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May 6, 2012

Saptashrungi Devi, Vani

Last weekend went to 3 day trip to Nasik-Igatpuri, my Native place 🙂

28 April 2012, Part 1 – Saptashrungi Devi Gadh, Vani

I have been visiting Saptashrungi gadh, numerous time since my birth, as its our kuldaivat. Took a bus from Old Central Bus Stand (Old CBS) Nasik and reached straight to base of gadh at about 10.30am. It was around 2 hrs of travel. Mom bought prasad, sari and stuff necessary for devi. We started at around 11 am…and reached around 11.45-50am with few stoppage with my mom. Good to see my mom 70 years age can still able to climb the gadh. There are lot to facilities available now…the whole path is covered with shades…so there is no direct sunlight, while we climb…also we can climb it barefoot. Also there is 2 different routes one for climbing and other for descending.
We were in queue for about 15 min and has a very good darshan of god. at 12.10-15, there was afternoon Aarti. Lucky to have attended. Then started descending and reached the base at about 1 pm. Went straight to bus stand. Bus came at around 1.30pm. and reached Nasik at 3.30pm.


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