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August 30, 2009

My Experiences of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

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I am very happy to start my blog with the experiences of Kailash Mansarovar yatra, which I took recently. I went through Govt. of India route in 9th batch (16 July to 15 August) 2009. You can get details of the yatra @ on the right side menu check “kailash Mansarovar Yatra”

Following are the day wise experiences, which I wrote daily during my yatra. So putting in the same wording without any censorship.

Mumbai to Delhi (15th July 2009)

Started from Mumbai with heavy rains. Meru cab was late 15 mins. Flight was also late 30 mins. Reached Delhi @ 4.30pm. Took pre-paid taxi, reached Gujarat Samaj Sadan @6.00pm. Was welcomed by our Liaison Officer (LO) Mr. Hemender Kumar Gupta. After entering the room, I meet one person from Bengal. He was very emotional and said to me that I am of same age of his son. On that day, I was the youngest guy with age 33. Oldest was 72 years old from Gujarat. Whole evening went in getting to know each other. In evening Ms. Deep gave tips of yoga for the next day medical test. Mr. Uday Kaushikji gave spiritual guidance to all. We had dinner hosted by Mr. Uday Kaushikji.

Slept with some tension (not much), of getting up early in morning for medical test.

Delhi – Day 1 (16 July)

Wake up early @ 5.00am. Reached @ Delhi Heart and Lung Institute @ 7.30am. We meet Mr. Mudgalji, who was taking his yatra for 6th time. Medical started @ about 8.30am. First filled a form, then passport checkup at Medical counter. Deposited Rs. 2150/ – for checkup, then went to KVMN counter where they took our passports and RS. 400/- for china visa fees. Then started medical tests. My tests were over @ about 1.30pm. We had a presentation @ 2.00pm by a senior Doctor for “High Altitude Sickness” awareness. Had lunch hosted by Hospital. We left at about 4.30pm, as there were still medical tests pending for some yatris.

Reached @ 5.00pm in Gujarat Samaj Sadan, has some rest for 1 hrs. In evening we went to Chandni Chowk by Delhi Metro. Its good one. (Compared to Mumbai locals :)). I never did any shopping. In evening, 4th batch yatris returned to Delhi. We meet people from that batch staying in adjacent room. There was one blind Sardarji. His helper was a Parsi. Also meet a Man 80 years old (yes, 80 years) from Thane. He said he was only Maharashatrian in that batch.

About my Batch mates

Already wrote about Mr. Mudgalji. He shared a lot of tips to people. Mr. Patel is doing his 3rd yatra and 3 members were taking their 2nd yatra. Rest all were first timers. We also meet Mr. Punnet Mudgal (aged 21 years). He became our youngest team member in the batch.

As usual there were lots of Gujarati yatris. They form their group [:))]. They were largest in the group, and then there was Maharashatrian group. Mr. Sharad Chimoteji originally a Marathi, settled in Chattisgad, one Mr. Sanjay Salunke was from Jalgaon. One Lady from Jalgaon. Ms. Joshi from Mulund. Mr. Khare from Kalyan.

Delhi – Day 2 (17 July)

Wakeup @5.00am. Had tea. Everybody is thinking about today’s medical decisions. Let’s see. We left in the morning for medical checkup results at ITBP. Unfortunately we started without taking one yatri. Even though we (4 of us) informed to out LO that one member is missing, he never stopped the bus. God knows why he never stopped the bus, as he was the leader of the group and people has all ready informed missing person just before start of the bus.

After reaching, we were briefed by one of the officers @ ITBP. The results were declared at 1.30om. Everybody got selected except one uncle from Mysore. His wife got selected. She did the yatra in 2001 alone. The uncle got bypass in 1998. Doctor rejected only because of that else all medical reports were ok for him.

Then there was lunch & briefing by Kailash- Mansarovar Samiti. They gave us all ration for 9 days of yatra in China as well as all medical drugs for the yatris. Every briefing, they told us not to fight among ourselves. I can see lot of differences in our members. Few Guajarati want fafada, Dhokala in breakfast. Few want half plate fafada and half plate poha. I guess even though, we came for yatra, they were behaving like came for picnic/vacation. All Guajarati formed there group as usual.

We went to Chandni Chowk again. I bought cold cream, pudin hara and plastic sheets.

My Suggestion/Observation:

Do not depend on any shopping in Delhi. As we do not know where you will get the things that you want. Plastic sheets and nylon rope were so much at my Borivali station side. I forgot the same. So do not depend on “ANY” shopping in Delhi. As all days are very busy here as some samithi will facilitate you, brief you and travel takes lot of time. You don’t know when the day ends.

Delhi- Day 3 (18 July)

Wake up @ 500am. We will go to today @ MEA for submission of drafts and indemnity bond. In the evening we have to go to Delhi’s chief minister Ms. Sheela Dixit’s residence for dinner. Let’s see. In the MEA, we were briefed by MEA person and KVMN person as well. In evening Sheelaji gave rucksack to all yatris. The rucksack contains a raincoat, a torch, a windcheater. One box of puja samagri.

We did packing in the night. The seen in the guest house was to see, as everybody in the room has placed their luggage and everybody were packing the bags. I was in luggage committee, so we loaded all yatris luggage in the truck @ 1.00am and then went for sleep.

Briefing @ MEA

Day 1 Delhi to Almora (19 July)

Wakeup @ 4.00am. We started @ 6.00am to go to Almora. Toyota Innova was to transport. We did our breakfast @ Ghaziabad. Some Samiti again facilitate us. After reaching @ Khatgodham, had lunch in KVMN guest house. From Khatgodham, the road is zik-zak type. Almost 1-2 yatris in 7 Innova (5 yatris each) had problem of omitting due to road. We reached @ Almora at about 7.00pm.

I had hot water bath. Then we four (self, Sharad Uncle, Joshiji, and Dada) went to local market. KVMN guest house is really good one. We sleep @ 10.30pm. Had a very sound sleep today.

Location : Almora
Facility : 2/3/4 bedrooms hotel
Charging facility : Light was available all night.

Starting to Almora

Day2 Almora to Darchula (20 July)

Again started using Innova. Had breakfast. Then we had lunch @ KVMN hotel @ Pitthoragad. We reached @ Mirthi, where ITBP persons welcomed us. There we had very good snacks. Mr.Nimbadiya briefed us of the conditions and precautions to be taken during yatra.

We reached Darchula @ around 6.25pm. Self and Joshi shared the room. There is a bridge which divides Nepal and India for communication, which closes @ 7.00pm every day. So immediately we headed to Nepal, crossed the bridge and entered in Nepal. We roamed about 15-20 mins and then came back to India @ guest house. We had Dinner and our LO started asking for Porters and ponies to decide. Initially I was not intended in both, but all yatris pressures make me feel to taking at least a Porter. Again we had packing, so I pack my sack and have few clothes.

We did weighing of all yatris luggage @ around 10.00pm.

Location : Darchula
Facility : 4 bedrooms hotel
Charging facility: Light was available all night.

Welcoming @ Mirthi By ITBP

Welcoming @ Mirthi By ITBP

Yatra Route

Me @ Darchula. Opposite is Nepal.

