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October 19, 2010

Kinnaur Kailash Yatra

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Om Namah Shivay

In March, I got a call from Arvind for Kinnaur Kailash yatra which was scheduled in August. The organizer was Mr. Dr. Shukla from Ahmadabad. I talked with Sharad Uncle then for the same. He said if you are going then I will go with you. So we 3, Mr.Shukla and 3 couples from Mumbai were in our batch. Lastly Mr. Ganesh Dattji added in the yatra. Bur Mr. Shukla already has 10 members for Gujarat itself; Dr Laxman was our new organizer for the yatra.


Kinnaur Kailashi @ Mall Road in Shimla


(L to R) Sharad Uncle, me, Arvindji, Ganesh Dattaji, Chadrika ben, Jagdish bhai, Shamji bhai, Seema ben, Jayanti bhai, Nirmala ben and Dr Laxman bhai.

This is the day to day schedule of our Yatra. (Though the original schedule was little ambiguous)

Day 1 – Reach Chandigarh and start to Recong Peo

Day 2 – Reach Recong Peo

Day 3 – Trek to Kalpa from Recong Peo

Day 4 – Actual Trek – Recong Peo to MilingGhat

Day 5 – Actual Trek – MilingGhat to Gupha

Day 6 – Actual Trek – Gupha to Shivling and return to Gupha

Day 7 – Actual Trek – Gupha to Recong Peo

Day 8 – Recong Peo to Shimla

Day 9 – Shimla rest day

Day 10 – Shimla to Delhi

Day 11 – Delhi rest day

Day 12 – Start return journey

11 Aug 2010 (Wednesday) – Day 1 – Reach Chandigarh and start to Recong Peo

Got up @ 5am, was ready @ 6.15am. Had a call to Meru Cabs for my cab booking. Started with Meru before time @ 6.25am rather than 6.30am. My flight was @ 9.10am with GoAir to Chandigarh. I started early because of rain might cause a problem. Flight was in fact started before time as well, @ about 9.05am or 9 am, as all passengers were seated. We reached @ Chandigarh right time but plane was not able to land due to heavy rains, so our plane was in air for about an hour or so. After that the pilot decided to go to Delhi, as there was no sign of clear air @ the airport, so we started to Delhi by 12.30pm and reached Delhi @ 1pm. This was my first experience of such incident. My bus from Chandigarh was in the evening/night (though exact timings were not known to me), so I was not that tense. We waited @ Delhi for about 3 hrs (!).They gave us new boarding passes and @ about 4 pm, we started to Chandigarh. We reached @ 4.30pm, but there was no place to land as all runways were occupied by other planes. So we parked our plane in a temporary place and after 2 jet airways plane took off to Delhi, we and other planes got proper runway for parking. @ airport there was a just one conveyer belt operating and 4 planes landed @ around same time, so there was heavy rush to collect the luggage. Also exit point was very crowded, just one exit door. The scene was like after movie ends, people are rushing only to a single exit door in movie theatre. I got an auto to reach Sector-43 bus stop (or more local “Bus Adda”), where my other colleagues were waiting for me.

I was supposed to reach @ Chandigarh @ 11.10am but reached @ 5pm. I reached @ 6pm @ Sector-43 bus stop. But as I was too late and the driver was also not willing to stop more, the other colleagues started to “Recong Peo” except Arvind. He stayed back, to go with me though.

I meet Arvind, after almost a year (last year on 16th August 2009, I went to catch Mumbai plane and he went for Ahmadabad plane). It was really nice to meet Arvind. We recollect our last year memories of Kailash Mansarovar yatra.

Sharad uncle, who was supposed to catch Paschim Express with rest of the people in Delhi, was not able to reach on time. He was just 10 min late, so he got another train and was coming to Chandigarh from Delhi by next train and will reach by 7.30pm. Arvind came in Delhi yesterday and did catch the train, in which our other colleagues from Mumbai came to Chandigarh via Delhi.

Sharad uncle reached the bus stop by 8pm. We were very happy to meet again (3 idiots united again? J) Sharad uncle came down to my home in Borivali in July, as his son stays @ Ghodbandar Road in Thane. We have met 3-4 times after the last year Kailash Mansarovar yatra. He also came to my daughter’s birth ceremony on 26th January 2010.

