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March 26, 2013

Kardaliwan – Part 1

I was introduced to the book “Kardaliwan” by my brother-in-law in Dec 2012. I read it in 1-2 setting or so. After reading, I wished I would visit kardaliwan someday. Early Jan, contacted kardaliwan team for dates in Jan, but couldn’t go. In March was able to schedule. Never thought my wish would fulfil this soon….Below were my experiences…

My Batch was 15th to 20 March, from Pune to Pune schedule (This is generated after I finished my yatra, as they were not having day wise schedule)

15th : Report by 12.00 pm and start by 1.00 pm.
16th : Reach to Srisailam. Darshan and stay at Srisailam.
17th : Start to Kardaliwan. Stay at Akkamahadevi caves
18th : Stay at Akkamahadevi caves
19th : start from Venkatesh kinara, in evening start to Pune from Srisailam
20th : Reach Pune by approx 2.00 pm, as per plan but we reached by 7pm.

15th March
Started from Dadar by Intercity…..reached by 9.52 am at Pune station….took auto to reach Yash travels @ Singhgad road by 11am….waited for all people to join. There was no announcement as such….bus was Eicher Skyline…. as I sited it was very congested. My seat number was 26 and seat was exactly on one of the rear tyre….I thought this was my destiny… numbers were like….1,2,3,4 in one row…5,6,7,8…..23,24,25,26. Meanwhile my friend came to meet me. I got down to meet him. When I came back, one person was seated on my seat. I asked him to get up as it was my seat, he said 25 was on the window seat …..surprised !!!….was I seated wrongly all that time ?….well I never recollected that I was wrongly seated, but one thing was how come my seat in my row was positioned 23, 24, 26, 25….God knows!!! Or some manual intervention :)….the new seat, adjacent to window seat was somewhat comfortable. There were 2 buses…..some 64-74 persons in total.

We started by 2pm!…went to “Vasudev Niwas”……house of Shri Gulwani Maharaj. The present Maharaj addressed us…took Darshan. It seems the temple has “Padukas” which was given by Shri Datta Maharaj himself to Gulwani Maharaj’s mother. We left by 3.45pm and reached at Srisailam by 4pm, with various stops in between, also taking wrong path on few instance… total 24hrs journey….went directly to Shivaji Maharaj spurti Kendra…had lunch, as all were very hungry….then rooms were allocated. I shared room with Dr. Sachin, and Purkar saheb, both from Ahmadnagar. Did fresh up and went to Srisailam Mallikarjun swami temple. There was lot of crowd. There were tickets to darshan as well…queues were for Rs: 100, 500 apart from normal no fees queue. I suggest taking Rs: 100 ticket, as it will save waiting time for darshan. Took darshan of Mallikarjun swami, which is one of 12 Jyotirlinga and then Bhramaramba devi as well, which is one of 52 Shaktipeth…went to room by 9pm. had light dinner of dal-rice….then there was introduction session. All were to be ready by 5am the next day to start for Venkatesh Kinara. Slept by 10.30pm.

17th March (Venkatesh Kinara to Akkamahadevi Caves – 9kms trek)
All were ready by 5am…did check-out the rooms…tea was ready. We started from first bus… reached one place where we would take boats to reach Venkatesh kinara. We 35-36 people started in one boat by 6.30 am…reached Venkatesh kinara by 7.40am. There was a hut cum house, for our waiting period. The local guys had a pet peacock….did rest for few hours…. had breakfast of upma. The next boat arrived at 9.30am….took 1 hrs to settle down, breakfast etc. At last, we started at 10.30am. Now we were short of sticks as well…we created sticks from tree woods, torches were distributed in some random order…we never received any torch…there was total chaos, while taking torch. I guess before the trip, the organizer said, they will provide torch to each one of the team, but this never happened. The temperature was quite high even at 10.30am…in fact our first batch was bored so much that, we thought why we wake up and ready by 5am, if we had to start by 10.30am. 2 boats at the start might have helped a lot to reach early and start trek early rather than in the sunny conditions. Also the second batch came by rope way rather than by bus, to the point to take the boat. There was mismanagement all the day starting from day1.

The whole path is marked with direction arrows by Datta Seva Kendra, Trimbakeshwar group. Hats off to them…as looking at the directions, it seems impossible to not take the right path. In the path we saw Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj Foot print (Charan) and his Shastra as well….it’s not my imagination/view, but as written on the rocks. Also meet up 4-5 Sahdu returning from caves. We were first to reach Akkamahadevi caves by 12.30 noon. So took almost 2 hours. The water at the caves was very cool and tasty. People reached in batches, the last one I guess was by 4pm. By this time we do not have any lunch !!!….even though the organizer mentioned not to take any food items as it would be provided by them. Lunch cum dinner was ready by 8pm…menu was rassam, rice and chutney….the scene was everybody was trying to get the paper plate and find place to sit and eat, as everybody was very hungry. There has to be 6 bed sheets but only 3 came from Venkatesh kinara, so people took blankets as bed sheet. There was shortage of torches to go outside for “natural” tasks and also stealing of candles to keep the candles closer to self. I carried a light shawl, which helped me at night. Tomorrow will leave by 6am towards Shri Swami Samarth pragat sthan.



  1. The tour details on Kardalivan-1 narrated here are based on the experience and are very informative for those who can plan for visiting to Kardalivan.. I appreciate the efforts put by Mr. Ghotikar, which could prove to be good guidance to others.

    Comment by Chandrakant Potdar — September 8, 2013 @ 2:38 pm

  2. my freind mahesh has planned for our group from 17 april to 21 april14

    Comment by rushikesh — March 3, 2014 @ 5:52 pm

  3. Hi,
    I am planning to visit Kardalivan. Can you please provide me contact details of any travel agency, who arrange trips to kardalivan.

    Comment by sagar desai — June 22, 2014 @ 11:46 pm

  4. Sir,
    Please inform me the contact details of travel agency by which you visited Kardalivan.
    What is the plan for near future for visit.
    Ms. Bapat

    Comment by Ms. Shubhada Bapat — July 9, 2014 @ 12:07 pm

  5. Hi

    Please let me know any travel plan in Mid of Oct for Kardali ban. I am keen to visit this place.

    Comment by Pankaj Vispute — October 5, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

    • I am Pravish Dave 9974009213 from Gujarat planning to visit Kardliwan on 12 ,13 and 14 Oct 2014 if any one interested join with us we are total 10 members

      Comment by Pravish Dave — October 6, 2014 @ 5:31 pm

  6. I have just recently came Kaedalivan trip From (Kardalivan Pratishthan)
    Amazing Experience i have.

    Comment by NIlesh pandit — December 1, 2014 @ 11:59 am

  7. please provide me contact details of any travel agency, who arrange trips to kardalivan

    Comment by prashant k. — January 10, 2015 @ 10:42 pm

  8. Hi I am manasee dixit want to go for kardalivan recently on 8-9 june was in shrishailam.kardalivan parikrama is on hold by forest department as authority said.may I have any contact details to know how to go there . I am from Nagpur if any contact info from Nagpur I will meet the person thanx

    Comment by manasee dixit — June 13, 2015 @ 1:55 pm

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