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February 4, 2013

Ajanta Caves – Aurangabad

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26 Jan 2013
Reached Aurangabad by Jan Shatabdi @ 8.30pm. In the night itself, went to Tara Paan Center….more than 7-8 persons were working in the shop at 10pm as well…all busy….Wow what a Paan it was….took another Paan and packed for family members. Good experience there. As per the menu card (!) it seems they have a Rs: 3k /- Paan as well.

27 Jan 2013
Started @ 10 am…. reached Ajanta at 12 pm…. road traffic was not much. After walking from parking to inside the park where we need to catch a bus, there was as usual no queue. Every bus was having its own queue and at one instance people started fighting for bus !!! for mere 3kms to reach Ajanta Caves. God knows, when we will behave. I have experienced, there are queues only in Mumbai, once you are out of Mumbai do not think of any queue. Ticket was Rs: 10/- (for non-ac) bus. We started from left side of the stairs, so that we avoided the crowd . We reached at  cave no. 17 then again take left for cave no 26. Cave 26 is really big with huge Buddha in  sleeping position. Whole cave is illuminated with lights, cave is surrounded with statues. We then saw caves 17, 18, 19, 23. Started return journey and skipped rest of all caves. so no idea about other caves. At the start of the cave no 1. there is Archeological Survey of India shop, where you can get authorized books on Ajanta, Ellora , Old Goa etc. We returned to base @2.30pm…..started return drive and had lunch in one of the Dhaba on the highway. Reached home by 6.30pm.

Really nice trip today. Tired due to lot of walk.

My Thoughts
– Do not wear shoes, as need to take out in every cave
– If you are having children with you, they will be tired, as there is lot of walk.
– Get plenty of water, eatables, fruits
– Make sure to use dustbins
– Saw cleanliness @ caves, which is really good.
– I guess, best to visit in rains, as it will be all green.


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