Me @ Darchula. Opposite is Nepal.

Day3 Darchula to Pangla (21 July)

Wakeup @4.00am. We left the hotel at 6.30am after breakfast. They gave us packets of for lunch (puri + bhaji). We started @ “zero point” @ 7.00am. I had a porter named “Hira Singh”. We reached at Pangla stop @ 10.00am. 3hrs total trek today. Then we went to the guest house by jeep. Reached @ guest house @ 12.00. All yatris came around 2.00pm. Has lunch when the last batch came here.

Did full day rest at house. Had sleep about 2 hrs. Walk in evening. Had a talk @ home with mother. Food is pretty decent, starting with soup. Dinner consists of Dal, Kali Dal, Bhendi, chawal khir which was pretty tasty.

Location :Pangla
Facility :This is an alternative arrangement for stay. KVMN has taken few rooms in a building. All sleeping is on floor. Bathroom and Toilets are pretty primary. Take odomos with you. You might need it only at this place.
Charging facility : Not much light. Just ½ to 1 hrs.

Me @ Arvindji @ Zero Point Tavaghat

Me @ Arvindji @ Zero Point Tavaghat

(L to R) My Porter Hira Singh, Arvindji’s Porter Narendra

(L to R) My Porter Hira Singh, Arvindji’s Porter Narendra

Day4 Pangla to Gala (22 July)

Wake up @ 4.00am. We started @ 6.00am. Reached to a place by jeep, to start walking. Started trekking @ 6.30 am. We reached Gala @ 10.00am. At this place people got ponies, which went for ponies for yatra.

Did daring to have cold water bath today after Darchula. Cold water bath was fascinating. Chanted “Shri Swami Samartha” and pour water on head. Had prayer today in a small Shiva temple adjacent to our rooms. Had lunch of louki, dal, rice, rooti and chaas.

I had chaas today let’s see. I avoided chaas and curd in the journey, as I get cold every time I eat curd or drink chaas. In evening, I got running cold. Has a tablet by doctor, as not able to find my Citrizine. Had dinner @ 8.50pm.

Location : Gala
Facility : Good constructed rooms, accommodating 7-8 yatris each. 3-4 fabricated rooms as well.
Charging facility : Not much light. Just ½ to 1 hrs.

Canteen facility @ Pangla

Canteen facility @ Pangla

En-route to Gala

En-route to Gala

En-route to Gala

En-route to Gala

En-route to Gala

En-route to Gala

Me with ITBP Persons

Me with ITBP Persons

Arvindji @ Gala camp

Arvindji @ Gala camp

Day5 Gala to Budhi (23 July)

Wake up @ 3.30am, started @ 4.50am. Today was 21km trek. Reached Lakhanpur @ 8.50am. Had breakfast of puri and bhaji and tea. Started from Lakhanpur @ 9.20am. Reached Malpa @ 10.30 am. Had lunch as well. Started @ 11.00am. We reached @ 12.00 to a point. We had tea by ITBP team. Reached KVMN guest house of budhi @ 1.00pm.

Today almost 8hrs trek. Did bath with hot water. Did puja today. Had rest for whole day. Our luggage never arrive today. It came in the evening @ 5.00pm. Had dinner and sleep @ 9.50pm.

Location : Budhi
Facility : Good constructed rooms, accommodating 7-8 yatris each. 3-4 fabricated rooms.
Charging facility : Not much light. Just ½ to 1 hrs.

From this temple, 4444 steps starts to Budhi

From this temple, 4444 steps starts to Budhi





Day6 Budhi to Gunji (24 July)

Wake up @ 3.30am. Started @ 5.10am. Today was 18km trek. We reached @ 6.30am Chiyalekh, where we had breakfast. From this point we have a site of “Annapurna” mountain. It is said that this is highest peak in India. We had checking by ITBP for further trekking. They checked our passports. We had another passport checking by ITBP @ Garbhayang. They offered tea, water, and wafers as usual. ITBP people are really charming, always welcome us with smile. At Garbhayang, we never did lunch as we reached their @ 9.00am morning. Gunji was 5km away from this point. We started with 8 jawans escorting us, as the group was very away. I and my partner Mr. Arvind Joshiji reached @ Gunji @ 12.20pm in afternoon. Had rest till 4.00pm. Our luggage never reached @ post. I have a small Blister on my right leg finger. We went to ITBP section; the doctor took the puss from the blister. Hope the yatra is good from my legs point of view. I had small irritation on my left leg as well. Praying lord Shiva to have yatra completed successfully and with good darshan. Let’s see. We have a medical test tomorrow morning. I have indigestion, having gas problem because of that.

In evening, we did puja @ITBP temple with Bhajans from them as well as from us. Did dinner @ 9.00pm. I had only 1 roti due to indigestion.

Location : Gunji
Facility : Good constructed rooms, accommodating 7-8 yatris each. 3-4 fabricated rooms.
Charging facility : Not much light. Just ½ to 1 hrs.

Sharad Uncle, Puneet and Meenaben

Sharad Uncle, Puneet and Meenaben

Annapurna Mountain from Chiyalekh

Annapurna Mountain from Chiyalekh

(on 21 Jan 2012) Please check latest comments from Dr. Sushanta Roy-Choudhury

Day7 Gunji Halt (25 July)

Wakeup @6.00am, somewhat late in the yatra context. Had hot water bath. Had breakfast @ 8.00am. We assemble @ ITBP @ 8.30am. They briefed us about yatra route going forward and medical aspect as well. I had last medical checkup @ 9.10am. The entire batch cleared the test. We had lunch @ about 12.20pm. I washed few clothes. Did packing again of bags.

Had rest today. Slept in the afternoon. In evening went for puja in ITBP Mandir. Had dinner @ 9.00pm.

Annapurna Mountain from Gunji camp

Annapurna Mountain from Gunji camp

Annapurna Mountain from Gunji camp

Annapurna Mountain from Gunji camp

(on 21 Jan 2012) Please check latest comments from Dr. Sushanta Roy-Choudhury

Day8 Gunji to Kalapani (26 July)

Wakeup @5.30am. Had tea and breakfast @ 7.00am. We had prayer in the mandir. Started @ 7.40am. Reached one ITBP camp @ 9.00am. They served us tea, wafers as usual. We stopped at the camp for about half an hour as ITBP never allowed us to move earlier. They are 20 ITBP people escorting us till Lipulekh Pass, so we need to move as per their schedule. Reached Kalapani @ 10.20am. Before reaching there, there is source of hot spring water; we will go in the afternoon. There we saw Nag and Nagin Parvat. Today is Nagpanchami as well. Hopefully I will capture Nag and Nagin parvat in evening or tomorrow morning.

This place is rented by Nepal Govt. This place comes under Nepal Govt. we have taken it as rent on replacement of new land. This place is the origin of Kali River. This place also has “Vyas Gupha”, where Vyas Muni has stayed and written various religious books.

Location: Kalapani
Facility: Well fabricated rooms, accommodating 7-8 yatris each.
Charging facility: Not much light. Just ½ to 1 hrs.