Direct bus to Recong Peo was @ 1pm in the night, so we decided to do a break journey and go to Rampur and from there catch another bus for Recong Peo. We started @ 9pm from Chandigarh to Rampur. It was normal ordinary Himachal Pradesh bus, very crowded. The other colleagues who went ahead had reservation for a 2*2 coach bus, which was deluxe bus and it was like superfast with few stops and was supposed to reach by 6am in morning, so total 12 hrs journey. As we started with ordinary bus it took stops for tea, dinner. @ one point there was traffic jam @ place called “Kurfi”. The seats in the bus were so small that we couldn’t sleep well. At last we reached Rampur @ 9am.

12 August 2010 (Thursday) – Day 2 – Reach Recong Peo

Then from Rampur, we took another local bus to Recong Peo @ 9.30am. We reached Recong Peo bus stand @ about 2.30pm. So almost, 17.30 hrs of journey. We stayed @ Apple Resorts, just near the bus stand. The resort was ok type. We had a “dal-chawal” lunch. We meet Dr. Laxman Bhai who was our leader for the trek.

Had 2 hrs sleep. This time also I shared room with Arvind and Sharad uncle shared with his “old” friend Mr. Ganesh Dattji.

Had tea in the evening. We went for a walk in the evening. We had dinner @ 8.15pm consists of dal, chawal potato sabji and rotis. After dinner Dr. Laxman briefed us for tomorrow’s trek. We were going to “Kalpa”, which is some 14 km by road and by trek we need to trek about 7km. It was called practice trek before the actual trek. Had sleep @ 10pm.

13 August 28, 2010 (Friday) – Day 3 – Trek to Kalpa from Recong Peo

Wakeup @5.20am, had bath with hot water and ready by 6.30am. We all started to a small shop nearby for tea and breakfast. Then started around 7-7.15am to climb to Kalpa which Dr. Laxman said is about 7km.

We all reached @ Kalpa @ about 9am. Got good view of Kinnaur mountain ranges. Visited one Buddhist temple. There was a group of foreign tourists around 10 people. Some were from Spain. Some come by Bikes from Shimla.

We had tea in a nearby shop. All ladies, Dr. Laxman Bhai and Ganesh Dattji started by a bus back to Recong Peo. We 6 started to decend by walk rather than by bus. We started @ 10.30am and reached back to hotel by 11.30am.

Had lunch @ around 1pm. I was not able to click more photos in Kalpa due to discharge of batteries. Don’t know but batteries are giving me big pain as they are not charged properly. Need to find out or get a new batteries set, as my camera do not have a facility which shows battery indicator. If anybody knows how to check, please let me know, I have Cannon S-5 camera.

We got to know that the first batch, which started @ 7August, out of 11 people, 2 were in our hotel retuned yesterday itself, midway from yatra. One lady was having diariya and one gent having problem of breathing. Also at lunch we came to know that out of 9 remaining yatris @ Gupha, one was returning. So out of 8 again, only 4 were (including the leader) able to take darshan of Shivling. Rest 4 persons, it seems were tired and didn’t attempt to go to Shivling and rested @ Gupha only.

Had some sleep for 2 hrs. We went to market @4pm to get Wooden stick for yatra. We enquire about the sticks but couldn’t get it. This is something I should update in my checklist without fail. Get a wooden stick for any trek without fail. Also to get the ear closing bar which I forgot to get it here this time. Also get a Uriya bag by default, to cover the bag from rain. God knows when it requires, as all such treks are in rainy session.

Today I got some gas problem, so took a introqunal for dicentery. I was somewhat nervous, as my stomach should be ok tomorrow. We will have to leave tomorrow @ 5am. We will go to Tagling by bus, and then a trek of 9km for MilingGhat. In MilingGhat, it seems they have tents to stay.



Reconstruction of Temple in Kalpa


14 August 28, 2010 (Saturday) – Day 4 – Actual Trek – Recong Peo to MilingGhat

We were ready today @ 5am but waited for porter to join us. 2 Sumo’s were there to carry us to Tagling, a small place from where we will start trekking. Looking at the luggage that we individually need to carry, Arvind had a idea of having one porter for 2 persons. He fixed the porters at the last moment. We started @ 6.30am from Peo to reach Tagling. We reached Tagling @ 7am. We all started trekking @ 7.15am. There was a “Zarna” where everybody will get together. I was with Sharad uncle all the time. We reached @ “Zarna” @ 9.10am, where we had breakfast. We again started @ about 9.30am. and reached @ lunch place @ 2pm. The route was very exhaustive, very tiring. We were 3 of us who moved as a group, self, Sharad uncle and Seema ben. Jagdish bhai and his wife were late as they do not have any practice to walk. In the route we joined to Nirmala ben, who was alone and ahead of us. Jayanti bhai waited for Nirmala ben @ lunch place. Arvind and Ganesh Dattji started from the lunch place and reach the camp site @ about 2.30pm.

