed. I crossed the horrible flyover @ 27km by 9 am or so….then took a left turn for diversion for full Marathon. The sign board was showing as 29km, so 13km more to go. After that, the steep was really horrible…able to see Wipro, Polaris IT companies as well (there might be definitely more companies, but I was running for completion….not for enjoyment today  :)…so )…struggled at 31-32km…then apply volini on foot when ever available. Took dates as well…thought to consume one dairy milk only after 35km (in the morning I took 2 dairy milk from Nikhil, which was extra). I was playing with my mind, once I complete 35km…I would get a chocolate, just like parents tell children, if you pass in good grades, you will get so and so :). Meanwhile Sunil from BNP group overtook me at about 36-37km….he was really strong at that time as well!!…I was struggling…walking and then running and counting 1-1km to go kind…once I was out from Hyderabad university campus, it was just 3km to go…reached the gate, people said it was now just 400m, but it was never ending end point, as I know from last year’s experience, it was almost 1-2km to go to enter stadium. I struggled to run here as thought I might have cramps, so walked here as well. Once entered in the stadium, I tried to run (yes…no sprint just run) but still struggled but did slow run and finished my first full marathon in 5.26hrs…what a relief !!!….meanwhile Nikhil did his first sub 5 in 4.52hrs.

I can say now that I will die as a Marathoner for sure 🙂

Want to thanks my BNP group friends, NRC, Dan Sir, Melvin Sir, my co-runners and not but least Kaushikbhai and Maheshbhai for insisting to run full marathon and supporting and making me believe that I can run a marathon. Thank you all!!

The long distance running journey begins NOW…..

Few points

–          Nice volunteers throughout, support of water, Gatorade, biscuits, bananas, medical aid. Really nice arrangement.

–          Need to have expo near the starting point, as this year it was too torturous to travel to expo and back to hotel. I guess people coming alone would be struggled a lot due to this.

With BNP group members With BNP group members with Champion Nikhil No, I am not a barefoot runner. !



  1. Great job and Congratulations!

    Comment by runner1313 — September 7, 2013 @ 7:21 pm

  2. Great write ! Keep running buddy

    Comment by kaushik — September 8, 2013 @ 3:17 pm

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