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June 25, 2012

Shri Gajanan Maharaj, Shegaon

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On 1-2 June weekend, visited Shegaon……

For few days, was checking temperature, it was around 41-42C. Pallavi has some apprehensions but somehow agreed to come to Shegaon, as I did reservations in April. We started with Amravati Exp from Dadar. Apart from us, 4 others were going to Nasik. After starting conversation, came to know that one of the guy was also from my firm, though he worked in Operations Dept. Experienced the term ” world is very small”. There was one uncle, who has twin daughters at his home, working and staying in Mumbai and going to Nasik every weekend. He was very eager to go to home to have good time with his daughters, who were 1 and 1/2 years old. Other 3 were young guys…Gargi played a lot with them. We played card game….”Mendi coat” till Igatpuri. Started to sleep after Igatpuri. Gargi somehow slept after Nasik, when all new boarded people took their berths. I kept a 5am alarm, as Shegaon was about to arrive at 5.30am. I never slept calmly and wake up at 5.25am. Shocked to see, I ignored alarm. This was due to alarm volume. I never changed my home alarm volume, which was very low. Rushed immediately at the door and asked people who were standing to get down at next station. Malkapur was the next station, then after Nandura, it was Shegaon. What a relief !!!

We get down at Shegaon at 6.30am, 1 hrs late from original timings. We thought to stay at new Anand Vihar, so took an auto for Rs 50/- from station. Its 3km from station. Also never bargain, as I came to Shegaon after a long time, may be after 2-3 years. We got a 3 bed AC room, for Rs 800/-. The room was excellent, neat and clean. Every floor has hot water tap, RO drinking water, stand to dry clothes. Complex is pretty huge…having 520 rooms. Had bath and went for breakfast at 8am. Breakfast was excellent. Rather than waiting for bus, which shuttles from temple to Anand Vihar, we took auto for Rs 50/-. Came to know that, as it was special auto else sharing is for 5 persons, Rs 10/- each. 2 persons with driver and 3 persons on back-sit. Thought there might be long queue, so we should reach early. There is a huge chappal stand for free of cost, once you about to enter in the temple complex. Had very good darshan in about 20 mins. Spent some 1/2-1hrs in the temple and returned at Anand Vihar. Had good Lunch at Anand Vihar Canteen.

After having small nap, we went to Anand Sagar by Tanga.  Gargi was really happy to sit in a Tanga. At the entrance, we saw the toy train, so took tickets and had a toy train ride. After that Gargi started playing in the Garden
particularly slides and was not in a mood to move away from slides. We patiently waited while she was playing, as she got what she want in Anand Sagar. So we never had time to roam around Anand Sagar. We forcefully took  Gargi, away from Slides and had some refreshments at the stalls. Again because of weekend, there was a big queue on all counters. We relished dhokla, sabudana khichadi, bread pakoda, Idli, and mango juice. (…thinking we came only for eating here 🙂 ) Somehow managed to take Gargi out of Anand Sagar at 7.45-8pm, when it gets closed. From Anand Sagar to Anand Vihar, we walked, as distance wise it will be approximately 1 km, also the breeze was good. Roamed in the Anand Vihar premises and then had good Dinner with Kulfi 🙂

Sunday 3 June 2012
We were ready @ Went to Canteen and have good breakfast. Now all people in the canteen were knowing Gargi 🙂 as she used to walk in the canteen. Went to Temple again by Tanga by Gargi’s demand for Rs 50/-. Today as assumed, there was a big queue and more barricades were open. When we enter in the queue, at the entrance ETA was 1 and 1/2 hrs. Nice feature to have ETA for the darshan :)…as usual Gargi started playing and in few minutes people also started chatting/playing with her. The queue area has good air ventilation, proper air circulation. Also the queue has sitting bench, so if queue is not moving you can sit on the bench rather than standing for long minutes. There are points for restrooms as well. Drinking water is provided by Sevekaris. Yesterday this queue was not open, as people were not much compared to today being sunday. After 2 hrs, got darshan. Also saw Shri Mukh darshan place. People having less time can do a Mukh Darshan, looks like it is also good and satisfying. Meanwhile Gargi slept on my shoulders. We sit in the temple premises for few hours and came back directly to Canteen. Had good lunch…and Kulfi…not able to take any small nap as Gargi kept us busy. Checkout room at 5pm. There are sevekaris who will check your room and then give you “all ok” receipt which you have to submit on the booking counter.

Took auto this time and reached station. Packed few “Kachoris” for home. Also eat few Kachoris on station. Boarded Shalimar Express which was late by few minutes and reached home next day by 7am.


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