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August 7, 2012

Brahmagiri Parikrama, Trimbakeshwar

Every year in the month of “Shravan” people do Bhramagiri mountain Parikrama, popularly known as “feri”. There are 2 feri routes one is “small” and other is “big”. I remembered at least 2 instances of doing small feri in my college days. As per few internet sites, it’s 20 miles and 40 miles, which comes out to be 32 and 64 kms respectively.

Self and my friend (Mahendra Macha) thought to have full feri this time, on the third Monday, as most of the people do it but my friend in Nasik suggested, it would be too crowded so you can do that in 2nd or 4th Monday this year and there will be groups, who do that on these Mondays. He informed, nowadays people who know the route, do it on Saturday’s as well.  We decided to have on 2nd Monday i.e. on 30th July.

Sunday 29th July….We boarded at 7pm from Nasik Mela bus stand for Trimbak, reached at 8.-8.10pm. Heavy rain greeted us en-route and in Trimbak as well. Thought to wait till 4am Monday morning in Trimbak and start the parikrama. We kept our non-essential belongings in a locker near to temple. Charge was Rs: 20/- each. Had dinner at Kamat restaurant. Not had a good experience, considering Kamat brand.

We did enquire about the route in the nearby shops….they said everyday is good day for parikrama. We never did a holy dip in Kushavart… it was raining heavily and too cold and…started to find out for parikrama route.

We started @ 9.30pm….Went till the entrance of Trimbak….and started from highway and again enquired about the route as and when we saw group of people marching with Har Har Mahadev slogan….We reached at “Hotel Lakeview” where on the left we saw a pond in the moonlight, as there was no street lights only few highway lights in between. it was scary though. at time just 2 of us walking on the road. From Hotel Lakeview, we took a right turn and started walking…there were few groups along the route for company, but they were very fast disappearing from our view due to their pace. At 12 midnight we had tea at home cum tea shop. We enquired about the route for full parikrama…the villager cum tea shop owner said, there will be a Ganesh Temple from there you take a right for full parikrama…

We started again…then after few minutes released we are lonely….all dark no street lights, and either side of road has farms…no sign of any shelter, stoppages….At 1 am, we thought we lost the route and decided to stop at some place till dawn and then start in the clear sky. There was some under construction shops near the road…..8-9 rooms with shitters fitting except for one shop. The room was filled with “reti” used for road construction, had little cow dung on 2-3 places….we cleanup some area and lie down on it with our torch lit up….as it was full dark. At 2 am, we heard chatting of few people, 2-3 person were continuing the parikrama….we shouted at them….they said they are doing full parikrama…we asked them if we joined them and they were ok…by the time we get up and went till the road…we never saw them….so started again…knowing we are on right track….after about 2.30, we saw one Maruti Omni…asked the driver about any shelter around this area. He said on the road, next was a school and there was a temple. We can go and take rest till dawn. I guess, it was a taxi , as some people boarded and the taxi went towards Trimbak direction.

We searched in the torch light for the school, saw the school signboard, then saw the school on our left…started searching for temple. We saw a room with open doors…so went ahead and saw it was Lord Hanuman temple…we thank god for this shelter, as it was much much better than the open shop we did rest for 1 hrs or so. We removed our shoes and slept on the floor… the temple was open with door and windows open. The sound of wind was so heavy and scary that for few minutes we couldn’t just relax. It was bit cold inside and also we slept on the floor with no support, as we did not carry anything. We wake up by 6am. First thing in morning, did a bow to Load Hanuman for our safe being.

Bajarangbali Temple

Jai Bajarangbali

Started at 6.20-30am from the temple…sky was clear and rain was playing its role. We saw a group coming towards us…we thought now on we will go with this group…….we reached at the Ganesh Temple by 8am I guess…where we meet this group. The group was having 13 people, 2 of them having experience in full parikrama. From Ganesh temple , we took the right turn.  Till Ganesh temple, the road is of nice motorable tar road.

Group from Yeola

After taking right, starts the mountain climbing road…..they said we need to cross total 7 mountains in this feri. The path was full of rough terrain with lots of water flow to cross. The area around water flow was all slippery due to water flow. All these 13 guys were barefoot, as traditional feri is done barefoot but we were wearing boots, certainly odd for them. The group started at 2am morning and reached till where we meet at about 7am. We started from the mountains…and after 3-4 mountains…there was 2 tracks..and we choose the left track…and after going ahead we came to know that we have lost the track…we descend the mountain and again climbed one mountain to try to be on right track. But for this we lost 1-1.5 hrs. Meanwhile 4 people from the group went ahead and descend till the end where they reached the motorable road and return back to Trimbak. We reached at one place called Harihar Temple, which had a nice pond. It seems it’s also called as Kushavart kund. Ideally we get this temple after returning from Harihar castle which is the point from which return journey for the feri starts. We decided to start return journey rather than climbing the Harihar fort and come back.