En-route to Kalapani, ITBP Persons serving us tea, water, Potato wafers

En-route to Kalapani, ITBP Persons serving us tea, water, Potato wafers

Nag And Nagin Parvat @ Kalapani

Nag And Nagin Parvat @ Kalapani

Day9 Kalapani to Nabhidang (27 July)

Wakeup @ 5.00am. We started @ 7.05am. Reached Nabhidang @ 9.50 am. We saw “OM” Parvat from the guest house site. Tomorrow we need to leave @ about 2.0am in morning, as we never took any ponies. The people with ponies will leave around 3.00am.

Location: Nabhidang
Facility: Well fabricated rooms, accommodating 7-8 yatris each.
Charging facility: Not much light. Just 1 to 2 hrs.

OM Parvat

OM Parvat

OM Parvat

OM Parvat

Day10 Nabhidang to Taklakot (29 July)

Wakeup @ 2.00am. Left @ 3.00am. It was dark in the morning. We need to reach Lipulekh Pass. It is the testing trek of yatra. We reached at 6.30am. The last 5km was very much testing of trekking. The Chinese side people never came on time, so we have to wait. The temperature was lowering and wind was very heavy. Everybody was shivering. They came @ 7.45 am. We walked 5km after entering Chinese side. Then they took us in a bus to reach Taklakot. In one building they did our medical test and luggage scan again. We were allocated a room 106 with Joshiji. Sharad uncle and Dada were in 104, next to our room. China clock is 2.30hrs ahead if us, so need to adjust the clock +2.30 hrs. We did our dinner @ 8.00pm. Did some roaming in the market nearby. I will never use porter or pony for the parikrama. Let’s see.

Location: Taklakot
Facility: Good 2 bed-room hotel rooms. 24 hrs hot water facility.
Charging facility: 24 hrs light.

Day11 Taklakot rest day (29 July)

Wakeup @ 8.00am. Ready @ 9.00am. Had breakfast @ 9.00am. Breakfast consists of Chinese bread, fried bread, fried peanuts, Jam and tea. We gave $900 for yatra and conversion to Yuan ($701 yatra fees + $4 for common fund + $195 for Yuan conversion). Had lunch @ 2.00pm. Lunch consists of rice, bringle and aloo. We have to eat rice with sabji only. We roam around the market today. Had hot water bath. It seems now onwards, for 9 days, nobody will have bath with few exceptions. Tomorrow we will go to Darchen by bus. It seems we can get darshan of Lord Kailash from guest house. From Darchen will start the 3 day Kailash Parikrama.

Bought a Hat from market for 30 Yuan as mine is kept by the porter@ Lipulekh Pass. Also bought chocolates ½ kg for 8 Yuan. Did call @ home today for 3 Yuan. Slept after lunch and then went to market again. Did dinner @ 8.00pm with rice, cabbage and flower sabji. Did all packing again for parikrama, tomorrow will wake up @ 6.00am.

Day12 Taklakot to Darchen (30 July)

We started @ 9.00am after having breakfast @ 8.00am. Now we started by bus. In between route, as we are small group and firstly going to kailash parikrama, en-route we halted at Mansarovar. Few yatris did a bath. I never did, just sprinkle some water on the body. We reached Darchen @ 12.00. Had some rest. The toilets and urinals are pathetic. Though they are build, nobody will use them. Before Darchen we did saw Rakshash Tal, where Ravan worshipped Lord Shiva. We went down and tested the water. At Rakshash Tal, you can see the Gurula Mandata Mountain ranges. Gurula Mandata Mountain is 1000m higher than Mount kailash.

After reaching, we used the guide and got the land cruisers for Asthapad, were we can see the grand view of Lord Kailash. They took 500 Yuan per land cruiser. Jain swami Shri Rishabh Dev did Tapascharya on this location. He went 7 steps on a mountain, on the last step (8th step), he vanished. There is a monument (Mandir like), where his chappals were found.

Our Dada got physically strained. His heartbeat was very fast. That’s why never came to Asthapad. The doctor came and said he has to go back to Taklakot. The Van was hired for 1500 Yuan. Everybody was very emotional for return of dada.

(on 21 Jan 2012) Please check latest comments from Dr. Sushanta Roy-Choudhury

Rakshash Tal

Rakshash Tal

Rakshash Tal

Rakshash Tal

(L to R) Ashtapad, Kailash and Nandi like Mountain

(L to R) Ashtapad, Kailash and Nandi like Mountain

Shri RishabhDev Mounment

Shri RishabhDev Mounment

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Kailash View from Ashtapad

Gurula Mandata Mountain ranges

Gurula Mandata Mountain ranges

Kailash from Darchen Camp

Kailash from Darchen Camp

Kailash from Darchen Camp

Kailash from Darchen Camp

Kailash from Darchen Camp

Kailash from Darchen Camp

Day13 – Parikrama Day 1 (31 July)

We started from Darchen went to “Yama Dwar”. It is said that “Yama”, lord of death comes from this gate to take life of a person. We did pradakshina for 3 times on Yamadwar. 3Km from Yamadwar, the bus took us to a place where ponies and porters were available. From this point the parikrama started.

I with joshiji and Mayank started @ 11.30am for parikrama. We reached @ 2.30pm @ the Derapukh camp. After 15 mins rest, self and joshiji started to visit Charansparsha. This is the closest view of lord Kailash. We reached @ Charansparsha @ 4.00pm. In between that Arvind Joshiji lost his camera. We did puja on Charansparsha. I offered a silver bel, which I carried in the pouch. I touched the bel @ got it returned again, as I will do puja everyday of this bel. When we were returning, we told the yatris who started for Charansparsha, of our lost camera. My miracle Mayank found the camera. So at last Arvindji got his camera. In evening, saw some rain in the region, with heavy winds flowing. We did dinner and slept for day 2 of parikrama.

Location : Derapukh
Facility : Good 7-8 bed-room rooms.
Charging facility: No charging facility.


Kailash Parikrama: Ganesha like mountain

Kailash Parikrama: Ganesha like mountain

Kailash Parikrama: one of the views of Kailash

Kailash Parikrama: one of the views of Kailash

Charansparsha View

Charansparsha View

Charansparsha View

Charansparsha View

Charansparsha View

Charansparsha View

Day14 Parikrama Day-2 (1 August)

We wakeup @6.00am. Did breakfast and tea. Today was the longest parikrama day and we needed to pass Dolma Pass. Today was 23 km trek. We started @ 7.30am. En-route we saw Gauri kund, were Parvati baths. We asked Arvindji’s porter to get the Gaurikund Jal. At Dolma Pass there is a place called Shiv-Shakti Sthal. After the Dolma Pass, there is all virgin land. We did 10-15 mins rest and started again @ 11.30am. It was a walk for 10-12 km. we reached @ Zongzerbu @ 2.20pm.

I and Arvindji were very tired today. Did some rest. Slept for 1 hrs. In night I took one combiflam for whole body pain .

Location: Zongzerbu
Facility: Good 7-8 bed-room rooms.
Charging facility: No charging facility.

