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January 14, 2013

Mount Abu

27 Oct 2012

BDTS-Jodhpur train was right time. Boarded @ 12.02am….settled for sleep….wake up @ 7am. Took some snacks at Ahmedabad station. Snacks were very oily, so took some packaged food. Then in the train, there was veg-cutlets, which was very good. Reached Abu road at about 12.30pm…Headed towards ST buds stand, which was some 10-12mins. There was already a bus for Mount Abu. While going to the bus stand, saw lot of stalls selling Rabdi and milk products. One lady told Mount Abu had lot of cold and mainly you have to take tickets before boarding the bus. I quickly got down and took tickets from the ticket counter. Ticket was Rs: 27/- Also bought Rabdi from the nearby shop for Rs: 20/ each, as was not able to resist my foody taste. Rabdi was awesome. Bus started @ 12.45pm and reached at about @ 2pm. The road is full of zig-zag type, so it took almost 40-50mins for 26kms.  There is a RTDC ST bus for sight-seeing, which starts at 9.30am, shows some 10-12 sights for full day for Rs: 85/. We never booked, as thought we could hire a bike tomorrow and firstly check-in the hotel. We need to walk for 10min to reach Hotel Shikhar. The hotel room was not that sophisticated considering for Rs : 1100/- rent. We kept our luggage and directly went to restaurant in the hotel, as we were tired and hungry a lot. Thought to eat in the hotel itself rather than again going to bus stand area and have food. Also the road from petrol pump to Hotel Shikhar was very steep. This is only petrol pump in Abu. The food was really ok type. Finished lunch @ 3.30pm. Thought to have some rest , but as usual Gargi kept us busy.

We were ready @ 5.30pm to go to Nakki Lake. Meanwhile my office mate Kaushik Ghosh called me as they also reached in Abu @ 4.30pm. He said he would first go to Sunset point and then to Nakki lake, where we could meet up. We first enquired about bike at petrol pump. The guy told that rent is Rs: 250/- and you could travel all abu in Rs: 100 petrol. He was offering the bike @ 8.30pm today only. We said, we can take it tomorrow morning. While going to Nakki lake, had a good tea at a tea stall cum Dhaba. Very good tea. While reaching at Nakki lake we though, it would be too hectic to go to Sunset point by walk and also I was carrying Gargi. We could see the point tomorrow and went to Nakki lake. While going to Nakki lake, we saw Polo ground.

The energy at Nakki Lake was very positive. The place was all happening place like Darjeeling, Mahabaleshwar and I guess also Gangtok. Both sides of the street had food stalls, play items stores, ice cream, softy stalls all the way. The road is blocked for all vehicles between 5pm to 9.30pm, so there is no traffic on the road except for people.

Gargi was not ready to have a boat ride, even I tried several times that it will be fun. Kaushik and his family meet us at Nakki lake. Then we went for softy, even though we thought we would not buy as Gargi was having lot of cold. She also played few games in a play shop. We had dinner at hotel Arbuda. A nice place to have dinner in a nice location. We returned @ hotel by 9pm and slept early as all were tried.

28 Oct 2012

Ready by 8.30am….had good breakfast consists of poha, veg cutlets, bread butter and boiled eggs for non-eg. The quality was really good compared to our experience the previous day at lunch. We went down @ petrol pump and hired Activa. They kept the tank full. We need to make it full, when we return it. This was really good, as rather than filling petrol and keeping watching @ the meter, how much petrol is available now. Started @ 9am. We thought we would first visit Gurushikhar and then see all places in our return journey. (This turns out to be a good decision) First went to Gurushikhar at about 10.10am. There were people offering as a guide and all. For Gurushikhar, they said there were some 350 steps. I rejected all offers but one guy kept following us with descending amount from Rs: 100 to 50. I told him to just come with us rather than taking Gargi and our bags. We reached at the top, took darshan of Shri Guru Dattatraya. Then reached top of the mountain, where there is paduka of Shri Gurudev Datta and a big bell. There were also temple of Shri Atri rushi and Anusuya mata, father and mother of  Shri Gurudev Dattatraya.

We went to see both these temples. The route is not that normal. We also saw Bhairav Gufa, which is behind Anusuya mata temple. I guess we could visit these 2 temples, Bhairav Gufa only because, we had guide otherwise I guess I would never did daring to visit these temples. We were at the base at about 11.15am.

Started return journey, went to Achal Gadh. At Achal Gadh, there were no steps. There was a Shivling  and Achaldevi temple. It was just few minutes affair. Then started for Dilwara temples. There was huge crowd in the temple complex. The temples were marvelous, but after 2-3 temples, we thought it was all repetitions or we were not good at knowing the worth of these temples. We also saw Kalparuksha tree outside in the temple complex. Started return to hotel. Had lunch in main market area. Dal bati thali was good. Gargi had plain dosa. Also had Rabdi after lunch. Reached hotel @ 3pm. Thought to have some rest for 1-1.30hrs, but Gargi had very good sleep till 5.30-6pm. I also never woke her as thought its ok to skip few places as her sleep/rest was also important.