Harihar Temple

Kushavart and Shivling @ Harihar Temple

Kushavart and Shivling @ Harihar Temple

Return journey was easy compared to reaching the Harihar temple, as there was clear path to descend and there was no worry of losing track. After reaching at ground at about 10.30 am…we crossed a beautiful water fall….sky was clear for 5 mins or so…and we saw sun for the first time in overall journey. We did click few photos…

….and started again by 11 am. Now we started from a motorable tar road though this road is not as smooth as starting tar road…barefoot return journey on this tar road will be painful…as lot of stones are there on the road. We reached “Lakurwali Mata Temple” by 12ish…started fast again. The group started by their own pace, as they have started on 2am today…and we started losing them.

Lakurwali Mata Temple

Lakurwali Mata Temple

In return journey…we asked all much time needed to finish this…and everyone had different answers…some said 2 hrs, some 3 hrs or so…It was still raining heavily….we reached the last village “Sapgaon” en-route to finish…the person we enquired said it was now 4 kms to finish…so it was still almost 1 hrs to go to reach…finally we reached a stage of 1km finish and saw lot of people returning from small feri…lots of women, girls were part of the feri group….all barefoot…finally we reached at 2 pm afternoon…

It was a relief!!!….we did roughly 9.30 to 1am (3.30hrs), 6am to 2pm (8 hrs) walking….almost 10 hrs of walking…and considering 4-5 kms per hour….we have travelled surely 40-45kms….considering our not reaching the Harihar peak and return to Harihar temple.

we collected our belongings…quickly changed clothes in the side by corridor adjacent to this shop…and went straight to bus stand….we thought to reach Nasik as soon as possible …as there might be more traffic from Trimbak to Nasik due to Shravan Monday…also we need to catch bus to Borivali. We reached at CBS Nasik at 3-3.15 pm…went to new Thakkar Bus stand by walk…had some refreshments….and then start waiting at bus stand from 4.15pm. Boarded bus to Borivali (which my friend did reservation) at 6 pm and reached Borivali at 11.30pm.

My thoughts/findings/observations

–  Start by 2am or 4am in morning, when it will be clear sky in few hours…

– It is really taxing to have walk for about 12 hrs at a stretch…as we did 1/3 parikrama on last day…we were comparatively not that exhausted as a complete 12 hrs stretch.

– Do not do full parikrama, if you are not sure about the route. Take any one from village who will show the route for few rupees. The villagers are very versed by the route. But for this you will need to take decision, once you start the parikrama. Best way is get the guide before you start the full parikrama.

– If you want to do full parikrama, then 3rd Monday will be good, if you do not have any guide…as there will be hell lot of people on this Monday…only thing is there will be much more time needed extra apart from just parikrama…like entry in Trimbak….I heard this year, all vehicles will parked at Golf course in Nasik and every single person need to travel by ST bus. So there will be lot of waiting period to get a bus.

– I guess the bus also stops at the exterior of Trimbak city, as regular ST bus stand will not able to cater extra flow of buses which will specially flown only for this parikrama….so again you will need to walk till entering Trimbak.

– On 3rd Monday…after reaching Trimbak, expect lot of crowd

– Same thing will happens, once you finish the parikrama and want to catch the bus to Nasik…heavy waiting period, may be walking to bus stand

– If you ask any villager for how much is remaining…you will get different answers…as they are used to walk in this region every day…also they are used to such walk.

– It will take you almost 12 hrs for sure to do this full feri…in fact the last part will be taxing as with any return journey…we want to finish/reach the destination as soon as possible.

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  1. thanks brother:…we are planning for a full feri

    Comment by nils — January 12, 2013 @ 12:59 pm

  2. sir I want any type of contact number of this holly place on my id plzzzz

    Comment by Aditya anil Malani — July 14, 2013 @ 7:26 pm

  3. Thanks man, it helped a lot in getting insight . 🙂

    we recently did the complete trek for Brahmagiri & Bhandardurg

    Comment by niraj — December 8, 2016 @ 8:28 pm

  4. thanks Prashant for the insightful details – this is the only place we have such in-depth information.
    A group of friends intend on doing the full feri this year. Let’s see how it goes!

    Comment by Anand — July 28, 2017 @ 3:42 pm

  5. I have completed full feri in just 7 hrs and this was mine second time for feri 1st feri took almost 8 hrs

    Comment by Jayesh — August 30, 2018 @ 12:59 pm

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