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January 12, 2011

Jay Girnare

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Last year, I planned to go to Girnar Parikrama, which was on 17th to 20th in November. I had booked the tickets in advance. But at the last moment, I had to cancel the trip. But later came to know that there was huge rain in the parikrama. Parikrama was disrupted several times due to rain. Lucky to have miss this, hopefully this year I will able to do so. Thought to visit Girnar just like last year. Here are details of my visit.

17 Dec 2010

Boarded @ Borivali in Saurashtra mail on 16 Dec. Reached @ Junagadh @ 1.45 pm on 17 Dec. Meanwhile after Rajkot, Bhutani uncle enquired about me. He said he will receive me on station. My plan was to stay in hotel and one evening visit uncle’s place. But uncle himself came to receive me and took me to his residence. I was welcomed by Aunty, his only son Vijay and Rima bhabhi. Vijay and bhahi have 2 and ½ years old son “Yug”. I had some great gujarathi delicious food in the afternoon. After lunch, Vijay asked me to have rest or he can show me some places in Junagadh. I readily agreed, as I travelled very much with good sleep and also don’t want to miss this opportunity as someone who stays in Junagadh can show me more places than wandering lonely.

He hired a Jeep and we went to Bor Devi temple. This is the place which finishes the Girnar Parikrama. This is somewhat around 8-9 kms from Majiwade Gate. The road was really terrible and good for a Jeep J. This was due to heavy rains in this Diwali. While coming back I was lucky to see a lion cub few feet from self. And again on our way back one big lion was sitting just few feet away. Also saw few peacocks and not surprising…few black monkeys J It was really a good trip, as without any intentions I was able to see 2 lions.

Again had a very good dinner @ 8.30pm. I slept early, as want to wake up early for Girnar.

18 Dec 2010

Wake up @4.15am. Had hot water bath. Even in the early morning Uncle gave me a lift to kalwa chowk where I got a shared auto to go to Girnar Taleti. On route there is Damodar kund and Ashoka Scripts. I reached @ 5.30 am. Rented a wooden walking stick for Rs 20. Rs 10 will be refund back once a return it back.

I started @ 5.30 am. @ One step, marking was 1430, which I then saw the clock. It was 6 am. @ 6.40 I reached Jain Derasar. I never stopped @ Jain Derasar, thought to stop on return. @ 7.08 am I reached Ambaji Mata temple, which opens @ 7.30am only. So I started from Ambaji Mata temple and after GorakshaNath Samadhi, started descending the steps. Before descending, I captured very good pre sunrise photos. I can see a red line along the whole sky ( I guess it’s called Prabha in Marathi). I reached @ Shri Dattatraya Temple @ 7.45 am. This time, there was no crowd like last year. I took good darshan of Shri Dattatraya Padukas, which I missed last year. I climbed almost non-stop to Girnar in 2.15 hrs.

While retuning, went to visit the Akhand Dhuni of Shri Dattatraya. Had good darshan there as well, I had Prasad as well this time (any way I was hungry and having a Prasad was good for my stomachJ). Started climbing the steps towards Ambaji Mata and again descended towards Jain Derasar. On the way visited Gomukh Ganga as well. My knees started pain while descending the steps, particularly the right knee.

I reached @ Girnar Taleti @ 11.30 am. So this time I took 6 hrs to complete my Girnar visit. Kind to god to make this happened again this year.

My plan was to visit Somnath the next day and on 20th Dec catch the train to Mumbai, but my reservation was still on wait list 2 which was wait list 4 when I did the booking. So thought to go by bus, train tomorrow as I need to do the same on 20th.

19 Dec 2010

Vijay and I went to see for a booking in travels bus, but all buses were full due to a program in Mumbai (specifically in Penvel) of “Swadhaya Parivar”. So never got any booking. Uncle suggested to go to Vadodara and then catch Vadodara express from there. So I took a see off of whole Bhutani family and uncle came with me for railway station. I took a 2nd class (unreserved  compartment) ticket and boarded in second class compartment @ 11.30 am. Got a sit on the upper deck.  After Rajkot almost the compartment was empty, as it was Sunday and I got a Window Sit. I reached @ Vadodara @ 8.30 pm. Then enquired about any current reservations for Mumbai, but all were full. There was a huge line for Vadodara Express, 2nd class compartment. Luckily got a space to stand in the compartment. The compartment was heailly full. Almost 90% people was coming to Mumbai to attend the get-together @ Panvel.

The train started @ 10.30pm and reached Borivali @ 3.30am. It was nightmare to stand 5 hrs in a over crowded 2nd class compartment. At last reached home.

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