Day-15 Parikrama Day-3 (2 August)

Wakeup @ 7.30am . Had very good sleep yesterday. We started @ 9.00am. Today was just 12km trek. 6km walk and 6 km by bus. It was very easy relatively to yesterday’s trek. We reached @ 10.30am for the bust stop kind of place. We waited for 1 hrs for the bus. The bus came @ 11.30am. We reached again @ Darchen camp @ 12.00.

People who were brave have a cold water bath (not me). Few went to a hotel nearby to have a hot water bath for 15-20 Yuan. I was not keen of having a bath J. Let’s see.

Never bath today. Has lunch @ 4.00pm. Slept for 1 hrs. Went to market in the evening. Here sunset is @ 9.00pm (yes 9.00pm). Had dinner @ 10.40 pm. Going to sleep.

Day16 Darchen to Trus Gho (Reaching to Mansarovar Day 1) (3 August)

Wake up @ 7.00am. Ready @ 8.30am with breakfast @ tea. Got the seat in the bus. We travelled about 4-5 hrs with 1 and ½ hrs break. It was boring. We reached @ Trus Gho camp @ 2.20pm. Took the room and luggage and went for a holy Dip in Mansarovar.

We were lucky. Sun was shining, so I also did a holy dip in Mansarovar. Today was “Shravani Somvar” – Monday of Shravan month. A good day to have holy dip in Mansarovar. (Anyways for me every day is a good day to have a holy dip in Mansarovar)

We will have a haven on 5th , which is Raksha Bandhan day. I did a Parayan after Dip @ my room of Shri Swami Samartha pothi. At least I was able to do so in the entire yatra. Hoping to have more parayan in the coming days. Let’s see.

Did roaming around Manas in evening. Was able to see very good views of Manas and Kailash and surroundings for 4-5 hrs. Had puja in Mudgalji’s room. The slept @ 11.30pm.

En-route to Mansarovar: Kailash View

En-route to Mansarovar: Kailash View

Mansarovar: Kailash view at Mansarovar

Mansarovar: Kailash view at Mansarovar

Day17 Mansarovar Halt- Day -2 (4 August)

Wake up @ 8.30am. Had good sleep yesterday. Had breakfast @ 11.15am with Aloo paratha. While people did holy dip today, I never did that. Meanwhile I searched for few stones, which has OM, Ganapati or Shiva lingam. Had lunch and few hrs rest today.

Yesterday few yatris wakeup @ 3.00am china time and went to Manas, as it is said that “Dev and Devdoots” comes to have a Dip .They waited for 3 hrs and at about 4.30am, they saw few figures coming down to Manas and then disappeared. They also saw 30-40 stars coming down in Manas. For start they counted 1, 2…and then within a few seconds there were lots of stars coming down in Manas. So they stopped counting. Today we will try to see this phenomena on Brahma Muhurat which starts @ 4.00am. Let’s see.

Has some rest in afternoon. In evening I went to Manas and did some Jap. Had puja @ dinner and then slept @ 11.30pm.

Day18 Mansarovar halt @ Trus Gho Day-2 (5 August)

Wakeup @4.00am and went directly to Manas. Waited for 2 hrs in the shade of a Monastery nearby. There is only one Monastery called Trus Gho Monastery.

Did saw few lamp like lights on Manas water. Don’t know that was Devatma or punyatma. We never had breakfast today, as we have a Havan today.

All took a holy dip in Manas @ 12.15pm. We had a Havan performed by Mr. Mudgalji. Everybody was satisfied with the havan. Mr. Mudgalji performed the puja pretty well.

I did puja of the silver bels which I took from home and one Eakmukhi Rudraksha and a gold ring. After puja we write OM on the Manas Jal bottles of yatris.

After puja, I did a parayan of Shri Swami Samartha pothi. Today’s day was very auspicious as

  1. Raksha Bandhan i.e. Poornima
  2. Had a automatic fast
  3. Did a parayan @ Manas with Poornima
  4. Did a haven @ Manas

I collected 4liters of Manas Thirtha. 2 ltrs in mine bottle and I bottle borrowed from Sharad uncle.

Has lunch/dinner @ 6.00pm. I will not have dinner today. Today plan has changed, rather than going to Chi ho tomorrow in afternoon, in morning we will leave for Taklakot .Tomorrow in Taklakot they have Tibet national day celebrations starting this year. So this will be first celebration. We will reach by staying ½ hrs @ Chi ho and then will go to Taklakot and participate in the celebrations.

Taking Holy Dip @ Mansarovar

Taking Holy Dip @ Mansarovar

Kailash and Mansarovar

Kailash and Mansarovar

Kailash and Mansarovar

Kailash and Mansarovar

Raksha Bandhan Poornima @ Mansarovar

Raksha Bandhan Poornima @ Mansarovar

Sunset @ Mansarovar

Sunset @ Mansarovar

Day19 to Taklakot (6 August)

Wakeup @ 6.00am. Left @7.15 am. In the journey we took the last look @ Manas. Then reached Taklakot @ 10.30am. After room allotment in Taklakot, we headed to the cultural program. Was there for about an hrs. Was bored as we did not understand Tibetan language. Was very hungry, so bought biscuits and eat with Sharad uncle. Unloaded the luggage from the bus. Now will go for a hot water bath.

Did hot water bath today. Felt really nice to bath with hot water, soap and shampoo. Had lunch, which consists of Aloo and roti @ 2.45pm. Fed up of Aloo, flower, cabbage now.

En-route to Taklakot, we visited the Samadhi of “Zorab Singh”, who was the Senapati of Maharaja of Kashmir.

We did roaming around the market again as there is no other place to visit. Did sleep for ½ hrs today. Never got good sleep in afternoon. Almost all shops were closed today due to Festival. That’s why never call @ home. Will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go to “Khojarnath” temple. This temple is 700-800 years old.

Mayank and few yatris made pakodas today for dinner. We have very good dinner of pakodas and rice.

Sunrise @ Mansarovar @ Chi ho

Sunrise @ Mansarovar @ Chi ho

Sunrise @ Mansarovar @ Chi ho

Sunrise @ Mansarovar @ Chi ho

Zorab Singh Samadhi

Cultural Program @ Taklakot

Cultural Program @ Taklakot

Cultural Program @ Taklakot

Cultural Program @ Taklakot

Day20 Taklakot rest day-2 (7 August)

Wakeup @8.00am. Ready @ 10.00am. Had breakfast. We went to Khojarnath temple. This temple is of Shri Ram, Lakshaman and Sita. Very ancient.

Had lunch. Then did washing of 2-3 clothes. Will wash 2-3 clothes again in evening or tomorrow.

Did call to Mumbai home. Had some rest in afternoon. Went to market again, as no choice. Had dinner. Went for shopping in evening. Had a talk with pallavi today.

Day21 Taklakot Rest Day-3 (8 August)

Wakeup @ 8.00am. Had breakfast @ 9.00a. Then went to hot water shower in hotel. Washed 2 clothes. Did some packing before going to bath. Packaged all Manas Jal water bottles in the rucksack.

