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June 13, 2013

Shree Kshetra Mahur

8 June 2013

Even at 5.15am…sky was very clear and it seems that it was like 7.30-8 am….Started by 7.20am… was late by 20 mins or so….took a break for breakfast at starting of Washim district…had good misal pav, dal-wada and tea….we reached Mahur at 11.50 or so…so took 4 hrs to reach Mahur from Shegaon. Bought sari and other things for Renuka Devi and started by 12.00pm to start climbing the steps for the temple….after 3-4 mins from start…you will see a board on the left side for new steps build by temple authority…these are normal shaped concrete steps…but we just continued with old steps….steps are approx….200-250 or so….reached by 12.20pm…..Mom was bit tired….(obviously due to her 70+ age)….lots of moneys in the vicinity….be aware….luckily not much crowd…so no real queue…had good darshan…..also had darshan of various small temples in the premise…the view from the top was really awesome.

Renuka Devi is one of the three and half (sadeteen) shaktipeths besides Tuljabhavani in Tuljapur,  Mahalaxmi in Kolhapur and half shaktipeeth of Saptashrungi devi in Vani.

We started to go down in the back of the temple for Parashuram Temple….but returned back….thought Mom will be more tired….returned to base and then went to see Dattatraya Swami temple, which is on another hill….Mahur is said to be birthplace of God Dattatraya.

Dattatraya Swami temple

Here you don’t have to climb any steps….temple was in pretty old state….you can realise, what happens when money is not with temple authority…had good darshan….it’s basically a Shivling. In the temple premise there is a Akand Dhuni….and pretty 3 headed statue of Shri Dattatraya god. From the parking lot you can see mother Anusuya mata temple which is again on another hill…we never attempted this, as there were steps to climb…not sure how many. You can also see Renuka mata temple which is on another hill.

Rather than visiting few more temples in Mahur, we headed to Heure…where there is Ekaveera Mata temple, which is one of the 52 Shaktipeth. It looks like Mahur is full of hills and temples on hills.

– Shegaon to Mahur takes 4 hrs approx.
– This was my first visit to Mahur
– At the base, it looked similar to base of Saptashrungi Devi, Vani….sari selling shops, which has parking space as well. So if you buy items from these stores…parking will be free…else you will need to pay charges…we paid Rs: 30/- for parking
– There was no single toll naka on the road…all clear

Ekaveera Mata temple, Heure

While reading for Mahur, there was a reference of Ekaveera Mata Shaktipeth…so thought if possible we will visit. While going from Shegaon, before reaching to Mahur for 10kms or so….look at the right side there is a sign board for Ekaveera mata temple, which is just 300meters from the Highway. My brother spotted that while going to Mahur, but thought it would be any small temple in any village….while enquiring in Mahur, we realised that, that was the temple…so we headed back on the road towards Shegaon…by 7 kms from Mahur….we took left turn and take Darshan of Ekaveera Mata.

There were people, taking measurements for renovating temple premise…had good darshan…as there was no crowd at all….I guess after few years…it will have queue system and all…once it becomes more famous and reachable. Started by 2.45pm or so… had lunch break in middle with good food of Shev bhaji, butter Paneer. Reached Karanja by 5pm.


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  1. hey high.
    Can u mail me details of how many stairs are there to reach gad.

    Comment by tushar — September 23, 2013 @ 11:40 am

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