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August 31, 2011

ManiMahesh Yatra

Om Namah Shivay

This year was able to do ManiMahesh Yatra. I goggled to find good info about the yatra, and there are lots of sites with good info. Really appreciate help from Anil Singh and Rahul Koundal, who helped me to plan my trip, through their blog and emails. by Anil Singh. A website dedicated only to ManiMahesh. by Rahul Koundol

19 August 2011

WOW! Finally, @ 8.30am boarded in Swaraj Express. Sharad Uncle came to pick me to station, as he hired Innova to come from Thane. We planned this yatra in Feb-March this year. Let’s see how it unfolds.

After boarding in the train and having our breakfast to my surprise I saw one colleague from Nomura. He and his friend had planned a trip to Kashmir. Incidentally he asked me to come to the trip few months back, which I refused. Now waiting to reach Pathankot tomorrow at about 12.30-1 pm. Ganesh Dattaji will join us @ Pathankot. Tomorrow our plan is to reach Chamba by taking a bus from Pathankot.

20 August 2011

            @ 8am at Ambala Cant station Mr. Manish joined us. He is from uncle’s home town i.e. Bilaspur. Reached @ Chakki Bank station @ 1pm. Mr. Ganesh Dattaji was waiting for us in the waiting room. We then hired a “Tum Tum” auto for Rs: 80 with bargain, as one was saying Rs: 100-120 to reach ST bus stand. The bus to Chamba @ 1.10pm was full and next was at 3pm. So had a quick lunch @ Kundan hotel and boarded the bus. It was all full but by luck we all got seats. I managed to get one seat on the last row in the bus. Let’s see how the bumpy ride will be, as it will be 4-5 hrs to reach Chamba. In the bus I meet one lady who was wife of a Judge, was travelling to Chamba, as there was 2 days vacation and her husband was posted in Chamba. She asked me about Bollywood and said Mumbai is a “Maya Nagari” J. She also asked me that you people watch shooting and film actors in Mumbai.  I thought still people are so much fascinated about Bollywood, film stars and definitely for Mumbai. Also meet one person from forest dept. He gave me advice, not to go alone to “Kamal Kund” and take precautions while walking on glaciers.

            We reached @ Chamba @ 8.45pm. I and Manish started to find some place to halt in Chamba. But Uncle called us saying there was a special bus going to Bharmour, so we can directly go to Bharmour and stay @ night. The bus was on the stand and we boarded the bus. But the conductor said he will have to take full seats as it was special bus. The bus started @ 11.45pm. It was really a troublesome wait. We reached Bharmour @ 3am in the morning.

21 August 2011 – Bharmour

There were lots of parked cars, bikes on the road. I guess huge crowd was in the town. We tried to find any accommodation but failed to get any, as it was really a odd time to enter in any town and also because of yatra, all accommodations were full. Finally after searching a lot, a tea stall owner said, some of his rooms will be vacant, as people will leave to Hadsar early morning. We got 2 rooms for Rs: 650 each and were allowed to use it 24 hrs, as we are planning to checkout in the morning to go to Hadsar next day. We slept @ about 4.30-5 am. Wake up @ 8.30am. I had hot water bath because the owner agreed to give us hot water and ready @ 9.30am. Today we are going to visit Bharmani Mata Mandir. We had breakfast of Aloo Parathas with dahi.

Few Observations in Bharmour

  • @ 3am, all shops were closed as expected but interestingly Wine shops were open.
  • There were lots and lots of bikes from Punjab, at least looking from number plates, 90% starts with PB, hardly seen any bikes with HP.
  • This is a good place to find proper accommodation. There are hotels and almost all houses have converted their extra rooms/floors as make shift hotels to be hired by yatris.
  • We haven’t really looked for any accommodation in Hadsar, but it is not a big town compared to Bharmour.

Bharmani Mata Mandir

            We started @ 11.15am for the temple. At the start of the trek, there is “Chaurasia (84) temple”. We will visit while coming back. Yesterday there was land slide on the road, so there were no cabs going to the temple. Everybody has to go by walk. The day was hot and lots of people visiting Bharmani Mata Mandir, as it’s a tradition to first visit Bharmani Mata Mandir and then visit ManiMahesh. We reached @ 1.45 pm in the temple

All had a snan @ Mata Mandir in cold water except me. Reserved the snan @ ManiMahesh, let’s see is it possible to do it, as while returning we came to know that helicopter service is not operative today due to bad weather @ ManiMahesh base. So it will be colder @ ManiMahesh. The helipad is placed at, just starting the trek @ Bharmani Mata Mandir.

