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December 31, 2012

Girnar Parikrama

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Finally this year, Shri Gurudev Dattatraya fulfilled my wish to do Girnar Parikrama after a waiting for 2 years.

2010: cancelled at very last moment due to family issue.

2011: got waitlisted ticket, which went from WL21 to WL1 on chart preparation. If it was confirmed, I already packed by bags and was waiting for confirmation…but


This time did reservation exactly 4 months back. Boarded Saurashatra mail…..Reached Junagadh @ 1.45pm, though we wasted 1.15hrs in Rajkot. Got a room just for bath in a lodge nearby station……Had quick lunch @ Geeta lodge. All serving people were from Maharashtra from Akola district. Took shared auto to Bhavnath for Rs: 10/-. The driver updated that traffic for 2-4 wheelers is closed before 3km to Bhavnath. So all parikramavasi or people going to Girnar base had to walk 3 kms.

@ 2.50pm started walking…..reached Rupayatan gate from where official Parikrama starts. Before that, bought a lathi for Rs: 20/-.

Started at 3.50pm from official gate.  Lots of people were doing Parikrama. This time I carried my luggage with me. Able to see lots of people specially women carrying their own stuff on their head and doing Parikrama. There was lot of crowd on the road to walk. It was difficult to walk as well. The road is in the Gir forest area and opens up only for 5-10 days for the Parikrama. Whole road had red soil. Those who have allergies for dust pls be careful in the track, as the track is full of dust. I reached Zina Bava Ni Madhi @ 6pm. I saw lots of naked sadhus with ash all over the body. They were approaching us for money, coming in front of us on the path. Scary moments!!!. There is an old Mahadev temple, which I never visited as there was huge crowd in the temple complex.

Started again …the road had steep ascent…..started with torch in one hand and walking stick in another. After climbing the accent, there was descent with path filled with uneven stones. Whole path is surrounded by lush green trees. From Zina Bava Ni Madhi, saw lots of people taking rest all over the places on both sides of road. I took 3-4 Nimbu-pani, but the weather was supportive, not so cold or not so hot. Reached Malvela around 10pm.  I never visited Rupkund, which was as per people, some 3kms. So I guess I traveled 6km less (if it considers as path in 36kms….no idea…).

Started towards Bordevi, which people said was about 5kms. I eat good bhajias while starting. Also had coconut water as well. To reach Bordevi, there is a junction. So you have to take a left for 1km to reach Bordevi, comeback and take right from that junction to Bhavnath, which is 7kms from that junction. Initially I thought to skip this temple , but then thought I will not visit it again. Also Parikrama ends @ Bordevi. Took darshan of Bordevi Mata and left to Bhavnath @ 9.45pm. Thought I will reach by 12.00am. At the junction, to start to Bhavnath, my battery cell were down, so started with only moonlight and off course light from other people torches. Fortunately the road was not that bad. As I was coming nearer to Bhavnath, was able to see Girnar path, all lit with lamps. Reached exactly @ 11.59pm at Bhavnath gate. Thanked god to make this happen this time. Enquired about Bhavnath temple, which was very nearby. Took darshan of Mahadev @ Bhavnath and started back again, till the end where the restrictions ends for any vehicles. Took an auto to reach station. Again started by walk to bus stand as no lodge were open @ 1.15am. In the way got an auto , reached @ bus stand. Thought to have rest for few hours and visit Somnath temple.

Took a room in a nearby lodge, which was open at that wee hour. Settled for Rs: 350/- though the room was not in very good condition. But thought, if I sleep then will have good rest, as till now now, I did more than 10 hrs of walking.  Once I started for sleep, was not able to sleep. To my horror there were bedbugs…..lit the lights and murdered at least 10 few bugs. Went down stairs and check-out the room as, I thought in any way I will not able to sleep here and the lodgewala said no other room was vacant at that time . Thought to go to Somnath in the morning itself. So went to station by walk as nobody was coming to station. The train was at 5am. I was in the queue for ticket but the queue was so long that before I could manage to take ticket, the train arrived and left for Somnath. The next train was at 9 or 10am. Again went back to bus stand to see a room but another lodge was saying they will only give till 4pm on that day and for next day the fare would be decided by the owner, as it was Parikrama season and the price would vary. He was charging Rs : 400/-. I thought getting room again on Sunday would be pain and room was also not good at all. Also all over the places,  they were charging high price due to yatra period. So thought I would go to Rajkot , check-in  in good hotel and would do rest today and on Monday check out and visit Virpur, comeback to Rajkot and board Saurashtra express.