Went for shopping again in market for Arvindji. After lunch did some rest. @ 5.30pm Guru, our guide in china came and announced for luggage collection in ½ hrs. I was safe in luggage, as I did my packing in the morning. Just did tie the rope on the luggage with help from Sharad Uncle and Arvindji as usual.

Sharad uncle and Arvindji helped me packing my luggage throughout the yatra. Had dinner @ 8.0pm. Went for some roaming around after dinner.

Sharad Uncle and Arvindji @ Khojarnath Temple

Jay and Viru of our Batch

(L to R) Shri Dhiru bhai – 68 years old, Shri Ramji bhai – 72 years old- oldest member

Day 22 Taklakot to Kalapani Via Lipulekh and Nabhidang (9 August)

Wake up @ 5.00am. Did breakfast @ 6.00am. Left hotel @ 7.00am. Went to customs dept in Taklakot. Again checked our handbags by the authorities. Few luggages again required opening and showing to authority.

We reached @ Lipulekh @ chine side. They gave the passport back to us. Then we climb the pass through jeep. Before reaching to pass, about ½ km, they drop us. From then, we started waking to Lipulekh. I was first to reach the Lipulekh Pass and enter in India side @ 9.15am chine time i.e. 6.45 IST.

I and Arvindji reached Nabhidang @ 8.00am. We halted @ Nabhidang, as there was lunch @ 10.30am. We did darshan of OM Parvat again. Has good lunch after very long time in china. So everybody was happy with lunch. Food was very good. Menu was kadhi, aloo methi dry, dahi raita and muttor.

We started from Nabhidang @ 11.15am to kalapani. I slow down and did some photography. Don’t know, I again will come to this site or not, as getting 30days vacation every year is something not possible in a private firm. We reached @ 1.15pm @ kalapani.

Had rest in afternoon, but never had sleep. Went to kalapani Mandir @ 6.00om for puja..

Today ITBP people hosted dinner for us, after puja, we had a good dinner near the temple. Dinner consists of Rajma, Soyabin, boondi raita, puri and chawal.

Kalapani Temple: Origin of Kali River

Kalapani Temple: Origin of Kali River

Vyas Gupha @ Kalapani

Vyas Gupha @ Kalapani

Day23 Kalapani to Gunji – 9 km (10 August)

Wakeup @ 5.30am. Ready @ 7.00am. Had breakfast. Went to kalapani Mandir. Had prayer and then started @ 7.50am. Reached @ Gunji @ 10.20am. Now whole day rest. I never bathed today. People did bath. Did lunch @ 12.30pm. Had good 2 1/2 hrs sleep in afternoon. Wake up @ 3.30pm. Went to puja @ ITBP Mandir. Had dinner and slept @ 10.00pm.

Day24 Gunji to Budhi – 18Km (11 August)

Wakeup @ 5.00am. Ready @ 6.30am. Had breakfast. Started @ 6.45am. Reached first ITBP halt @ 8.00am. Reached Garbhayang @ 9.00am. Reached “Chiyalekh” @ 11.00am. Reached Budhi @ 12.00pm.

Mudgalji was saying, in this region, there is a rain in afternoon, so always start early and reach Budhi. As said by Mudgalji, there was heavy rains and wind @ 3.00pm. Rain stopped at about 4.00pm. Our 4 yatris was in the rain.

Had puja in evening and dinner @ 8.00pm. As was very tired, slept quickly @ about 8.30pm.

Day24 Budhi to Pangla (about 24 km) (12 August)

Started @ 4.55am. Reached “Lamari” @ 6.00am. Then reached “Malpa” @ 7.15am. Had breakfast for about 10 mins. Started again @ 7.25am. Reached “Lakhanpur” @ about 8.30am. Started the climb of 4444 steps. This was very treacherous and tiring as sun was over the head and the heat was very heavy even @ 8.30 am in morning. Reached @ the top @ about 10.10am.

Before reaching the top, I had cramps on both thighs. So took some 10-15 mins rest in a hotel @ the top. Had Fanta and again started. Reached Pangla @ 11.30am. Rajeshji reached first @ the site @ about 10.45am.

I rested @ the camp before reaching to Pangla. Had water @ the KVMN camp before reaching the site. Had lunch @ 12.00am. Started again @ 1.00pm. After ½ hrs we reached the place (Mangti Nala) where we took jeep to reach Pangla guest house, which was about 4km from the camp.

Today’s trek was very tiring and exhaustive, in the whole yatra for me. As we started @ 5am and after walking for 3 and ½ hrs, @ 8.30 am started to climb 4444 steps and after reaching the top again there was steps to decent to reach Pangla lunch camp site.

Shiva Temple @ Pangla

Shiva Temple @ Pangla

(on 21 Jan 2012) Please check latest comments from Dr. Sushanta Roy-Choudhury

Day25 Pangla to Didihat via Darchula (13 August)

Wakeup @ 4.00am. Started @ 5.00am by jeep from Pangla. Reached @ Tavaghat base @ 6.00am. Started climbing Tavaghat @ 6.15 am. Reached other side of Tavaghat @ 8.15am. After reaching the guide was saying to wait got other yatris but I and Rajeshji started with private jeep to Darchula. In the road, there was landslide so left the first jeep @ the landslide and then again took the jeep after crossing the landslide. We reached @ 9.30am @ KVMN guest house @ Darchula. Had cold water bath. Later all yatris came @ about 11.00am. We had lunch @ 12.20pm. We packaged our luggage, which we will get directly @ Delhi.

We started from Darchula to Didihat @ 2.10pm. On the road, there were 2 landslides, so we waited on the road to clear the debris. We reached @ “Mirthi” where we were greeted by ITBP staff. They briefed us as well as there were snacks and thanks giving. We got a group photo each. We reached @ Didihat @ 7.10pm. Had dinner @ 8.15 am

Day 26 Didihat to Jageshwar via Patal Bhuvaneshwar (14 August)

Wakeup @ 5.00am. Ready @ 6.30am. Had breakfast @ 7.00am. Aloo Paratha and curd was the menu. Had good breakfast. Started from Didihat @ 7.50am. Reached @ “Patal Bhuvaneshwar” @ 11.00am. The temple is in the “Patal”, it’s a Gufha under the ground, all natural. Worth to see. The entrance is very difficult, to decent from the steps, there are ropes on both sides to get into the gufha. After entering the gufha, we can experience the lack of oxygen in the temple.

All said, it’s a worth a visit. Had lunch @ the temple site. Started from Patal Bhuvaneshwar @ 2.10pm. Reached Jageshwar @ 6.10pm. After fresh up, went to Jageshwar temple. It’s an ancient temple. Worth to see as well. Had dinner @ 8.00pm.

Jageshwar Temple

Jageshwar Temple

Day 27 Jageshwar to Delhi (15 August)

Started @ 5.15 am. Had lunch @ KhatGodham @ 10.30 am. Here our LO distributed the certificates of Govt of India for successful completion of Yatra. We reached Delhi @ 6.00pm, after taking 2-3 stops for tea.