We dropped the plan to visit more points, as it was pitch dark by 6.15pm. Gargi had very good sleep. We return our Activa for Rs: 320 (Rs: 250 rent + Rs: 70 for petrol) and then again headed towards Nakki lake. We also enquired for cabs to Ambaji, some said for Rs: 1700/- and one said for Rs 1500/-. So we booked for this guy. We also enquired in Hotel Shikhar who quoted for Rs: 2000/- saying different season has different rate. Today there were fewer crowds compared to yesterday, as I guess people would have left for their homes to join work on Monday.
We roam around the lake and later had dinner in Hotel Honest. Food was ok ok.This time never had softy, as Gargi was having cold. We settled her for a chocolate. Again had good walk to hotel Shikhar.

29 Oct 2012

We started from Abu at 9.50am. We want to start at 10.30am. The guy called us and told that Ambaji will be closed from 11 to 2pm so go early. I guess they want to have another trip to Ambaji or so in the night which will fetch them more money. We were ready by 8.30am, Pallavi, Gargi had good breakfast consists of puri-bhaji, bread butter, tea, milk. I took only tea due to my fast. While going to Abu, Gargi never had any problem of omitting. But now she omitted twice, then slept well in the car.


Reached at Gabbar hills, at 11.30am…before entering the place, at the entrance only, we took tickets for rope-way to Gabbar Hills Ambaji Mata temple. There was not big queue….went at the top….the view was really awesome…..took darshan and came back by 12pm. Asked the driver to have lunch first and then Ambaji Mata darshan, as Gargi was hungry, as she was having empty stomach.

When we enter the Ambaji temple area, it is all high commercialised, both side of the road had restaurants, and then tourist vehicles in front of hotels. There was a huge difference in temperature compared to Abu just 20km away. It was very hot. Had lunch. Then the driver took us from a gate which is back of the temple. I guess only few of them will be knowing this. Took Prasad and enter in the queue.

The temple complex is pretty huge. There are various Gold plated domes on the temple. It has 3 doors which merged into just one queue in the end. Make sure you keep your children, valuables safe in the rush. Took good darshan. Was able to do the darshan in 15 minutes or so.

On the back of the temple, there is Mansarovar, where the driver told, ceremonies like Mundan of the child normally held. We then went to see Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, which is some 3kms form the temple. There was no crowd here. Took darshan. There is also a small temple of Saraswati Mata temple, they says here is the origin of Saraswati river. Coming back, on the highway there is Kamakshi Temple. This is a newly build temple. The Kamakshi goddess is very pretty. In the complex, surrounding the main temple, they have constructed small temples of all 51 goddess of Shaktipeth. Photos were not allowed.

Started return journey and reached Abu road by 4pm. Waited in the waiting room. Gargi was in full mood as she played with whatever she had and had great rapport with almost all waiting passengers in the room. We went to Hotel Kunal near Abu road and had dinner by 7.15pm….that came out to be a good risk, as food was very good.

Ranakpur train was late by half an hour but reached Borivali next day on time at 8.30-9am.

Will definitely want to go again to Abu, a really nice place for a change.

My views on

Abu road
– Almost all stalls have “Rabdi” for sell….it’s really tasty….
– We also saw many makeshift stalls selling very long cucumber on the footpath

-It’s no plastic area, which is really a good sign…..never saw any plastic bags while shopping. Sadly, this is not the case for Ambaji.
-You will get really nice tea at any tea stall
-Food is ok, and various options available.

Hotel Shikhar
-Not worth considering to shell out Rs: 1100/- for a standard room…..but that said, I do not know how other hotels are charging, as room was very basic, ok type…no TV….my reception ring was not working as well….no cupboards
-Food was not good, avoid if possible. We did eat when we check-in, as we were tired.
-Breakfasts were good.
-Tea is costly Rs: 16/- not worth it….you will get good tea for Rs: 5-6/- (cutting chai) in any stall

-highly commercialized, crowed place



  1. Very nice blog and good pics. Me and my hubbie are planning to visit Gurushikhar on a hired Kinetic Honda. I will be riding in parts, so was wondering how the hill roads were? Did you switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips. Thanks, Kusum

    Comment by kusum — January 30, 2013 @ 5:14 pm

  2. ….ohhh but you missed the Jain Temple at Achal Gadh. it is on the top of hill

    Comment by Anand Parekh — March 25, 2013 @ 2:58 pm

  3. The fortress Achal Gadh is surrounded by massive battlement walls. It is situated at the top of a mountain peak and offers picturesque views all year round. Achal Gadh is found at the top of a steep winding path, whereby the 15th century fortresses and the temples are enclosed within the fortified walls. These fortified walls provide scenic lookouts onto the countryside.
    A 10 minute climb from Achal Gadh brings you to the beautiful and historic Jain Temples. These temples are a must visit for more great views and the beautiful sculpture.

    Comment by Anand Parekh — March 25, 2013 @ 3:13 pm

  4. I am senior citizen and visiting Mount Abu during October 2014 . I wish to get some more views about RTDC Hotel Shikhar . Is it comfortable with good basic facilities. Also from some views , I find it is very steep from Bus Stand , which can be strenuous for me and my wife.. Pls reader’s views who have been there recently . Thanks

    Comment by Baldev Mamtani — August 27, 2014 @ 4:52 pm

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