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March 28, 2013

Kardaliwan – Part 2

18th March:

We started by 6.10am. Here as well, all paths had direction arrows so no fear to losing direction/path. We reached by 7am. There was already a group of 3 people who start early than us……had a bath on the free flow water spring…..did puja in the temple. The temple had statues of Shri Swami Samarth, Shri Datta Maharaj. Opposite to this temple, there is a tree and very old anthill; this is the pragat stan of Shri Swami Samarth. We took rest by 9.30 am, meanwhile people were reaching in batches. We 5 of us then started to Markandaya Rishi’s Bilvawan rather than visiting this after lunch as per schedule. As we thought lunch would be by 12.30hrs noon and if never found out we would return back, as there were no arrows for direction for this place, one has to go side by side by the water flow.

Trust, after walking for 10 minutes or so, we all smelled very good smell (people said it was Kasturi smell) the smell was with us, all the time till we reach dead end of the water, after which the water would became a huge water fall. We rested for few minutes. The path is not that smooth but it’s not that difficult. We took almost 30 minutes to reach there. People said if you do dyan at this place, which Markandeya rishi stayed here for 27 years, you would be showered with Nectar, which will be in very tiny quantity. I never experienced this (as usual), people said, they were lucky to get showered with Nectar. We reached by 10.30am. There was Rudrabhishek performed by 3 pujaris, which were part of our group in batches of 4 people. I also performed Rudrabhishek on the Shivling. Prasad cum lunch was ready by 12.30….had luch of rassam-rice and started towards Akkamahadevi caves by 1pm. People started to Bilvawan after lunch, those who intented to visit. We 4-5 of us reached Akkamahadev caves by 3pm. did a good nap and rest, as there was noting to do. Last batch came by 7pm, when it was pitch dark. had dinner consists of papad (new menu item), rassam-rice, chitney by 9pm.

19th March:

We 3 of us started from Akkamahadevi caves by 6.10am. The scheduled start was 7 am, but as there was no activity as such apart from tea, we skipped tea. Reached 7.40am at Venkatesh Kinara.    We were first to reach Venkatesh kinara (as usual)….had good bath at PanchGanga. Then took tea and had good rest till all people reached. Had breakfast of upma. One batch of 46 persons, started at 11.00am for Akkamahadevi Temple. Had good darshan of Shivlinga in the temple, the temple is really small, just 2 persons can walk side by side….there was difficulty in breathing due to low oxygen and bad small of Bats. We started to ropeway by 12.30am and reached by 1 pm. As there were no bus stationed, took auto to reach Shivaji spurti kendra. By 2.30pm we were hungry, so we 3 of us went to Mallikarjuna Temple premise. We thought to take Darshan again as there was not much crowd. Had a very good peaceful darshan of Shri Mallikarjun Swami, as not a single person was there except for self. We had food at Canteen1 in the temple premise…good roti thali for Rs: 50.

Though the thali was average, I relished like anything, as it was change in the food taste and was very hungry. Thali consists of cabbage sabji, tomate chutney, dal, rice and maida roti. Sambar was awesome. Meet few people from the group who came to organize food for all people in the kendra itself rather than all people going out for lunch and come back. We reached at 3.30pm. Took a look inside Shivaji Maharaj Spurti Kendra. The kendra has all chronological events for Shivaji Maharaj. Nice to see…in this so called remote place. The second batch came at 4pm….also food was available. We never had lunch, as we already had it. All were ready by 5pm. Then few members wanted to have prasad from the temple. There was arguments why not to wait by 6pm, when temple will be open. Somehow people agreed to leave by 5.15pm…and people shared one-one laddus who needs prasad to take home. We then visited Sakshi Ganapati. As per the legend, it says that Sakshi Ganapati, write downs all persons names who visits Srisailam. We started by 6-6.30 I guess. Had breakfast at Umarga by 10am. Took lunch after Tembhurne, where Dr.Sachin and Purkar Saheb got down to go to Ahmednagar, as it was some 4-5 hrs from here. Had good lunch and reached Pune-Swargate by 7pm. So again almost 24hrs of travel. By the time we reached Pune, my feet were swelling due to uncomfortable sitting position and looooong travel. After getting down, immediately walked to Swargate bus stand and got into Pune-Borivali asiad bus. The bus started by 7.10pm…reached at 11.30pm. Reached home by 11.45pm….end of almost 30 hrs travel.

Few points, with my experience

1. They are not email friendly. Contact them on contact numbers

2. They take it granted that people game for religious yatra, so everything will be ok be it giving one time food in the day.

3. Starting with Bus, the bus was like school bus, Eicher skyline, it was too congested for an adult to sit on the seat for 24 hrs…yes 24 hours from Pune to Srisailam. All people complained about the same. Almost every person’s feet were swelling due to non-movement of feet.

4. There was just rassam-rice once in the night at Akkamahadevi caves.

5. Lot of mismanagement, and they never address these errors, assuming everything people will accept

6. Heard there are groups who charges Rs: 3500 to 5000/- for the same trip or I guess excluding food and travel but they take you through train. Train travel will be absolutely convenient.

7. The response to such issues was handled arrogantly.

8. There were funny arguments as well from people, one said female never had good bath due to “circumstances”, so they would need good hot water bathrooms to take a bath. Another point was, female travelers were unhappy as they were no changing room for them, after bath. Funny enough, as in such yatra one has to adjust and such things are very normal.

9. Anyway, pls take good torch, candle light, light shawl with you even though the organizer say they will provide you, as this helped us immensely.

10. Take food items as well with you.

ps: It seems the organizer have taken into consideration of Bus  issue, as there is new Bus address (at least address) for batch going on 29th March 2013, as one of my relative is going with 29th March batch.


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