Following are the details of yatris for 9th batch 2009. (Not giving the full address purposefully)

No. Name & Address State
1 Hemender Kumar Gupta, Shimla Himachal Pradesh
2 Davindra kumar Mudgal, Delhi Delhi
3 Rakesh Kumar, Panchkula Haryana
4 Deepak Kumar, Panchkula Haryana
5 Amresh Rai Nandan, Balrampur UP
6 Sharad Chimote, Bilaspur Chattishgarh
7 Shobha Joshi, Mulund, Mumbai Maharashatra
8 Sanjay Salunke, Jalgaon Maharashatra
9 Sangita Bhavsar, Dhule Maharashatra
10 Om Prakash Sharma, Burhanur MP
11 Ratan Patidar, Dungarpur Rajashthan
12 Dhirajlal Bhutani, Joshipura, Junagadh Gujarat
13 Ramji Khunt, Mendard, Junagadh Gujarat
14 Madhukar Khare, kalyan, Thane Maharashatra
15 Dinesh Modi, Ankleshwar, Bharuch Gujarat
16 Sangita Modi, Ankleshwar, Bharuch Gujarat
17 Mukesh kumar Gedia, Ahmedabad Gujarat
18 Mayank Bhatt, Ahmedabad Gujarat
19 Dinesh kumar Patel, Ahmedabad Gujarat
20 Rasiklal Gadiya, Ahmedabad Gujarat
21 Yogesh kumar Patel, Ahmedabad Gujarat
22 Meenaben Patel, Ahmedabad Gujarat
23 Kanubhai Patel, Ahmedabad Gujarat
24 Daxaben Patel, Ahmedabad Gujarat
25 Laxmayya Upadrata, Pune Maharashatra
26 Arvind Joshi, Bhuj-Kutch Gujarat
27 Punnet Mudgal, Delhi Delhi
28 Chitra Khare, Pune Maharashatra
29 Ganesh Datt, Rewari Haryana
30 Ram kumar Gupta, Gwalior MP
31 Suman Gupta, Gwalior MP
32 Vimal Salunkhe, Jalgaon Maharashatra
33 Rajesh Porwal, Indore MP
34 Baba Gangaram Samadi, Jhun Jhun Rajasthan


  1. Very good day to day account of the Holy Kailash Manasarovar yatra. Amazed at the memory and the accuracy with which you have noted down small details like food items also.

    Let us hope more people will be encouraged to take up the yatra reading your blog.

    Comment by Muruganandam — September 10, 2009 @ 8:12 am

    • A very good narration, one can visualize the trip

      Comment by Ankita — September 11, 2015 @ 6:30 pm

  2. Great to see your postings…

    Infact, Mr. Mudgal was my companion in 2008, 5th batch. Couple of days before, he shared this year experience with me over phone and today I am seeing the pics and yatra details of the same. I can just say EXITED !

    Comment by Babu — September 29, 2009 @ 11:36 am

  3. Pictures are stunning. Especially of location Charansparsh. This was location I did not go to in my yatra.

    Comment by Anima — October 6, 2009 @ 11:13 am

  4. Fantastic Initiative Prashant ,

    Pictures Just Took back to all stones, leaves,air,wind chill and smell of food after treading for hours on the mountain highway.
    Keep sharing “Mahadev’s Ajab Gajab”(my version of KMY).

    All the Best.
    OM Namah Shivay

    Batch 15th.2009

    Comment by Abhijit Banerjee — October 29, 2009 @ 7:58 am

  5. It is very good .I was traveling again on this route. Myself and Dr Swati had been in Kailash Mansaovar Yatra 2009 in 15th batch.

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    Comment by Jageshwar Traveler — May 10, 2010 @ 5:16 pm

  9. may i know thw address of Mr Ram kumar Gupta, Gwalior nad his telephone no .

    because my parents also got selected in this year for 5 th Batch departure on 22 June.

    ny advise welcome from four side.

    Deepak Gupta


    Comment by Deepak Gupta — June 2, 2010 @ 5:48 pm

    • Hi Deepak,

      Here is address details of the same.
      Mr. Ram Kumar Gupta
      Thakur Baba Road, Bhavani Pura, Near P and S Bank, Babra,
      Gwalior MP

      He and his wife was on the yatra. He is by professiona a TT collector, so might be in tours.

      Hope this will help you.


      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — June 2, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

  10. Myself and my wife are planning to do the parkrama in Aug 2010. Your site is very interesting. We would like to correspond with you.

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  12. Om Namah Shivaya.
    Congratulations on your completing the parikrama. I was a yatri of batch no.7 this year, but could not take darshan of charansparsh. Let me hope for next time.
    I appreciate the efforts you have taken to post the photos + info about this yatra. Memorable one.


    Comment by mridula modak — August 26, 2010 @ 7:27 pm

  13. dear sir
    thanks a lot and my deep salutes to urgoodselfji for ur divine pilgrimage
    plz do tell me the details for having this divine darshans by walking if possible as i heard its possible to go by walking and some parts by bus
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    mera charan sparsh aap sweekar kareh aur prarthana hum sabhi ko bhi aap sri ki tarah darshan ka laabh mileh
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  19. Excellent write up, as I live in USA and planning this year for trip, can any one provide their phone number so that I can call or if you can provide more details by mail (prasadg.challa@gmail) such as is it advisable to go by any travellers or what items should carry in terms of money and other etc.,

    Comment by lalithkumar — January 28, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

  20. Very nice write up -this is really helpful; I have been selected in the 15th Batch of 2011. This will be August 21 to sept 17th. What will be the climate like at that time -any mini-max temparature? will there be sun shine or rains or snowfall at that time. Can some one help with this detail so as to be prepared?
    I am at Bangalore and if any one who has gone earlier or going in 2011 can please message to enable discuss in detail. thanks in advance, Ramki

    Comment by Ramki — May 3, 2011 @ 4:39 pm

  21. Respected sir

    this is pradeep from kerala palakkad, kailash manasarovar yathra is my ambition and i dont know wat is the procedure fpr that and how many ways hve tp reach there? pls help me. and there u met any yogy there. AND UR PICTURE ARE AMAZING..

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    Comment by Mukesh Shankarlal — May 8, 2011 @ 2:43 pm

  23. im one of the lucky people to undertake this yatra. i have been selected in batch 4. im 52 years lady. im thrilled. equally frightened. confused as to how many dresses 4 to be packed and what items are to be purchased.

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    I am visiting Kailas Mansarovar Ashtapad during 12-17 June 2011
    being Jain I was trying to findout more about Ashtapad Parvat
    was very greatfull to get photo of charanpadukat base of Ashtapad
    Am suer your details will be very healpfull
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    Kanti Gada

    Comment by Kanti Gada — May 31, 2011 @ 4:39 pm

    • Gada sir, this year in 2017 I am going. How it will be possible to have darshan of Astapad. I live in Vadodara. My email Kindly guide me.

      Comment by Rashmi Gupta — May 7, 2017 @ 2:26 pm

  27. I feel bad to see your site so late. Being a trekker at my youth, I could never go to Kailash & Manasarover due to various personal reasons, though I trekked Himalayas on many routes. Your beautiful photographs and small but sweet & flowing narration literally took me along with you to these sacred places. Thank you very much for this enchanting journey. Wish you best for new exploration.- Dr. Vinod.K.

