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September 15, 2012

Hyderabad Half-Marathon 2012

Boarded Husainsagar Express at about 11pm from Kalyan. Nikhil boarded at CSTM. Meet him in Kalyan. He was in B1, I in B2. I meet friends from BNP in B2. After settling down, came to know that everybody was discussing about marathon in hyderabad. Went to sleep by 11.30pm….Wake up early by 7am…..One guy pointed out that, if you are travelling by Jammu Tavi, Swaraj Express then you are going to vaisahv devi by default. It’s same here, as most of the people were travelling for marathon. Had good idli-wada at Wadi station, were it stops for i guess 10 minutes or so. Get the idli-wada from the railways canteen rather than any stall on the station. you will able to see the difference in chatnee for sure.

We reached Hyderabad at 12-12.10 pm….Went to Hotel Venkateshwara by taking a Sumo. 13 people + driver were in the Sumo. We bargain for Rs: 300/-. We need to bargain for auto, cabs here. After freshen up…..@ 3.15pm…We went to have Briyani in nearby Hotel called Kabab Inn. The veg briyani was ok type….not that great. The feedback from Nikhil, Ravi, Ritesh was very very good for non-veg briyani. Took an auto to go to Banjara hills for collecting bibs…..autowala started asked Rs: 150/-…..We settled down for Rs: 80/-. Bib collection was just 4-5 mins affair, as there was no crowd as such compared to SCMM. We meet lot of people from Mumbai and took a group photo for all mumbai runners at that time.

Again took an auto to Hotel. This time autowala asked for Rs: 80/- :). Reached hotel by 5pm….took some rest and then had a tea in the hotel. Shocked to see the bill for 4 teas, Rs: 114/- 25 each + VAT. :)….We enquired about Dominos pizza, Pizza hut for pasta….but nobody was able to give us a good confident answer….all were saying go to Banjara Hills. We thought to eat nearby rather than going to Banjara Hills. I guess, running marathon next morning….was in everybody’s mind….Had Dinner at neardy Hotel Dwarka.

Then just opposite the road, we found a typical chai tapri, and enjoyed the tapri chai for rs 5/-. the tea was also awesome….. Before going to sleep, tied the bib on Tshirt, timer chip on the shoe……Tried to sleep by 9.30-10pm……but never slept well for few hours….Wakeup by 3.45 am…..had 2 bananas by 4am…..ready for the marathon by 4.45am.

The group had booked a tempo traveller to reach start point and then for coming back to hotel. After reaching the start point, meet 3 office colleagues. Had few photo sessions :). The atmosphere was truely amazing. Husainsager lake in the dwan was looking pretty good. There was no crowd at start line as compared to SCMM, where this year there were 14k half marathon runners.

Half Marathon started exactly at 6am. Just after running for say 50 meters, one flyover started….and then it continued till the end of the marathon. I was just climbing one flyover, descend and again climb the next. The worst thing was that, all flyovers are in few kilometers , not short distance. I was drinking lot of water, whenever exhausted. The volunteers support was really very good. They were very eagar  to help the runner by providing water, gatrode, biscuits and pain relief spray as well. The path was challenging because of flyovers. Only positive in this was, there was ample breeze through out marathon but the catch was it was all opposite to our running direction. That was making it more difficult and more challanging. I did see first 3 kms and then 7 kms marking on the left side. I guess kms board was after every 2kms. After 16-17km, it started raining……which had good impact to cool us. Also now the breeze was in the same direction rather than opposite. Meanwhile I consumed dates, which I carried in my pouch. After 20kms, though it was just 1-1.5km to finish….but there was suspense in the route or may be it was anxiety to finish the marathon. Last 1-2 km was never ending…..taking left then right then again left. At last reached the stadium……thought now its a end……but once inside the stadium, it was some 100m to run on synthetic track…I sprinted with whatever energy I have left and finished in 2.20.  Nikhil was at the receiving end…he hugged me. He finished in 2.14. I guess, we reached these timings only because of favorable weather or at least I can say for myself for sure. Was really on a high after finishing the marathon, as not able to train much for this. We clicked few snaps. (after reaching Hotel, it came out to be 68… be precisie…). Minute after minute, lot many similar faces were reaching the finishing line….before leaving to hotel we took a group photo with whoever available at that time.

Reached Hotel….Had a good hot water bath….Had good Thali at Hotel Dwarka. At 1.30pm left to station for mumbai….Boarded Husainsagar express….saw lot of similar faces I meet while coming to Hyderabad. All faces were very satisfying faces, as everybody had done excellent, few personal best timimgs as well. I settled on the upper berth. I released, my knees were paining particularly my right knee. After few hours knees were ok…but ankles started paining :)…and then lastly (at least for me)
my thighs were paining, which I guess will get over after 2-3 days.

Only regret of the trip was, not able to get anything for my family, office mates from Karachi Sweetwala. Hopefully next time…. Now lets see, how Goa Marathon unfolds on 9th December 2012….hoping to have good training….let’s see….

My first impression abour hyderabad
– All auto were having digital meters (not like mumbai, where we still have mechanical meters)..but irony is, no auto goes by meter 😦 you have to bargain to a fix price.
– As suggested in multiple websites, you will need to bargain for price for an auto.
– Roads were really wide and good. was not able to see a signle pothole in my entire stay at hyderabad, though its very small duration.
– People eat lot of rice. The quantity of rice was really huge…..One full chicken birayani was consumed by 3 people, with few portion we packaged for later consumption

My impression about Hotel Ventateshwara
– Intially the service was not that great. We have asked at least 3-4 times for getting drinking water after check-in, which we got only in the evening…

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