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January 17, 2012

SCMM- 2012

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Last year participated in Dream run marathon (though as the name suggests “run”…I did walk all the time 🙂 and enjoyed it thoroughly. While start of the Dream run, saw people finishing Half Marathon. Lots were aged double than me…at least by looking…so thought next year I will run in Half Marathon for sure.

This year started practising for Half Marathon from Oct, Nov. On weekdays going to GYM (as and when possible), and one day in weekends going to Kanheri Caves. I did run 8-10 weekends to and fro to Kanheri caves. In Dec stopped practising (Gym, running to Kanheri Caves) completely due to family constraints. Meanwhile, while searching for SCMM event, there is a concept of “2.30 timing Bus”. So there will be one person, who will guide and make sure he will run half-marathon in 2.30 hrs for sure. Those want to make this timing will run with this guy. One of the guys was Mr. Kaushik Panchal, who runs at Borivali National Park (BNP). I had communication with him through emails, but never had a chance to do practise with his group because of my schedule. On the last practise run, on 8th Jan, meet him and people in this “Bus”.  Run to Kanheri Caves. I run these 12 kms, after more than a month. I was very nervous and tense to finish marathon in 3 hrs time, as I did not practise in Dec. Also never run full 20-21 kms practice run, though I did manage to run-walk 16-18kms for few times on weekends.

On race day, I eat 2 Vasai-bananas (as I did while running to Kanheri caves) before leaving home and took one with me. Also took some Khajurs. Meet with Kaushik and team at Borivali station and reached at the holding area. There were two office mates running for half marathon. One was running his first marathon same as me, and another was making a hat-trick (3rd time).  Both first timers were in block D. Devendra was in block B.

I run till 12 kms at a stretch, and then my pace started slowing down. Meanwhile I was able to see Mr. Kaushik after the sea link. So thought I was running at the right pace on that instance. I walked whole Pedder road flyover rather than run. After 16-17kms, I eat one banana, as I want to continue to build my stamina to stay in the marathon. After 18-19 kms, I started consuming Khajur and started walking and running rather than run and walk. I was tried physically but not mentally. When I reached Churchgate, it was a relief, as only 1kms was pending…in this 1kms also, I did walk for few meters.

At the end, saw the time at finish line as 2.29.29 and Mr. Kaushik was waving people for his bus to finish in time. Lucky !!…was able to finish in 2.30 Bus.

Thanks for Mr.Kaushik and his team. Hopefully next time, will try to practice with them. I did manage in 2.25 hrs, Nikhil in 2.28 hrs and Devendra in 2.24 hrs.

A dream cherished for 1 year became true.

My Photos on marathon official site.

(L-R) Nikhil , Self, and Devendra


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