Took a bus to Rajkot @ 5.25am…..reached at 7.25am……took hotel reference from my brother-in-law and checked-in the hotel.  Fresh up and had good breakfast…tried to sleep…. Woke up at 12.30 noon…went to hotel Pakwan , a Gujarati Thali restaurant, which was nearby the hotel. Had good lunch consists of Basundi, Puranpoli, Chass. The thali price was Rs: 230/-. Came back to hotel and took rest. In the evening went to race course area. Nice area with big gardens, municipal fun park and also a private fun park. Just like park games in in-orbit, Growell or Oberoi mall here in Mumbai. As it was Sunday, there was not much traffic on the road. Roamed around the race course area, Galaxy theatre and also visited the private fun park. Entry for adult was Rs:10/-. Almost all rides tickets were very economical. I saw Rs:18/- as max for any adult with also tickets ranging as 15, 12, 10. For children it was Rs: 10 or 8. Nice Park with I guess more than 20-25 rides. Went to hotel had dinner and went to sleep by 9.30-10pm.


Bapa Jalaram, Virpur

Wake up early and checkout @7.15am. Took a bus to Virpur. Reached at 9am while reaching to Gondal, saw a very beautiful , huge, temple from window. Asked to my adjacent passenger, he said that was Swaminarayan temple. The bus halted for almost 30min at Gondal bus stand, as it was a local bus. There was sign board for the temple at Virpur bus stand, which is just 1km from bus stand. Reached there and had good darshan. It was a home like structure inside. Not much fuss in the temple. There were boards about, not able to take any donations/offerings for Jalaram Bapa. The darshan took hardly 10mins. There was a good blank and white photo of Shri Jalaram Bapa and on the left, a temple of Shri Ram. (I hope I am not wrong here)

The Prasad was somewhere in another building near railway station. While exiting the temple premise, bought some pedhas….had gathias and bhajias, as the hotelwala was preparing right in front of me, so never visited prasadalay. Reached Rajkot and boarded Saurashtra express. While coming back to Mumbai, saw papers quoting 6 lakhs pilgrims already finished Parikrama.

Food at Girnar Parikrama:

No need to worry about food stuff. There were lots of free Annakshetras, free meals counters/langars. Interestingly I also saw pani-puri, bhel puri stalls as well, at the start of the Parikrama. There were lots of free waters stations, coconut water seller price ranging from Rs: 10 to 20/-, Fruits vendors selling apples, guava, bananas. Peanut seller, Vegetable salad sellers. All in all you will get all food, water stuff in the whole journey. This time I never carried anything to eat only water.


I was searching for the notes, which I made in 2010, which luckily able to find out. I was helped by Mr. Ankit Shukla for this. Here is the link for his blog.

Below are my Notes on Girnar Parikrama. I frankly never referred, when I start Parikrama. So looks like, I travelled all 36km and not any less, even though I never visted Rupkund.


(Ppl strt at 12 AM and reach Zina bava ni madhi in 3 hours and do their first night halt there.)

-temple named CHANDRA-MAULESHWAR is situated here

-The probability of lions sighting here is maximum.

-This place is also known as RANIYO KUVO

Zina Bava Ni Madhi to directly reach MALVELA  (8 Kms)

or other option is to reach Malvela via SARKHADIYA HANUMAN.

-‘Sarkhadiya Hanuman’ is the best Hanuman temple in Junagadh

-Lion roars are almost common at this place

-Chances of being confronted by deers is also maximum

-Pilgrims can also visit Suraj-Kund from Sarkhadiya Hanuman


-A very beautiful temple is located at MADVELA

-This toughest ghodi is known as NAL-PANI GHODI OR MADVELA NI GHODI.


-BORDEVI is a temple of GODDESS

-Places like KAALA-GHUNO AND TATANIYO GHUNO are places which carry water all the year round

-TATANIYO GHUNO or KHODIYAR GHUNO gives shelter to Crocodiles.

-Lucky people are able to see a crocodile with the golden earrings



  1. hello…. sir pls i have u r contact no.

    Comment by dhaval — January 10, 2013 @ 12:29 pm

  2. Hello Dear
    I am talk about boarding. which place you night halt. i am talk about other detail for parikrama, so pl. give your contact no.
    Namah Shivay

    Comment by Paresh — November 28, 2013 @ 12:19 pm

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