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June 13, 2013

Shree Kshetra Shegaon

This year as well, able to plan and visit Shegaon. Also visited Mahur and Karanja, which is near to Shegaon.

7 June 2013

Got down at Shegaon at 6am…welcomed by lots of parrots on station….one can see lots of parrots on the trees nearby station…..Went to old Bhakt Nivas which is near to temple by temple bus. Bhakt Nivas was full and the guard said there were 30-35 persons in waiting which might take 3-4 hrs…so you check by phone (they provided me the pamphlet) or go to directly to Anand Vihar or Anand Sagar-Visava. We headed to Anand Vihar, again by Temple bus. There was a short queue…we settled for 5 bed non ac room, as 4 beds room was not available…for Rs: 450 per day. Room no 10/E-12. Freshen up and went to canteen to have breakfast before Darshan, as thought darshan might take long time.

Went to Temple and saw temple Elephant in the premise. ETA to darshan was 1 hrs. Had good darshan….Booked car to visit Mahur-Karanja for tomorrow. Got reference from net, so called the guy and booked indica AC with Rs: 500/- advance. By 2.30pm or so went to Vinod Bhojnalaya, once our favourite hotel. Had famous Shev Bhaji dal-rice, paneer dish and good butter milk. The bill was on a slate. The guy told, the slate was 50 years old…and really it was very heavy (see the photo). Went to room and have rest for 2 hrs…in the evening, went to Anand Sagar…this time we went straight to musical fountain after having snacks. Good capacity arrangement for seeing the show…it’s huge. Had dinner followed by Kulfi at Anand Vihar canteen.

– In the Temple premise, all shops are moved or at least not there now…all space is taken by temple authority
– On the left side shop space is converted to keeping shoes, right side there is work going on.
– Before you go in for queue, you can wash your hand-feets on the ledt of the entrance of temple.
– Meals food quality was not that great considering the standard that they normally maintained so far.
– One immediate observation was, roti was now machine made and not handmade. One can understand that will be due to huge inflows of people to Shegaon and it’s not manageable by hand at all.
– I guess ( I hope there will be work in progress for ) there will be plan to revamp the food service area in Anand Vihar canteen, as day by day people are visiting Shegaon like anything and there is really no queue definition on that spot now…so everybody says they are in queue…
– Crowd are so much that, in 2 days we were not able to get Wada Sambar, because of high demand 🙂 and good quality I guess…
– Normally here I guess, people (including us) do eat a lot due to breakfast quality is still very good, so everybody has minimum 10+ plates to carry to the table, because of group size, family, friends and children.
– We booked car from Mr.Chetan Rathod cell:  94228 63883, 81497 85604 Indica fare was Rs: 7/km for non AC and Rs: 8/km for AC. The driver Ganesh was good, though he was not aware of Heure, he agreed to search the place. We recommend this car rental for your tour.



  1. I visited Sheagaon on 15 Nov 2013, from Kalyan went by Road, Maruti Swift, road till Dhule is good, after Dhule it is single road but still OK. From Malkapur to Sheagaon it is the worst road, it took me 3 hrs from Malkapur to Sheagaon. Sheagaon is the best ever pilgrimage i have seen yet, trust people are very good, they serve is the only word i can say about them. It took me 13 hours from Kalyan to Sheagaon by road including 2 stops of 1 Hr each.It is a must see place, i will surely visit again.

    Comment by Bhushan Upadhye — November 18, 2013 @ 3:51 pm

  2. Nice & very informative

    Comment by Vivek Parulekar — December 15, 2013 @ 2:23 pm

  3. HI Nice information..have u come back to Shegaon from Mahur ..How much time do u take for total Journey ?

    Comment by Manasi — July 3, 2017 @ 3:06 pm

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