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January 17, 2012


Following are details of Omkareshwar-Mamleshwar, part-3 of Ujjain-Mandu-Omkareshwar trip.

29-Dec-2011. Had breakfast and ready @ 9.00am. Cab came @ 9.15am with different driver as Mr. Vishwas was booked as guide. We started @ 9.30am, and reached Omkareshwar @ exactly 12.00pm with just one halt for tea after Maheshwar for 10min. The road is very good once you reach the Mumbai highway. Till that, road is worse than Indore-Dhar-Mandu. But it’s only one patch, which has no road, to be fair. While travelling to Omkareshwar, saw Narmada Parikramavasi going to Mandu to have a holy dip in Reva Kund.

We check-in at Narmada Resort in room no 307. We settled our luggage and started for darshan, as we were not that hungry and Gargi also had a good sleep in the cab. We reached @ Omkareshwar temple @ 12.20-30pm. Throughout the road the pujaris (pandya) chase us for puja. We started with general queue. The gate was closed due to arti time till 1 pm .Interestingly the queue has 7-8 entrances. We were on the last left entrance. Once we moved ahead, we came to know that all these gates do not merge in the main entrance queue. It was very frustrating. In between that, pandya were approaching people to get a VIP darshan. There were lot of people in the queue. After some time when main gate was open and people in queues except the main queue not able to move ahead, they all started to jump over the barricades to enter in the main centre queue. It was not possible for us considering Gargi in my hands and sacks on our back. We thought we will not do the darshan (as in Marathi religious reading it is said that if you able to see a temple’s dome, then your darshan is complete…something happens in Pandharpur, were Varkari takes darshan of the temple dome, as darshan of Lord Pandurang might take few days. They consider Vari is complete). We moved away from the queue and then saw a ticket counter for special darshan. We took tickets for Rs 100/- each and entered in the special queue. Here as well, the queue has hoop holes, where pandya can enter their “customers” in the queue. It was frustrating, people in the group/queue started fighting with pandya’s customer by pouring water. Gargi was restless now and had a bad time to manage her. At last we had darshan @ 2.15pm.

We tried to see some good restaurants but in vain. So we picked up Brahman Bhojanalay on the main road, as thought Gargi will eat at least dal-rice rather than any oily items. She liked Rabdi. Thali was not good, not to say more on this. Rabdi was really good. We then headed towards Mamleshwar. One can go by crossing bridge (there are 2) by walk or by crossing Narmada by boat. We prefer to go by boat for Rs 10/- each.

As I thought, there was no queue at Mamleshwar temple. We had a good darshan and return to room @ 4pm. While returning, we lost the path and reach at bus stand. So took auto to room for Rs 40/-. Though we thought to have some rest, Gargi kept us busy all the time. We fresh up @ 6pm and thought to check Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan’s guest house.

The Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan is near to Mamleshwar temple. The complex is pretty big., almost has 200 rooms with very economical rates. Next time I will definitely stay here rather than really expensive Narmada Resort. Returned to room at 8.00pm, and went to restaurant, thought Gargi will sleep early, as she never had a sleep in whole day. The food was expensive compared to Ujjain and Mandu, also quality was not good as Mandu. Had dinner @ 9.30pm. Tomorrow planning for Omkareshwar Parikrama. Lets see how much time it will take, considering to carry Gargi throughout Parikrama. Also planning to have a holy dip in Narmada after Parikrama.

Omkareshwar Parikrama
30-Dec: we were ready @ 8.30am. Gargi also had a good sleep, as we do not need to wake her. Had good breakfast. After 4-5 days we had idli chatni-sambar and poha and upma. We started Parikrama @ 9.10am. Start is just below the bridge going to Omkareshwar temple. We saw various temples in between the route. Gargi was with me all the time, have to carry her throughout. We finished Parikrama @ 12.00pm, so it was around 2.30hrs for us. The Parikrama path is very well laid down with proper steps, so no need to worry about missing the route. Also the route has water stations in between. So not to worry about water, but carrying one water bottle will be handy.
We then went down to Ghat. I did a holy dip in Narmada. Gargi and Pallavi just washed their feet and hands. We went to other side of Narmada through ferry boat. I also filled bottles with Narmada water in the boat ride. We went to Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan’s Bhojanalay. The food was excellent consisting of unlimited rajma masala, potato gravy and kali dal and rice. This was only for Rs 30/-. After lunch went to room and had some rest. In evening again, had dinner at Gajanan Maharaj’ Sansthan Bhojnalay.
Water in Narmada is very good and not dirty. Here as well (same as Ujjain, Mandu) pretty dark @ 7pm and in the morning though clear sky is only at 6.45-7am.

My take on Omkareshwar
– Never found any good restaurants. So it will be difficult to get good food.
– Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan complex food is excellent, cheap and with quality.
– The rates for rooms in the complex is very minimum
– Lots of pandya all over the place. They irritate you. You should have lot of patience to deal.
– You will need to climb some 50 steps to reach from Narmada Ghat to Mamleshwar temple.

My take on Narmada Resort
– Rooms are excellent, spacious than Mandu
– Food is not good compared to Mandu but interestingly cost is more here.
– Drinking water and intercom facilities not available. You need to call reception to get drinking water.

31-Dec. Had complimentary breakfast in restaurant and check-out and 9.15am. Went to bus stand by a tempo. We got 9.30 bus (again private 30 sit mini bus) to Indore. We reached Indore at 12.00pm. Catch Avantika express at 3.50pm and reached Borivali at 5.30am in New Year 2012!


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  1. whether you performed rudrabhishekam? do you know omkareswar linga is on the samadhi of shri govinda bhagavatpada the guru of shankara who got sanyasa deeksha from him. guru govinda bhagavatpada is the second yathi in lineage of shri gaudapadacharya mutt…. the oldest mutt in whole of india …. a saraswath peetham having mutt main at kavale ponda goa.. gaudapada gufa is there still in omkareshwar to see . all this you may not believe ….. pls see my blog my email thanq

    Comment by ramachandrakamath — February 21, 2012 @ 6:57 pm

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