We started @ 3pm from Mandir and slowly reached @ 5.30 pm @ 84 temple. We roamed in the temple complex, which has lots of Mandir, you name the God and it has a dedicated Mandir in the complex.

We had a good dinner @ about 8 pm in one of the Dhabas and tried to sleep early as wanted to wake up early for tomorrow trek. We went to sleep @ 10 pm, but uncle and I never had a sound sleep. Do not know why. We were wake up till 12.20am. At 4am, we wake up.

Bharmani Mata Temple


Chaurasia Temple Complex

22 August 2011 – Monday Janamashtami day

We were ready @ 5am. Rain started with full force and we have to wait. This time I was bit nervous and had some tension about the trek in rain and reaching Kailash. We waited till 7am and as rain was not stopping, we thought to reach at Hadsar and wait there rather than in Bharmour. So took a special cab (Bolero) to reach Hadsar for Rs: 300. We reached @ about 8-8.30am to Hadsar. While reaching at Hadsar, there was no sign of rain anywhere, so were happy that we can start our trek immediately. After starting the trek for about 1km, there was Langar. We kept our extra luggage @ the Langar site. This time I never took any porter and kept my essentials belongings with me. Because of that almost 5kgs was added to my weight.

ManiMahesh Kailash

We started @ 9.30 am. In Hadsar there were no rains, so thanked Lord Shiva for taking care of us. There were lots of people on the way because of yatra period also today was Janamashtami. We reach at Dhanchoo @ 11.30-12lish. Has Langar food. There were many Langars on the way.

            From Dhanchoo, there are two paths to reach ManiMahesh. One is “Bandar Ghati” and other; I forgot the name, some “fullwari” road. I started from other road. The road is really steep from here and you can see the zigzag road on the mountain clearly. I reached @ Gauri Kund @ 4.30pm and reached @ Shiv Kund @ 5pm. It was a tiring trek. It took me almost 8 hrs to reach Kailash. In between to reach Gauri Kund there is a short cut road called “Bhairav Ghati”. I never tried that, as I was all ready tired to reach till that road and was not interested to take any short cuts. There was one glacier to cross to reach Gauri Kund.

            As Uncle reached @ 4.30pm, he booked a section in a tent for Rs: 150 each for all of us. We had good darshan in the evening. I never did a snan at Shiv Kund, as water was too cold. We had food @ Langar and tried to sleep early. The night was pretty cold, even wearing a sweater and having 2 blankets. At night people waited to see the “Mani” at Kailash for few times, I also wakeup 2-3 times @ night to see the same, but never got lucky. We only got a slight darshan of Kailash in the lighting. Though there was lighting for few seconds, but no sound of lighting.

23 August 2011

            Next day, we wakeup @ 5.30-6am. Had a very good view of Kailash for about 10-16 minutes. I did click few photos, after that again there was fog all over the place. We started @ 6.30am. Uncle also started waking, as he said let me see how much I can walk and then I will get a pony. So I was with him till Gauri Kund. At Gauri Kund Uncle started talking to pony owners, so started my downward journey with my pace (though it’s not that great)

            I thought to take Bandar Ghati to see how it is and getting down would be somewhat easy than to climb it. In the middle of the road, one road goes with normal road (the “fullwari” road) and other with Bandar Ghati. So I took the Bandar Ghati road. Had a very good view of the road which I climbed to reach Kailash. As usual with all treks, I took time to enjoy the scenery, nature and took photos. The Bandar Ghati is really a road with steep ascent and small stones all over the road.

            I reached @ Dhanchoo @ 9.45am. From Dhanchoo, started towards the start of the trek, the road was full with stones. Never looked that much while climbing, as at times, I thought I am descending from a different road altogether, but the route was all same. The waterfall (which is in the photo) is side by side on the route till the trek ends in Hadsar. I reached starting point of trek @ 11.30am. We collected our luggage from the Langar site and waited for shared uncle. He came at 2pm. He had a walk from Dhanchoo to the Langar point, as ponies where asking lot of money from Dhanchoo to start point.