We at one place, we went ahead rather than left turn and wasted about 40 mins.  We reached @ 5.30pm. It was tiring experience of walking around 10.30 hrs. Let’s see how tomorrow unfolds.


Zarna in the route


Trek to MilingGhat

View of Recong Peo


Place where we had lunch


Towards MilingGhat

Towards MilingGhat


Finally @ MilingGhat



Tents @ MilingGhat


15 August 28, 2010 (Sunday) – Day 5 – Actual Trek – MilingGhat to Gupha

Last night we slept in a tent. It was good experience, sleeping in a tent with sleeping bags. This was truly a trek experience. We slept @ 8.30pm. Had dinner. Dinner was good, the cook was Mr. Rana. He cooked mutter panner, bringal, rajma, chaval and dal. This was feast for me, as getting such menu in a remote place. We had 2 tents for our self and one more for the porters.

We all wakeup @ 5.30am. There was very good light here, just like our Mumbai 6.30/7 am. Had tea prepared by Rana. In the night, I was asleep after going into the sleeping bag. Nice experience. Today we will reach “Gupha”. As the place suggests, there are natural Gupha’s and we will stay in one of the Gupha’s today. Tomorrow we will go to Kinnaur Shivling. Also it will be Monday and its “Shravan” month’s Monday. Yesterday I thought I will need a combiflame, as the trek was almost 9-10 hrs. But after reaching here I was pretty normal, no major alignment. I applied “move” on my feet. Thought to apply Vicks as well. But this time I forgot to get this. Also never asked anyone here, definitely I would get the same from colleagues.

I guess (in fact all of them) agreed that this is more rigorous and much more difficult than “Kailash Mansarovar”. As Kailash Mansarovar is scheduled for 30 days, but yes, there are few bad patches there as well, like trek to Chiyalekh, Lipulekh pass. But somehow, they are more easy compared to this trek. (At least for the first day i.e. from Tagling to MilingGhat). They said 2 remaining days are more difficult. Let’s see.

We started @ 8.00am after having breakfast as “Sivaya Khir” as Independence Day special. Then we all have our country’s anthem to celebrate our independence day. @ about 9.15am, we reached one place where one Baba is living. We started @ 9.30am from there. We reached one place from where was a steep road ahead, really dangerous. We crossed one big water fall were Arvind, Nirmala ben, Ganesh Dattji, Jayanti bhai were waiting for us. We then had lunch, which Rana prepared after we started for the trak today and carried by porters. Then we started @ about 1.30pm and reached “Gupha” at about 2.00pm. We meet 2 people @ Gupha, who returned today from Shivling, one of the guys was bare foot.

Towards Gupha




Extreme Right, is Kinnaur Kailash shivling

Place from where you can see Shivling. Tired people return from this place





Having Lunch near Gupha



Peo view from Gupha


16 August 28, 2010 (Monday) – Day 6 – Actual Trek – Gupha to Shivling and return to Gupha

Wakeup @ 5.30am.. Last night, there was a group of people who came at about 8.00pm. They were not having any space to sleep. There was lot of noise because of that, as they were talking a lot.

We started @ 6.30am today. After few minutes Sharad uncle realized that he forgot to take his BP tablets, so I again went to Gupha and get the tablets. We reached “Parvati Kund” @ 10am. I had a holy Dip in the kund. Jayanti bhai waited for Nirmala ben this time as well for about 2 hrs. We started to move @ about 10.30am. Before starting the move, our porter suggested to keep the extra clothes under the stone, as the bag became heavy and the trek ahead was more tiring. So we kept unnecessary things, under the stone. We will carry the same while coming back.