    Comment by dr. vinod d. kadam — June 12, 2011 @ 8:08 pm

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    amita thaker

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    my heartiest thank to you giving such a detailed version of yr travel.
    I am 26 yrs old and aspire to go for kailash mansarover yatra ,so would say that you were lucky to be choosen for it.
    The detailed version of yr experience in the yatra have been very enlightening and would prove to be very useful for the people choosen for forthcoming yatras.

    the detailed photography and day by day account of your experience makes a person feel as if he/she was travelling along with you .

    hope I would get a chance to visit the holy kailash mansarovar , if so happened would definitely seek yr advice for the travel

    warm Regards

    Comment by timpy — December 10, 2011 @ 1:42 am

  33. My dear Prashant_bhai,
    You have done an excellent job indeed in posting this beautiful photo-commentary of your personal experience of the Shri Kailash-Manasrovar Yatra of Yr. 2009. Your photos were really superb.
    Just wish to point out some inaccuracies in your blog — which are not really your fault.

    (1) The photo of Annapurna Mountain from Gunji camp is not correct — actually they are Api (23398 ft, 7132 mtr) and Nampa (22158 ft, 6754 mtr) mountains (located in Nepal), and NOT “Annapoorna”, which is located elsewhere in Nepal. You were probably told “Annapoorna” by the ITBP people at Gunji — just as I was similarly told during my own Yatra in July 2003!!!
    (2) I have never been to Pangla, since in Yr. 2003 it was not in our Yatra Route. But the Shiv_ji photo you have shown at Pangla seems to me to be of the Shiv_ji statue of the Yatri Memorial erected in MALPA for remembering all those who perished in the August 1998 Malpa tragedy!!!!
    (3) The real “Ashtapad” is not where you have taken the photo of Shri Kailash mountain near the Selung Stupa, but is believed to be located in the Inner Parikrama region of Shri Kailash. It is believed to consist of 8 holy spots, one of which is a very high cave on the western ring of mountains surrounding Shri Kailash — where Shri Rishavnath, the first Jain Tirthankra — is said to attained Enlightenment. Of course, there is no proof of this, just local hearsay and traditional beliefs to support such beliefs. The photo of the Rishavdeva monument that you have shown is actually the Selung Stupa.
    Good wishes to you.

    Dr. Sushanta Roy-Choudhury, MBBS
    2nd Batch, Yr-2003, Shri Kailash-Manasrovar Yatra,
    Present Address: Flat-B527, Ansal Anand Dham, Motichur, P.O. Raiwala-249 205,
    Distt. Dehradun, UTTARAKHAND.

    Comment by Dr. Sushanta Roy-Choudhury — December 26, 2011 @ 6:52 pm

    • Thanks for reading the blog and all the corrections/ points made by you.
      This has helped me. I hope, it will also help readers who will read this blog.


      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — January 1, 2012 @ 11:53 am

  34. Dear Mr.Prashant,

    It is a great achievement of visiting Kailash & manasarovar and excellent collation of information.


    Comment by krrkumar — January 8, 2012 @ 1:32 pm

  35. Delighted to see the efforts in making more and more reading material available for Kailash Manas Sarovar.

    The name of the lake is ‘Manas Sarovar’ and not ‘Man sarovar’ As per Hinduism, this lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma and then it was manifested on earth. Thats why name Manas (Mind) Sarovar (lake).

    Almost all the netizens use the wrong name. I am trying to create the awareness by writing comments on most of the blogs.

    I would appreciate, if you make the relevant changes.

    Comment by Vishpala — February 2, 2012 @ 11:58 pm

  36. Best blog so far! You have done a great job. Keep it up! May Lord Shiva bless you with all the goodies!

    Comment by RANJAN DUTTA — February 18, 2012 @ 6:44 pm

  37. During 2011 August-September I got a chance to go on this trek through scenic Indian route.
    I am sharing my experiences through a series of photographs and videos uploaded to YouTube at:
    Kumar’s Photo Diary — Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2011:

    Kumar’s Video Snippets — Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2011:

    If you like these videos, feel free to share them with all your friends through your social networks.

    P.V.S. Kumar

    Comment by polisetty — March 3, 2012 @ 12:43 pm

  38. very nice. but there is no photograph and video clippings showing the path around kailash parvat. i shall be thankful if you will kindly send me — (10 the above photo or videos (2) precautions to be taken (3) problems faced while travelling.
    N vamana murthy, sbi reddigudem.
    My contact no: 9491711797 or

    Comment by n vamana murthy — April 17, 2012 @ 9:57 pm

  39. I felt very happy reading your experience.Seeing that I can assure that you are blessed by bholenath.

    Comment by Sushmita — April 23, 2012 @ 9:33 pm

  40. does anyone have more details on nag and nagin parvat? like why is the mountain called nag and nagin and what is the significance of it…
    can’t find in google..

    Comment by Sej — April 26, 2012 @ 2:03 am

  41. Excellent narration and superb photos!
    I went to Adi Kailash and Om Parvat yatra of KMVN in August 2011. I am in the 16th Batch of Kailash Manas Sarovar Yatra of 2012.
    Your blog gave me much more insight into Chinese side of the yatra and I am eagerly awaiting to have darshan of Kailash and a dip in Manas Sarovar.

    Comment by Raghava Kumar — April 30, 2012 @ 6:34 am

    • Hi Raghava- I’m now in the waiting list of 16th Batch 2012, waiting list 2, , i am from bangalore and wish to contact you if selected

      Comment by Guru Prasad — May 7, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

  42. This is a great help for my type of persons who is looking forward to yatra

    Comment by Shankar Khanna — May 10, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

  43. Hi Mr. Prashanth ji,

    congratulations for succeffully completion of the great devotional tour kailash manasasarovar yathra.

    your blog is very interesting and its helpful to those who wants to know abt this yatra.

    Thank you Sir,

    Comment by Mohan — June 12, 2012 @ 5:15 pm


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    Thanks for posting such a splendid experience. and am sure this posting will definitely motivate people to visit this holy place. In fact i got inspired with this and would plan to visit this holy place along with parents. It took me 1hr to read this entire write up and imagining the places through snaps. In short, i got the feel that i was travelling along with you.

    And about ur photography it is just superb, incredible,magnificient,spectacular.

    Plz keep posting such a wonderful experiences .In case we plan to visit kailash manasasarovar yathra, we surely seek ur advise and i hope will get very positive response.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Rishi — July 2, 2012 @ 6:40 pm

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  50. Kindly let me know how much u spent in al, including the portars and pony with pony handlers on both sides, also let me know is it advisible to take portar and ponies on the tougher side or on both sides. I am a female, 50+,but physically fit, dome Amarnath twice and like trekking.

    Comment by Aridra — March 5, 2013 @ 2:45 pm

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    Comment by Ajay — April 17, 2013 @ 3:22 pm

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    Comment by pradeepbhatt21 — April 29, 2013 @ 1:32 pm

  53. i am selected for the 6th batch starting at 29th june 2013 from delhi. wanted to know what should i carry with me once the trek starts. change of clothing, food etc. i do not want to carry any extra load. i am 50 and in good health. have been walking jogging exercising regularly, would i need porter on india side ?