            We took a jeep to Bharmour. At Bharmour bus stand, which is on the way to Bharmour town, we immediately got a bus to Chamba. We reached Chamba @ 8.00pm, got room @ hotel Natraj’s new building. Hotel Natraj is just in front of Chamba bus stand. The building is newly constructed and there was hot water facility. We gave Rs: 400 for the room. Manish got a bus for Pathankot. We will go to Kangra tomorrow morning to have darshan of Jwalaji Mata temple. We did a reservation for tomorrow morning for Kangra to have confirmed seats.

The other way, view from Bandar Ghati


Bandar Ghati


ManiMahesh Kailash

24 August 2011 – Kangra

We started @ 6.30 am from the hotel and reached in 5 minutes to Chamba bus stand. Had road side tea, the bus was @ 7 am. There was some confusion with other passenger about the seats. We sorted out that and begin @ 7.15am. The bus was going to Shimla. The people were saying Kangra was 4-5 hrs journey, as the bus was “superfast” bus. At 11 am we had a tea break. On the road, there were 2 landslides at one place we removed big stones came on the road, at another instance the JCB was WIP. We waited for 10-15 min and road was cleared. We had lunch @ 11.45 am on the road side dhaba. Had a very good lunch. We reached Kangra @ 12.30-45 am. Kangra airport is just about entering Kangra town. So it’s outside of Kangra town.

            We started asking for a package deal to visit 2-3 temples. One was asking Rs: 2200, other took us with Rs: 1800. We finalize for Rs: 1800. We started @ 1.30pm and had a good darshan of Chintpurni Mata which is about 65 kms from Kangra. We started @ 3.30pm to Jwalaji Mata temple, which is on the same root of Chintpurni. Had a good darshan of Jwalaji Mata, and then started to Kangra. We reached @ Brajeshwari Mata temple which is in the Kangra city @ 7.30pm. Had a good darshan.

            Asked the driver, about some hotel to stay with hot water facility. We stayed @ hotel Gaurav, which is very close to Kangra bus stand. We booked a room for Rs: 400. Here in HP, almost all hotels have 12 hrs check-in-check-outs. The hotel owner was really rude, when asked about geyser was not working. He was upset because he wanted to have Rs: 500, but the attendant who showed us the room said it is for 500 but for you it’s 400.

            We thought to have dinner in the room itself, but after seeing the menu card, the rates were almost same as Mumbai, so we drop the plan and went to a nearby hotel cum dhaba and had good dinner. When you visit Kangra, there are lots of other hotels in the bus stand area.         

25 August 2011

            We were ready @ 8am. Had a good hot water bath (asked the attendant and the geyser was working in the morning, I guess, they have a electric point externally, only for  geyser, as once he turned it on, he said now it should work) We phoned the same cab driver to go to Chamunda Mata Mandir. We booked the cab for Rs: 500. We started @ 8.15am to Chamunda Mata mandir, which is about 25kms, one way. Had a very good darshan and got morning arti as well. We had good breakfast of Aloo Parathas in the dbaba near the temple. We reached @ about 11.30am @ bus stand.

            From there, we see-off Ganesh Dattaji to pathankot, as he wanted to see “Khada Mahadev” temple near pathankot. I and uncle waited for delhi bus, which starts from 3 pm onwards (HP bus). At 4pm, we saw a Haryana bus going to delhi. We boarded the bus.

Mata Jwalaji Temple


Mata Brajeshwari Temple

26 August 2011

            We reached Delhi @3.30am in the morning. Took a prepaid auto to reach New Delhi station. Our train was Mumbai Rajdhani @ 4.30pm. In the waiting room, uncle and I slept with help of my sleeping mattress, which I used it for first time. (What a start to use itJ. Anyways I was happy that, at least I have used it, as I have carried it till Langar site)

            @4.00pm, we were about to board the train. But our names were not present on the seating numbers. Anyways we boarded the train. In the train we come to know that there are quite a lot up gradation happened. So I took a look again on the charts, below there was another chart, for names where there were up gradation of berths. Both seats were upgraded to 2AC. So got down and boarded 2AC compartment. Next day, reached Mumbai central @ 8.30am, took a local train to reach Borivali. In Mumbai, we were welcomed by rains.

Last 2 days were like :
 6 hrs wait @ Kangra bus stand
 12 hrs journey from Kangra to Delhi
 12 hrs wait @ Delhi
 16 hrs journey from Delhi to Mumbai 

Interestingly after reaching Borivali station, from station to getting auto, in 15 minutes or so, we were so wet that, we never in the whole journey.

My complete photos are @

Sharad Uncle’s complete photos are @

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