We reached at a place @ about 11.30am, where Sharad uncle backed out. I was very emotional that time, as throughout the tour, I never kept uncle alone. I was always with him. It was a tough decision. I started for Shivling. The last leg was very dangerous. I have to crawl 4-5 times on the rocks to reach Shivling. @ 1pm reached Shivling and got a very good darshan. What a view it was.

I started the backward journey @ 2.00pm and reached the place where I left Sharad Uncle @ 3.00pm. I reached “Parvati Kund” @ about 3.30pm. Then in the route @ 4.30pm, I meet Sharad Uncle. I was very happy to meet uncle. Then we started together and reached Gupha @ 6.30pm. It was exactly 12 hrs trek for us today.


Kinnaur Kailash Shivling


2 birds @ Shivling

Water of this goes to Parvati Kund

17 August 28, 2010 (Tuesday) – Day 7 – Actual Trek – Gupha to Recong Peo

We started @ 7am from “Gupha” to reach Peo. @ 8am we crossed the “Zarna”. We took ½ hrs less time to reach the zarna. We then climbed one mountain and again descend and again climbed one mountain. This climbing was the toughest journey today I guess, as we need to descend for the full day to reach Tagling. We then reached the place where the “Baba” stays @ about 10.30am. We started @ 10.45a and reached MilingGhat @ 11.30am, where Mr. Laxman Bhai and Nandita ben waited for us. Now only 3 of us were in the last, self, Sharad uncle and Jagdishji and our 2 porters. Rest people left before we reached MilingGhat. We never descend to the place, where we stayed before but the porters went down after Baba’s hut and they were supposed to get our lunch packed with them. We started from MilingGhat. After some time Mr. Laxman was bored, I guess looking at the speed @ which we were descending (Self, Sharad uncle, Jagdish bhai and Nandita ben.) So he headed towards the place where we have done our lunch while climbing 2 days before.

We reached (4 of us now) @ lunch place @ about 1-1.15pm. I tried to eat at least 4 “Puris”, but uncle and nandita ben could not eat, so they had water and fruit drink. Our porter Kali bahadur was not helping Shaard uncle to descend and was going ahead all the time. So I decided to carry my own bag, so I took my bag from the porter and asked him to now stay with uncle, as he needs support to get down the mountain and also told that now he has less weight, as I will be carrying my bag.

We started @ 1.30pm and after 5 hrs of trek, we reached the Zarna @ 6.15pm. We had plenty of water. Took rest for about 15 mins and started again to descend. We took 2 hrs when we started from Tagling to MilingGhat, the day when we started the trek. Let’s see.

In the trek now we had apples that we got by using our lathis and eat apples. There was a very rough patch in the descend, we crossed that patch at about 6.45pm and now there was very less light, as night and days are early in the mountains. Now at this time, 4 porters meet us. They were sent by Mr. Laxman Bhai to search and help us to get down and reach safely to Tagling. I asked 2 porters to start descending with Jagdish bhai and Nandita ben. I waited for 10 mins as Sharad uncle was descending now with a new porter and Kali bahadur, our porter. It was getting darker and darker by every minute. I had a torch, so I started the torch. Sharad Uncle was accompanied by 2 porters on each side and I was just behind them and placing the foot after shard uncle. Trust, it was the journey I experienced for the first time. It was too dark now, the porter were discouraging uncle to walk and get on one of the porters back and descend. But uncle was pretty confident, so he always denied this. It was pitch dark now. 3 were headed with a torch light and I was behind them. We reached the place where we had crossed the river. This moment was very dangerous.

The ladder does not have any support on any sides. Uncle was sitting and trying to get down with one porter helping on his left side and another one with a touch in his mouth was helping on his right and Kali bahadur was on the top side, to help from the back. The scene was pretty horrifying, as it was full dark, there was very loud sound of water and we were pretty tired as well, as we started @ 7am today. At last we crossed the river. Jagdish bhai and nandita ben were waiting for us on the other side of the river, as they reached early. At last, 4 of us and porters reached Tagling @ exactly 9pm. This was very difficult trek today. We trek for almost 14 hrs.

We reached @ hotel @ 9.45pm. We were pretty tired but also happy to reach at last J. Had a hot water bath and had some rice. As food was very horrible and could not eat more. I had slept @ about 11.30pm.

So the trek was complete, thanks to Lord Shiva to make this trek successful to all of us. All reached safely only because of Lord Shiva’s blessings. Trust Me!!!.