    Comment by harish — May 14, 2013 @ 1:04 pm

  54. During Kailash parikrama you mentioned that you did trek from darchen to diraphuk (12 kms) in 3 hours. Then you went to charan sparsh same day in 1.5 hours. Are u experienced in mountaineering? We are going to kailash yatra. Is it possible to do trek from darchen to diraphuk & to charan sparsh in one day? Please advice..

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  56. Just Splendid..
    I have no words to express how mesmerizing your writing is…
    While reading your Blog all my memories, came to life and i virtually travelled along what i traveled last year..
    This year its been unfortunate that due to the natural disaster the KMY 2-10 batches are cancelled

    I CONSIDER MYSELF FORTUNATE – With Lord SHIVA’s blessings, i had an opportunity to visit his ABODE at very stage in Life..

    I was in 1st BACTH of “KAILASH MANSAROVER YATRA” – 2012..

    The Experience, the Feel, the Contentment is just out of the World..

    As pointed out by Dr. Chowdhary there have been lot of changes as the Kumaon Mandal and ITBP is trying to improvise things with every passing year..

    This year 2013, there has been a major changes and the number of days are decreased.

    I am from Mumbai, Maharastra
    In case of any query you can write to me at

    Adv. (Dr.) Preeti Brahmania

    Wish all the desirous devotee, Good Luck & pray that your wishes get fulfilled at the earliest.


    Comment by Preeti Brahmania — June 22, 2013 @ 12:54 am

  57. mr. prashanthji nice pictures & nice dairy thank u.

    Comment by savitridesai — August 17, 2013 @ 12:48 pm


    Comment by gautam kumar — November 11, 2013 @ 11:15 pm

  59. I have visited various destinations, but whenever i read your blog, my senses are left spell bound for a minute and i’m forced to go weave the imaginative cob webs in my mind. I liked your blog and would like you to explore more on Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2013, Pilgrimage tour packages in India.

    Comment by Mona — December 26, 2013 @ 6:54 pm

  60. Its been a wonderful reading, viewing and being with you through this enriching experience. I want you to kindly also see our experience in this short video link
    Thank you – Chandan Dangi

    Comment by Chandan Dangi — January 23, 2014 @ 4:08 pm

  61. I want information about all tour of kailash mansarovar (govt.)
    i.e. process and total days & cost.
    please, help me about kailash mansarovar yatra….

    Comment by amol — March 6, 2014 @ 9:37 pm

  62. May we request Adv Preeti Brahmania to kindly give ur mob /tel no for seeking we senior citizen are in batch no 8 of KMY2014. my contact no is 09416121939/9416733833 Regards . Commander Vijay Gaur

    Comment by vijay gaur — May 6, 2014 @ 7:48 am

  63. What a KMY blog!!!!!!!!! so clean (without jargons), so innate yet so full of simple and straight information….never read such a daily diary of a KM Yatri with minute but touchy details (camera lost and found). Lord Shiva has given you this dedication to spread His glory among the mortals. Thanks and Regards.

    Comment by Dipika Sen — July 7, 2014 @ 3:33 pm

  64. wow what a yatra…i am planning to go in 2015…i really hope i get selected ….love the way you described it all and with such precision. it really help understand the day to day activities of the yatra. no one takes so much pain for sitting and typing this much but thank you, admire your work.

    Comment by kunal puri — August 3, 2014 @ 12:14 pm

  65. WOW. Really wonderful… Planning to visit once post reading this yatra. Thank you so much

    Comment by Bijoy — September 4, 2014 @ 6:22 pm

  66. i myself experienced the pilgrimage of lifetime. here is my package selected

    Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

    Comment by Narayan — October 4, 2014 @ 2:35 pm

  67. thanks for detail kindly know me can mp govt support with money yatries.

    Comment by ravindra soni — January 23, 2015 @ 12:58 pm

  68. hi i m pushpa khulbe was in kailash mansarovar yatra 2009 9th batch.a group should be form of all yatris .so some time possible we can meet in common platform

    Comment by pushpa khulbe — March 3, 2015 @ 10:37 pm

  69. I am planning to go to KMY, please let me know what is that you need to bag pack for the yatra. So that is hould not be more or less during yatra. Can we take good camera’s during or is it adviced to take pocket camera.

    Comment by Prashanth — May 6, 2015 @ 3:00 pm

    • Will send you old doc which has list of items to be carry.Will also check any link on mea,

      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — May 7, 2015 @ 9:31 pm

  70. how much of cost sir from delhi tickets

    Comment by sharmas vali — August 13, 2015 @ 11:54 am

  71. Can you please provide me the email of the guide Guru as i want to be in touch with him. Thank you.

    Comment by Manoj Manandhar - Nepal — November 25, 2015 @ 10:27 am

  72. Hie to all plz some 1 sugges me how to go from mumbai plz cal me 9821527862
    Amit shah

    Comment by Amit shah — April 19, 2016 @ 1:48 pm

  73. great writing!!

    Comment by chitra — April 27, 2016 @ 11:43 am

  74. very helpful for me as i got selected for 1st Batch 2016 OM SHIV

    Comment by Hitesh — May 28, 2016 @ 6:09 pm

  75. Reblogged this on Prashant Pandya and commented:
    Very nice blog.One will get full information of the Holy Kailash Manasarovar yatra..

    Comment by Prashant Pandya — June 10, 2016 @ 12:28 pm

  76. can we walk for the entire way except where public transport is compulsory or we have to opt for the porter or pony and what about the facilities.. are they provided by government or we have to make an arrangement by our self from delhi onwards and number of dresses required and any special requirement in terms of dress, shoes and jackets. And cash required during yatra and total number of days of yatra from Delhi. Please share the information on

    Comment by Pankaj Mahajan — February 14, 2017 @ 1:03 am

  77. This is a such an elaborate and inspiring account.

    Comment by manjulikapramod — February 22, 2017 @ 2:09 pm

  78. Hello Prashanth, I need some clarification on the Kailash Manasa Sarovara Yatra. Can you please send your mobile no to my email I will call back. Thanks in advance – Aravind.

    Comment by Aravinda — February 28, 2017 @ 12:56 pm

  79. I have some doubts on packing and Luggage, can you please share some information to Thanks

    Comment by Aravinda — March 1, 2017 @ 4:43 pm

  80. Which shoes did you use? WL for 2017.
    Thank you for a thrilling and encouraging account. Deeply grateful.

    Comment by austereseeker — April 30, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

  81. Very good day to day account. Please advise if Adi Kailash is also part of the itinerary.

    Comment by Chetna — January 6, 2018 @ 10:55 am

    • No its a seperate yatra altogether….by kumaon..itinerary is same till nabgidhang for om parvat…check their website…its a 3 week yatra.

      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — January 6, 2018 @ 5:14 pm

  82. Nice round up.

    Comment by Dr. Prithvijit Debnath — June 3, 2018 @ 3:50 pm

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