Tomorrow we will be going to Shimla, were we will stay for a day.

18 August 28, 2010 (Wednesday) – Day 8 – Recong Peo to Shimla

We were ready @ 7am sharp. Had tea and some snacks. We started @ 8am by 2 Tata Sumos. Had breakfast @ 9.30am as Aaloo Parathas. Then we visited “BhimaKali” temple in “Sharhan”, which is almost made of wood. We had a good darshan in the temple. We had lunch @ 2pm @ “Karori”. Then we started to Shimla. We found 2-3 traffic jams, though small time about 1-1.30 hrs was wasted. We reached @ Shimla @ 9pm.

Had dinner in Hotel Rajdhoot @ about 11pm. We will meet our Kailash Mansarovar yatra’s LO Mr. Hemendra Guptaji tomorrow, who is based in Shimla. Sharad uncle called him as we reached Shimla. Let’s see.


BhimaKali Temple


BhimaKali Temple

19 August 28, 2010 (Thursday) – Day 9 – Shimla site seeing

Had good sleep yesterday @ hotel, which is just nearby old bus stand of Shimla. We had breakfast in hotel, then our last year’s LO Mr. Hemendra Kumar Guptaji came to meet us @ about 7.15am. We were very delighted to see and meet him after a year. But as he said it doesn’t seem that we are seeing after a year. He briefed us his experiences about the places of Himachal and his own experiences in the valley. He also gave guidance about the trek in Himachal, as he is from Himachal.

We started @ 9am from hotel to see Shimla. We walked about ½ km and reached the lift gate where there is a lift which gets you to the top of Mall Road. We went through 2 lifts to reach the entrance of mall road. As it was a business day and Shimla being a district place , I have seen more than 20 red light cars on the road in the span of 15-20 mins. We reached @ place where there is Indira Gandhi’s statue and a famous old church. We roamed for few minutes on the road. On mall road, there are no vehicles allowed.

Then we started for Jakoo Temple, which is on the top of one of the highest peak in Shimla. It was a steep climbing againJ. There were lots of monkeys on the road. They literally inspected me, by searching my bag and wallet as well. Fortunately the monkey spared me as I did not have any food items else they took all the food items from the people who are visiting Jakoo temple. This temple is Hanuman’s temple. (wiki link)

On the way back, we reached @ the junction again and then went to chat bhandar on the Mall Road and eat lots of variety of chats dahi bhalla, chole bhature, chana tikki and sweet lassi. It was almost like lunch was done. Then Laxmanji and Ganesh Dattaji departed us. Ganesh Dattaji was about to take a bus to Delhi and Laxmanji was going to Gujaraj by train. We remaining then roamed in the nearby Tibetan market. In the afternoon there was rain for about 1 hrs. We then went to a tunnel and reached the market place of the mall. There is a lower market, middle market and upper market all in the hierarchy of one another.

In the night again we went for dinner on mall road. But as in all hill station, all most all stores, hotels were closing at about 9pm. We went to a hotel called Deepak Vaishanav Hotel, which served really good food. In the evening while returning to hotel, we meet our Lo Mr. Guptaji, who gave us booked tickets from Shimla to Delhi for 20th august. Self, Arvind and Sharad Uncle were going to Delhi and rest people will go to Mumbai via Chandigarh tomorrow.

We will roam around Shimla tomorrow and in the night we will start to Delhi from a/c Volvo bus.



Mr GuptaJi briefing us


20 August 28, 2010 (Friday) – Day 10 – Shimla to Delhi

In the morning Jayanti bhai, Jagdish bhai, Shamji bhai, Nirmala ben, Chandrika ben, Seema ben left to Chandigarh, where they had a booking to Mumbai by Kingfisher airlines by a taxi. We reached at the bus stand at 10am. Mr. Guptaji has arranged a car for us to visit the place called “Tattapani” which has natural hot water ponds. The hot water source is due to having sulfure in the water. We reached there at about 1pm. Had a bath, in a nearby open bathroom. We never went into the pond, as the place was full of mud. Had lunch in the nearby hotel. On the way there is a place called. “Naldhera”, in which every hotel has a Golf couse. This place is also famous for Gulf. Lots of corporate events happens in these hotels. After coming back to Shimla, we again roamed at the Mall Road. In the evening we collected our luggage from the cloak room from the hotel, as we have all ready check-out from the hotel in the morning itself. We boarded in the bus @ 9pm. We reached @ Delhi ISBT bus stop at around 5pm. We went to nearby Swami Narayan bhakt nivas, as Arvind normally stays there whenever he comes in Delhi for his business trip





21 August 28, 2010 (Saturday) – Day 11 – Delhi rest day

We had a bath and ready at about 8am. We started to go to Akshardham Temple. By taking the metro, we reach at Akshardham station. From station you can see the temple. It is really huge. As we reached early, we visited another temple adjacent to Akshardham temple. The temple gates opens at 10am. We took almost 4-5 hours to see the entire temple including a movie show which is a series of 3 short movies for almost about 2 hrs. We had good lunch in the temple itself, it has a huge food court inside the temple. Also the temple has lots of security measures, I guess due to the attack in Akshardham temple in Gujarat some years back.

Rain started in Delhi as well when we were about to leave the temple. We went to Karol bhag and did some shopping and also roamed a lot in the market. In the evening Arvind insisted to go to Chandani chowk to eat Aloo Parathas. So we went to Chandani chowk and had Aloo Parathas. We saw a snapshot of old Delhi by visiting Chandani chowk J


@Temple adjacent to Ashardham


22 August 28, 2010 (Sunday) – Day 12 – Return to Mumbai

We did see off Arvind who started from the nivas to airport for his flight to Ahmadabad. Then self and Sharad uncle got ready at about 9am. Did breakfast and left the nivas at about 10am. We went to Kashmiri Gate bus Adda, which is nearby the nivas, I catched Airport bus and Sharad uncle went for New Delhi Railway station. My plane again was late for 2 hrs, as it was not originating from Delhi but was coming from Jammu. Uncle got the train to go to Bilaspur and he will be reaching at home by tomorrow morning. Finally the plane arrived at 5pm and I landed at Mumbai at 7pm. Got a taxi and reached at 8pm at home.



  1. i want ur contact no for more information about kinnaur kailash my self naveen garg from punjab my cellno 9356185000

    Comment by naveen garg — April 30, 2012 @ 9:46 pm

  2. my name is Ramalinga Sastry from Andhrapradesh . my friends are int to go this kinner kailash yatra . so please gide me my Email <>

    Comment by ghatam ramalinga sastry — August 26, 2012 @ 11:39 pm

  3. Hi Prashant,

    Do we have your contact number or your shard uncle’s contact number if you have any. I also stay in Thane. We have planned this yatra next year in June. So need your lil experience on the same.

    Comment by imrajuesh — November 20, 2012 @ 5:57 pm

  4. Where do you stay in the tents…were they your personal tent or you get those at the top?

    Comment by vaibhaw — July 16, 2013 @ 10:41 am

  5. Thank You Prashant, Planning to do the trek from 12 Aug to 17 Aug…Have never done any Himalayan trek….highest is Mt Kalsubai in Maharashtra and toughest is an 11 hr trek of Bhimashankar…Is it possible for an average fitness person to complete…are there many slippery slopes ?

    Comment by vaibhaw — August 7, 2013 @ 11:47 am

  6. very good…..good photos….and experience…great yatra…..

    Comment by pragna patel, gujarat — July 25, 2014 @ 7:53 pm

  7. hi prashant,
    we are planning for kinnaur kailsh in end of july 2015. can u give me ur phone i want to have some more details about this yatra

    Comment by sangita — June 26, 2015 @ 1:53 pm

  8. Love to Once in Life….

    Comment by saradharaghanshyam — August 3, 2015 @ 5:56 pm

  9. I want contact details of Dr Shukla of Ahmedabad regarding information on kinnur kailash.

    Comment by Rahul — January 20, 2017 @ 9:00 am

    • Unfortunately I do not have any contact details…let me check with friends..

      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — February 5, 2017 @ 6:17 pm

  10. Hello Brother
    Thanks along for sharing your wonderful experience. Is it possible for you to share contact details of porters?


    Comment by Rahul Bakshi — April 9, 2017 @ 1:55 pm

  11. thank you for the elaborate details. We are planning to visit in July, 2017. We are three ladies aged 58 & 62. Would you like to suggest some extra caution so that our trip/trek goes smoothly. Little aware about trekking and very eager to do this trek.

    Comment by Nirmala R — June 1, 2017 @ 10:43 am

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